[Pre Order] Panasonic LUMIX S9 6K Compact Full Frame Camera Bonus 26mm Lens & 5-Year Warranty $2499 Delivered @ JB Hi-Fi


Cheapest price for the latest compact full frame Lumix S9 atm. Release date 6 Jun 24. RRP $2699.
Pre-order to get a bonus 26mm F8 pancake lens plus 5-year warranty on registration.
A compact version of the TIPA World Awards 2024 S5 II, with phase hybrid AF and all.
Cheaper competitor to Nikon ZF, Sony a7c II, ZV-E1, Fuji X100 IV.
Features and price look mostly promising. No EVF though. For content creators, that would not be a deal breaker.
Initial review here.
Hardcore bargain hunters would stack with TCN/20x EDR points gift cards deal to get the equivalent of 10% further discount.

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  • Full frame, L mount. The 26mm f8 free lens is manual focus only. There isn't a whole lot of small lenses to pair with this camera at time of writing

    Amazing size and looks, along with pretty good darn stabilisation.

    Price might need some work though considering what you're giving up for that small body. Don't care much for evf but you can get the Sony a7c2 for the same price and access to the huge E-mount lens range.

    Jbhifi selling below rrp before launch is pretty surprising, all othe camera shops are selling at full rrp.

  • +3

    needs an EVF

  • +3

    I've been looking to buy a Lumix full frame, and loved the idea of this when I first read the rumours - but it just seems like too many compromises have been made, especially considering you can get an S5II with the much lauded kit lens at this price on sale.

  • M… tempting to move on from a full size full frame. But it hurt to think of the lens replacement cost…

  • The price is just too close to the S5 II, IMO.

    An F/8, manual lens is also not very enticing.

    • I bought S5IIX body only $2200.

  • +1

    I don't think there's any need to pre-order this camera. It probably won't be as popular as the X100VI. Just look at the S5II and S5IIX – their prices dropped after launch, and Panasonic usually has them in stock (probably because they're not in huge demand).

    For this camera the most annoying thing is probably going to be the electronic only shutter. I have a Sigma fp L, which also has an electronic shutter and a slow sensor readout. It's a real pain to use indoors because of the flickering lights.

    • i am spewing i did not cave on the x100v6 preorder haha
      coulda sold up for a tidy profit -_ -

  • This aint it.

    Almost the same price as an A7CII, lower MP, older sensor and no shutter makes this a useless hybrid camera and a mediocre video camera compared to similar offerings in this size and Panasonics own cameras.

  • yeah been a canon man for a long time, haven't been a fan of Panasonic, are they any good for photography? I know there video is suppose to be good though. I assume most of the lens will need adapters because doesn't look like panasonic has a big range of native lens.

    • Reviews have been positive on the S5 II which is what the S9 is based on. L mount lenses are plentiful now because Leica, Panasonic and Sigma produce L-mount lenses, not to mention some boutique Chinese brands like 7artisans….

      • Bro any modern camera is great for photos (with mechanical shutter). L mount is very fortunate to have the entire Sigma Art lineup so they're set.

        But really if you're already invested in Canon glass I wouldn't bother switching brands.

  • LUT feature looks interesting. Gathered quite the collection of the things over the years. Would be fun to shoot some stills with them.

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