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Telsim $45 SIM for $4, Telsim $35 SIM for $3, Telsim $25 SIM for $2 + $6.99 Shipping @ Pop Phones Au



uses Telstra 5g Network
Unlimited Calls and Texts to standard numbers in Australia.
28 days Expiry.
5G Network Access with VoLTE & WiFi Calling.
$3 extras credit – For International calls, messages, and selected premium SMS Services.
Data banking up to 500GB.
Gift & Receive Data
Telsim uses the Telstra Wholesale Mobile Network.
Download speeds are capped at 100 Mbps on 4G & 5G.

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  • +6

    charge shipping? yeah nah

    • +3

      $6.99-9.99 for sending a SIM card… lol

  • Active before ?

    • 12 months min and more

  • Can only see the 55$ sim with the posted link

  • shipping seems to be PER sim card as well… $21 for shipping 4 sim cards lol

    • Horrible deal unless you want the Telstra network

      Currently you can get a $15 SIM from Amaysim with 80GB and $13 cashback for it via Cashrewards/ShopBack

      My cashback from Cashrewards that I purchased in early May has just been approved

      • A 10k discount off a Porsche is a deal regardless if a Toyota is cheaper. (I’m not saying Telstra is Porsche)

        Your comparison isn’t equivalent. If you can post a $3 or cheaper Telstra-network sim, that’s fair (even if it’s $2 I think “terrible” is an exaggeration )

        Your deal is different, it’s good info to share and worth linking to. But not worth a neg.

        • Horrible deal unless you want the Telstra network

          Hence why I said this

          If you can post a $3 or cheaper Telstra-network sim

          As the comments above suggested, it isn’t $3 total, as the rep forgot to omit that the store charges shipping per SIM so a $3 SIM turns out to be a $10 SIM delivered. In this case, you have more options now to consider which telco is more worth it and if you have the patience, Boost Mobile SIMs often go on sale with 100% cashback

          Unless I’m wrong, but isn’t most people on OzBargain buying these cheap SIMs for SIM slutting thus they would go for cheapest available?

  • Seems to be Out-of-Stock?

  • Tricky as f67k this gimmick con man

  • Esim?

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