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15% Bonus Value on MYER Gift Cards @ Coles


Full credit to FreePoints

Next week's upcoming Coles gift card deal!

15% Bonus Value When you Purchase Myer Gift Cards (In-store Only)

Limit 5 Gift Cards per customer. Offer valid only in store at Coles Supermarkets (excludes Coles Online, Coles Express and purchases via giftcards.com.au or coles.scanshoppay.com.au), subject to store availability. While stocks last, no rainchecks. Offer valid from 29/5/24 to 4/6/24. Refer to individual gift card for terms and conditions.


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    In time for wife’s birthday nice 👍🏽

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      Huh, you can use Myer giftcard at Coles Express???

      • Coles Myer gift cards can be used at Coles Express. Not sure about these necessarily.

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          But this is Myer Gift card not Coles Myer one.

        • +10

          Coles Group & Myer gift cards can be redeemed at multiple retailers, including Coles, Myer and Shell Coles Express. Those gift cards are not included in this deal.

          Myer gift cards are only redeemable at Myer. Those are the gift cards in this deal.

    • Would like to know more too

    • +11

      You can't buy fuel with these but you can buy a nice jumper to keep you warm as you walk to the petrol station with your jerry can

  • Are there any Myer price tracking websites? I know Pricehipster used to…

  • Can I use the Myer giftcard to buy the Coles Myer Giftcard from Myer?

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    Credit is equivalent of 13.04% off

    • I mean, did you read the email lol

  • Can you use multiple gift cards to pay at Myer?

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    I need some David jones ones on sale like this

  • These are the only way to make using Myer One credit on a free shipping order better than the monthly cashback offers.

  • Can I confirm how this works please?

    Myer Gift Cards aren't denominated? So we go to a checkout and ask the staff member for $100 of value to be added (for example), and the system will load $115? Is there any way to confirm that $115 has been added at the point of sale?

    • +4

      Myer Gift Cards aren't denominated?

      When I was at a Coles earlier today, it had $50, $100 and $200 denominations of Myer gift cards.

      AFAIK, the only physical retailer selling variable load Myer gift cards is Myer. Third-party retailers (e.g. Coles, Woolworths, Australia Post, Target) only sell fixed denomination Myer gift cards.

      So we go to a checkout and ask the staff member for $100 of value to be added (for example), and the system will load $115?


      Is there any way to confirm that $115 has been added at the point of sale?


      You would need to check the balance of the Myer gift card after it has been activated to confirm the 15% extra value has been loaded onto it.

      • +2

        Thanks Wookie - you do great work here. I was in Woolworths today after I posted this, and you're right, the Myer cards are in set denominations. The item at Myer I'm interested in buying is $449, so I'll have to work out a suitable mix of denominated cards minus the 15% loading - which hopefully comes through!

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    In store, and the banner is up by the gift cards! There's $50, $100, and $200 denominations available

  • If anyone has family who work at Myer, I highly recommend buying these bonus gift cards and stacking staff discount. I ended up with a Samsonite luggage that was $999 for $440 (after Myers 40% promotion plus 15% staff discount plus effective 13% discount on this)).

    • 15% staff discount is pretty generous, does it apply store wide to anything?

      • It did to luggage but I believe some categories may be lower, like electronics

    • $999 for luggage is insane.

  • Do we get the 15% bonus on a separate GC?

    • +1

      Loaded up on the same card. Add 15% on top of the denominated value and that’s how much will scan when paying

  • Thanks. They sold it in 50,100,and 200 denominations. Just checked after purchasing and the value is 15% higher.

  • Waiting for Myer weekend + CR/SB

    • paying on myer gc disqualify cash back

      • Great, then wait no more.

  • Only 13% off effectively, isnt it better to wait for SB or CR 20% Myer offers which come out quite often?

    • In most of those cashback deals, not all items are at 20%, and the cashback is calculated on price ex-GST. Take a look at today's SB thread on Myer - lots of uncertaintity and pretty messy. But I agree if you're SURE of getting 20% back.

  • Aesop!! I am coming !

  • I'm thinking of buying this as a gift for someone. For those who have bought this already, does the balance show a line that mentions "bonus value" or it's just one balance?
    Eg. $100 gift card showing $115 value or does it say $100 + $15 bonus value (when you log in to check balance).

    • I've bought one it just shows $115.

  • +1

    It'll show the whole balance - ie $115 when first checked.

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