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[VIC] Roast Meat with Rice $9.90 @ Mixed Rice King (Glen Waverley)


Where else can you get decent roast duck with rice nowadays for $10? Tummy rumbling

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Price gone up $1.10 (forget the $0.10, they won’t give you the change)

Facebook link is from last Oct, they kept the price more than 6 months!

Only Saturday from 11.30am onwards?
No soup
From previous post comments
Any roasted meat + rice + small side of vegetables for $8.90
roast pork
crispy roast pork
roast duck
old gentleman's (chef himself) business- he's just "loaning"/renting space from Mixed Rice King owners so they're technically separate businesses

Also braised duck wing for $5, 2 for $8.

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    Think a few other restaurants in Glen are running $10 lunch meal deals too.

    • Yes I think I saw a Thai restaurant doing $10 hainanese chicken rice, but isn’t that weekday lunch only?

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    No soup


    • No ATO for you!

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    Both O'town and Glen City Roast Bar have $10ish special dishes with very generous portions across the street. Not sure how Mixed Rice King compares.

    • Yes decent places

    • Same boss.

    • I tried them, hit and miss sometimes. I could have another try though

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      Can’t beat mixed rice king. The roast is pretty good and run by an old man that everyone call him “sifu”. Best crispy pork I ever had, not overly salty.

  • Username checks out

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    forget the $0.10, they won’t give you the change

    But that's 10cents, how can I forget that? 🤔 10 cents here, 10 cents there, it all adds up.

    • Legally store owner to return the change otherwise set it at $10

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        They'll just say no cash and then slap a surcharge of 1.5%. Everyone will be very happy to pay more.

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      Save for a couple of months and you can afford a daily bus ticket to the Glen!!

  • Not easy to find these cheap meals in Sydney TT

  • Roasted meat

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    alot of preservative as all cooked days ago

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    Yes, very cheap. I've been having this for awhile. They microwave your roast meats after they plate it though… (still crispy after) but the owners are hard working people. They only accept cash for this deal

    • but the owners are hard working people.

      Nice! How's it portion and taste wise?

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        Tastes good. Portions are huge

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        Agreed! I had their roast duck with rice. Yum. Yes CASH only

  • I think they permanently closed?

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      They are not closed. They have the advertisement to lease for the days they closed (to sub-lease when they rest/day off).

  • What kind of meats but…

    • Mystery Meat

  • No roast deal on Sunday?

    • No idea, you could ask? I only walk pass yesterday (Saturday)

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      Mixed rice king is not related to the roast business. They are just sharing the premise.

      Yes, the roast is available on Sunday.

      • Can you pay more for 2 meats?

        • Yes. Extra $2 I think

  • Their duck is nice

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    Just had it. I mean, for 10 bucks its alright. $2 chili oil.

    • You had something different? What did you order? I only had their roast duck

      • Try the roast pork. It’s the best one for me.

        I did order pipa duck before and it’s really crispy

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    Plenty of choices for $10 meals in Glen Waverley. Some only does it for weekday lunchtime though. But some has them all day long.

    Nanyang Kitchen, Doodee Paidang, D'Elephant, O'Town, Petaling Street, Glen City BBQ, Mixed Rice King. All are pretty generous portions and really good!

    • I disagreed, not all really good. Take petaling street for example, i am guessing that the cook wasn’t having a good day, the food served I ordered was ….lets say I won’t be going back

  • I get their home catering meals occasionally. Not bad, 3 dishes + rice delivered for $25 (if I order 3 or 4 days in a week).

    • Same place but different business.

  • So can someone confirm is this only available on Saturday because someone else above said Sunday too. I would like to try the old man's roast not the other business

  • Went there today.
    They are closed on Saturdays.

    The shop is also for lease soi think they might be closing down

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