Lenovo Tab M11 10.95" FHD 4GB RAM/64GB Storage with Case and Stylus Pen $199 @ ALDI Special Buys


Been looking for a cheap tablet for the little one. Good for Reading Eggs? Comes with Case and Stylus pen to boot.

11" IPS Display
Resolution: 1920 x 1200
Mediatek Helio G88 8 core processor
4GB memory and 64GB storage
Expandable memory up to 1TB via microSD card
4 stereo speakers, optimised with Dolby Atmos
Includes folio case and pen
Android 13
IPS display

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  • +3

    Not sure if an old iPad or surface pro 5 from eBay sales would be better value.
    Bought Samsung budget tab few years back and that was painfully slow.

    • +9

      If you're comparing it to the a7 lite, the a7 lite is terrible, don't compare it to this.

      This one should be better. I got the m10 last time, it's miles better than the a7 lite

    • +3

      Depends what you want do with it. If you just want to use it as a Kindle and watch some YouTube then is probably fine.

      The m11 single core Geekbench is only 435.


      For comparison, a iPad 5th gen is ~630, and Apple stopped iOS upgrade for it from last year. This should be enough to said this is junk.

      Instead of spending $200 getting a piece of junk that will give you crap user experience, save the money and get a ipad. The iPad I got from 5 years ago is still 2.5x faster than this.

      • +8

        The iPad may be faster but it has a smaller screen with the aspect ratio that is not optimised for watching movies, it has 2 less speakers and it does not support the pen. It is so old that it no longer gets iOS upgrade.

        • +1

          You don’t have to get the iPad 5th gen, the point is that the performance of the processor is so bad that it is below that of a mid range tablet from 2017 (7 years old)

      • I can't get April modded Spotify and .apk file to use internet banking with Russian bank as all the apps were banned by Google play and app store. Why iPad if it can't be used?
        Will stay with Android for a while with the freedom to install whatever I want not some people somewhere who decide for me

        • +3

          I think several Russian banks are sanctioned. It is probably not Google's decision to restrict access.

      • -1

        Yep, looking up the "Mediatek Helio G88 8 core" https://www.mediatek.com/products/smartphones-2/mediatek-hel… we see it's a "Arm Cortex-A75" based processor.

        The "Arm Cortex-A75" was released in 2017 which is over 7 years ago https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A75
        It is very standard to use very old Arm Cortex-A75 processors in brand new junk tablets and smart phones.
        These devices are for either 3rd world people, or folks who have never had a smart device before and very rarely use it or are not sure they want to start using a smart device.

        The "Arm Cortex-A75" is very old, if it was anyway newer then they would be using the "ARM Cortex-A76" which was released in 2018 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A76
        and so forth like the ARM Cortex-A77 from 2019

        If folks want something decent then look for a device that has a processor designed this decade (2020+) like the "ARM Cortex-A78" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARM_Cortex-A78

        The reason why junk tablets/smart-phones use the ARM Cortex-A75 is due to the licence costs from ARM to make the ARM Cortex-A77 are the cheapest

      • -1

        This tablet is basic, but the ipad 5th gen's Apple A9 processor was still nowhere near as fast. 

        A9 was only a dual 1.8 gHz core. Helio m88 is octa core (2x 2 gHz + 6x 1.8 gHz). 

        This $199 product kicks a ~$500 ipad 5th gen's butt in terms of performance.

  • +10

    if you don't mind buying from AliExpress I m sure you can get a much better tablet powered by helio g99 for around 150$ and a much better Xiaomi tab 6 for 370$

    • link or never happened

      • +2

        just go to AliExpress I can't copy their link here. I have the Alldocube iplay 50 mini pro nfe which is the 8 inch model for 165$ . there's also 10 inch model for 177$.

        ( there are a lot of shops with higher price for the same product so look carefully )

        Xiaomi mi pad 6 is currently 377$ on front page sales as well

        • I'm a fan of the alldocube (I have the iplay 50 non pro) but the screen on my m10 is arguably sharper. I think the Lenovo m10 has a better screen

  • The Galaxy Tab A8 from the Optus deal a while back is just not cutting it anymore - how does this tablet compare? Worth the buy?

    Edit: basically the same thing when looking at the specs sheets. Only upside to the Lenovo is actual fine tip stylus support.

    • +1

      Galaxy Tab A8 It’s painfully slow now my kids hates lol

      • +1

        I sold mine recently and paid for about half of my blackview active 8. Solid tablet

    • +1

      I use it as a clock these days and maybe YouTube/Spotify player in the kitchen.

  • Any personal experiences?

  • +1

    Good enough to run every app and game but probably 4-5 years behind in processing speed.

  • +5

    4gb is pretty light on ram for 2024. Would recommend 8gb+ if budget allows.

  • +1

    Will this play angry birds and coin/casino games? I want to swap this out for dads S6 lite.. 😅

    • +2

      Yes, it will play those games fine. I got the Lenovo m10 (from earlier Aldi deal) for my mum and it fine for those undemanding games.

      • +1

        Awesome, thanks mane!

        • Is this is better than the s6 lite?

  • +2

    Disappointed they went with the G88. I went with the Samsung A9 Plus instead.

    • +2

      Same, got this for my mother in law, she loves it, uses it all day every day, worth the extra

  • -2

    Low ram and no updates, spend a little more and get a Samsung and years of updates.

    • +3

      Low ram and no updates, spend a little more and get a Samsung and years of updates.

      Source? According to Lenovo it shipped with Android 13, has received Android 14 and will receive security updates until 21/2/2028.

      • Security updates are not OS updates, Lenovo is notorious for selling product even flag ship with 1 update, zero excuses for it.

        • +1

          So not this tablet. Heaps of Lenovo in recent years have received more than 1.

          • -1

            @Clear: Grasping at straws 😂 one update does not make a product good. Not supporting your product shows Lenovo is a poor at software support for Tablets, they push out large amounts of good hardware thats typically obsolete the moment you buy it with either 1 or none if you buy it after its been out for 1 OS update. Given the price you pay for their gear and it being not much cheaper than a Samsung tablet in the same price brackets you are far better off buying a Samsung and getting serveral updates and software fixes. I returned my P11 for this very reason, laggy, buggy and no fixes in site as it had already received an update. Support gave no help so back it went and they charged me a restocking fee. Grabbed a Samsung device and haven’t had issues once, worth the extra money

            • +2

              @WhiteEvo6: It's not grasping at straws if you failed to read what I said properly. I never said 1 update but instead more than 1 update.

              My P11 Gen2 has already received two major updates and will get more. Lenovo changed their update policy in 2022 and are giving new devices significantly more support than previous years.

  • Does anyone know if this has a desktop mode? How usable is it in desktop mode? Will only be using it for google docs in desktop mode.

    Any other suggestions at this price are appreciated. Tablet must have stylus support though.

    • I have the 4/128 version of this from the previous Bing Lee deal and yes, it does have desktop mode. Have only really used it to preview pics from my dslr (works just fine) but could not guess on performance for your use case
      ED: Yes has stylus support, had a crack at using this for a bit of drawing in Krita (it came with a stylus, which I've put down somewhere and temporarily lost)

  • +2

    Mediatek is a no go for me for some reason i can't remember - maybe no updates? I had an Acer tab that became obsolete less than one year and i think it was Mediatek.

    • Say again 🤔

      You can't remember why MediaTek is a no go, and in fact you aren't even sure it was a MediaTek.

      How did it become obsolete - did it stop working?

    • +3

      MediaTek = closed source, repeated GPL violations

      • +1

        And if manufacturers want to update they need to pay. Hence why a lot of cheap brands won't. Lenovo will thankfully.

        • I didn't know that. Seems par for the course with MTK though, grubs

          • @OZBMate8911: Even then it's still cheaper for an OEM than buying Snapdragon CPUs.

    • +1

      Little community support for MediaTek due to closed source so no custom ROMs and stuck with whatever the last update you get for it. Also hard or impossible to get root access, even if you just want to debloat.

  • +2

    still using the lenovo M10 from a year ago ($99.95) works well for light browsing and prime video

  • should also note the rrp is around $349 looking at google so you are saving $149 from buying here, not the lowest it has gone https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/836342 but still good

    • +1

      No pen or case on the prior deal, easily worth the $20-$30

      • +1

        That one included the pen. Just not the folio. Folio itself was $29 at Officeworks.

      • Also, 64GB vs 128GB. Previous deal easily better.

  • -1

    Probably a long shot, but will Officeworks or JB price match Aldi?

    • +1

      They're probably not selling the identical item, ie with the pen etc.

  • Experimented in the past with stuff like this. Not worth it. Too slow.

  • +1

    4 gigs ram with hello chip means you need to cut back on word processing, map browsing, web surfing, reading pdf. The only thing you could do efficiently is just listen to sportify and occasional use of the calculator but one at a time or it'll crash. Ideal for grans at convalescent or at homes.

  • Merged from Lenovo Tab M11 Bundle ALDI - Worth Buying???

    Lenovo Tab M11 Bundle

    I need a new tab which will be used mainly for browsing the net, facebook and watching movies on the plan.

    $199 seems cheap.

    64GB storage can easily be upgraded so that's not an issue.

    Comments and suggestions please…

    • +1

      I’ve got two M9s and it’s pretty good. My daughter has an M8 for YouTube kids. Very happy with both for basic stuff.

      $199 including a case I think is a pretty good deal considering some Google searches show it for $300 ish with no case.

    • +1

      It’s fine, not really much else same value at same bracket without going up

  • +2

    The reviews literally say you can barely run any games. Not sure for this price

  • +1

    Depends on how old is your little one. If he/she is in pre-school or even early primary years, this will surely do the job but I'd highly recommend to take a step back and think about long term consequences of adding a dedicated screen in the hands of little ones. Soon you may find that while the original idea / use-case was for reading eggs, that's barely 5-10% of actual usage of the device and you can surely use any existing device and sit with them for something like reading eggs which will also ensure you spend more quality time with them and also one less device to worry in future to control screen time. Please consider the long term price you'd pay as parents in terms of side effects of these devices on physical and mental well being of kids in general and not just whether this device is affordable or not.

  • +3

    Last time Aldi sold this sort of tablet, they ended up sitting around and getting discounted to $150 then $100.
    I think they're probably a great option at those price points.

    • +1

      Would get another one if they end up going down to $100 again 👍🏻

  • +1

    Have the 8gb version. Actually very good, sometimes a little laggy but does everything we need it to do, light gaming, work stuff and general internet browsing tube etc.
    Not sure about the 4gb version.

    Am looking for another deal on the 8gb version as want a second just 100% for work.

  • Need a tablet for writing up Xero/MYOB invoices and attaching job site photos, could be promising ……

  • Would these be fine for use with Tapo as a security monitor and also for reading and YouTube?

  • +2

    Big W are going to have it for $249 but with 128GB storage and pen, no case. Starting June 11 according to their Big Toy sale catalogue.



  • +1

    Thanks OP. Tried to get one but made the mistake of turning up 5 minutes after store opening. They only had 5 and instantly sold out. :(

    • Which one did you go to? I’m going to try my luck

      • Had some at Broadway Sydney but they're behind the desk

        • +1

          to whoever might be reading this in the future at 10am I went to Springvale which had none apparently (extremely busy, guy didn’t look like he had time to help) and then I went to Mulgrave who told me they sold out literally within minutes

      • +1

        South Melbourne

    • One of my pet hates. Stores advertising items not in stock for 99.9% of customers.

  • +3

    Went into my local Aldi "Oh we didn't get any"

    …20 min later: "Okay we do have …some … they were err…. on a pallet we didn't unpack.

    We know they had 5 in stock and yet they only brought out the one we asked for too.

    Clearly some 'saving for friends' going on.

    • +1

      Don't know about the M11 situation, but mine had at least 2 in stock when the M10 went to clearance for $99.95 last year, was the M10 less of a deal that they went unsold?

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