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[PC, Steam] Call of Juarez 3 Games Bundle $4.57 (91% off) @ Steam


3 game for about $1.50 each.

  • Call of Juarez
  • Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood
  • Call of Juarez: Gunslinger

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    I played Gunslinger when it was a freebie and thought it was a great mindless fun single player game. However, my conclusion from Wikipedia is that Gunslinger was the best in the series?

    • Agreed. Don't bother playing the others if you don't like Gunslinger.

    • I thought they were all great. It's been a while, but compared to Gunslinger I'm pretty sure the other two had more character-driven dramatic stories, while Gunslinger had more refined gameplay and modern presentation

      • +1

        I agree all of them are great.

  • Just as well they left out Cartel. Awful game and easily the worst of the series.

    • Correct however it had a co op campaign mode which is the only one is the series to feature it.

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    Also part of the Infected Wilderness Bundle if you want to pick up Dying Light 2 on discount (reloaded edition) as well.


    • You can buy the Infected Wilderness Bundle for $18.52 for those of us who are "overseas".

  • Got the one I didn't have for A$1.34 via the bundle.

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    Call of Warez?

    • Ru- arez

    • Call of Jaws

  • Like the concept of the story telling in part 1, didn't like the draw battles that happened. PITA for me.

    Great game snon the less

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    Is that a deer?

    • Is it a donkey?

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    Gunslinger is great fun, well worth it for $2.15 by itself.

  • Ah ladder goat

  • Deal is expired now

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