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Seagate EXOS X16 12TB HDD $244 Delivered @ MetroCom eBay


Seems like a decent deal compared to the mainstream retail offerings price/TB currently on the market for a new drive of this capacity.

Various eBay codes seem to be available, so potentially might be a better code out there. eBay only showed me the HERE15 (expires 30Jun2024) code after I bought it, so hopefully this helps someone.

Other hard drives from MetroCom ebay looks decent as well, in particular the 16TB (new).


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  • Jan 2021 manufacture date…

    • Does a HDD go bad over time by sitting there?

      • +8

        Have they just been sitting there though?

        • -1

          As long as there is warranty (especially manufacturers), even better if one fails (if you have a raid) you send it back and get a new one…

          • @Larsson: These will almost certainly be seller warranty - not manufacturer warranty - so comes down to how much you trust the seller to still be around and honour it during that time.

        • +1

          Can’t you check powered on hours for HDDs?

      • +13

        No but they can become a bit anti-social

      • I think they come with a foil hat..

      • Yes.

        Magnetically stored data looses 1% of its field strength per year. At some point the signal will be too weak for the drive to recognise and its error correcting won't be able to recover the data either.

        There is also a servo data recorded on the drive at time of manufacture which lets the drive know where the head is positioned - so even if you write fresh data to a drive, the servo tracks do not get refreshed so that 1% loss per year will eventually lead to a drive becoming unreadable as the drives controller will have no idea where the head is positioned.

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    Important to note these are old stock as per eBay description:

    Condition: Brand new, old stock, date of manufacture is Jan 2021.

    • +8

      3.5 year old "new" stock? :)

      Seems sus….

      • +8

        Newly reset SMART data

        • +1

          Highly likely, probably been working hard mining the Chia crypto.

          Then reset the smart data and sell them as new.

          • +1

            @RedHab: Crypto miners would never act without integrity like that.

      • "box found under bed"

  • +3

    Aren’t these super loud? Looking for quiet storage for nas

    • +4

      Yes they are louder since enterprise grade

    • +2

      I've had good experience with WD Red Plus drives in a media centre NAS. They don't come in nearly as cheap as these shady Seagates though.

      • +1

        Yeah most of mine are reds but just pricey

    • +1

      So, you don't like the nice, soothing sounds of constant clicks and knocks?
      Literally no why of making these quiet.

      WD 12-14TBs chucked drives are much quieter… like 90%.

  • +11

    if old dates you barter, you'll lose all your data

    • +1

      Yes master

      • -1

        Yes slave

        • +2

          It's cold out, make sure to put your jumpers on correctly or you could end up with nothing.

        • IDEon't know what you two have going on here

  • -5

    Buy these if you can't afford better HDDs.
    Seagate are overall worst performing drives

    • +6

      Even your video shows pretty low failure rate for this particular model - 0.76%
      Same here.

      • Average failure in 1 year 6 months..
        Well, at least it would still be under warranty…

        • Yeah. I'd rather pay more for WDC Ultrastar (WUH721816ALE6L4) with 0.40% than skimp on cost and pray to god on 0.76%, almost double the AFR.

    • +1

      To each their own - I've had more luck over the last 20 years using Seagate than WD, but I'm a firm believer that it's luck of the draw.

      • It's definitely luck when it comes to low quantities, but after suffering data loss, I've stopped gambling on high AFR HDDs, and it would be unwise of me not to make my next decision on normally-private data

  • +10

    2yrs warranty..better off buying from eastdigital with 3yrs?

    • +1

      Nearest offering East Digital has will set you back an extra $60 https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/285448489312
      Seeing warranty on these drives is a matter of trust with the seller, that could make it worth the extra money to some, East Digital have been in the game for years. YMMV

  • what do people recommend for my new NAS? around the $300 mark. I need 4 drives. The NAS will sit in the entertainment unit in the main lounge

    • +3

      i dont think you'll get a new 4-bay NAS for $300.

      • +5

        I read that like he has a 4 bay NAS and he needs 4 drives for $300… Which i also think might be hard to get.

        • oh yeah I see that now. i mean, he didnt specify capacity so 4x 1TB drives would be under $300 haha.

        • They could also mean $300 per drive

          • @f23lda: Sorry. I meant $300 per drive. I want 4 drives.

            • @flashi007: Something from east digital probably. They are under the ozbargain microscope and not buckling so I'd say they are worth using.

          • @f23lda: This is how I read it

    • +5

      That sounds like a terrible location for a NAS, unless you like listening to the sound of whirring HDDs rather than the show/movie you sat down to watch. I understand not everyone has the space to do it, but if you can, put the NAS somewhere where noise isn't an issue and run ethernet cables back to your lounge room.

      • Don’t even need Ethernet for a basic media setup. Wireless AC would be fine. Unless their router is in there… in which case..

        If it’s just for media, build a basic SSD-based NAS. 4TB 2.5” SSD can be around $200 with massive TBW.

        For backups, get a 4TB external HDD for backups on a nightly schedule. Have it unmount at the end to somewhat mitigate ransomware attacks.

      • +1

        If you get 4TB 5400rpm drives (non pro so Ironwolf NAS or WD Red) their sound and power level is lower than the 7200's. Would probably start off with 2 drives then get another 2 depending on the drive config they want to use. I'm just about to get 3*4TB 5400 drives which leaves 2 bays free for later (and going near the TV/Soundbar etc.)

        • +3

          Keep in mind the WD Red drives (non pro) are SMR, which suck.

          • @ldd-mn: Thanks…have been doing a bit more research and the noise levels don't appear to be much different between the versions (power levels maybe) but also had someone say just go the pro so working out a cost effective option and find someone who packs a hard drive properly when shipping

    • ~$500 will get u a decent TerraMaster, otherwise you'll need to build w/ 2nd hand parts or Aliexpress.

  • how does manufacture date matter?

    • +3

      Typically it would reduce the 5 year manufacture's warranty (in this case it's now 2 years). Most resellers will only provide 12 months and would rely on the manufacture's warranty to cover the extra years.

      • mm thats interesting, i never heard of manufacturers warranty dependent on manufacturing date.

        • +1

          As far as I'm aware it has always been the case.

          • +4

            @captainmac: Don’t know about hard drives, but warranty usually starts from the day of sale. For electronics too. Dell doesn’t sell the computer that’s 1 year old and say “oh sorry, we made that a year ago so you only have 1 year now lol”

            Also Australian consumer rules dictate 2 year warranty on most stuff anyway.

            • +1

              @Larsson: From the day of the sale the reseller or retailer will typically only provide 12 months. For example if the drives were made in 2018 it would no longer be covered by the manufacturer but the reseller would still be on the hook for the balance of the 12 months when they sold it to you to either repair, replace or refund based on terms outlined in the sales contract.

              In this deal the drives have 2 years left of the manufacturers warranty which is why they advertised as such. If you think the manufacturers warranty started with the sale then they would be advertising the full 5 years which is simply not the case.

              You could argue that your statutory rights are not limited to a set time period. Instead, they apply for the amount of time that is reasonable to expect, given the cost and quality of the item. But good luck with that.

            • @Larsson: Agree. Based on date of sale, without which the manufacturing date becomes the basis (afaicr).

              So best to keep your receipt, or make digital copy of it in case the ink fades.

      • Same with all the Asus laptops, mobos and gpu's. However they said that the invoice date is when warranty starts from. But this may only apply with reputable retailers and if they can issue a tax invoice.

    • -2

      2 years left of the manufacturers warranty which is why they advertised as such

  • +1

    The new 16TB has a $20 off code making it $319.

    I've seen it here used before for $239, I think $80 extra for new is good so bought one.

    • -2

      Still old stock though.

      • Condition: Brand new, old stock, date of manufacture is Jan 2021.

        2 Years return to base warranty.

  • +1

    I bought from them last Feb. 2 14TBs with similar manufacture date like in this deal.

    They look new. One was DOA the seller exchanged for me promptly.

    they have been teaming up with 2 16GB Ironwolf pro from Amazon deal, 2 Western Diginal SSDs from deals I could not remember, working together inside my QNAP NAS.

    They are very loud when writing data at high speed

  • +1

    Curious to know if this drive can be used as security camera backup.

    • Don't see why not, but it's just not optimal when used as a "surveillance" system hard drive. Supposedly the best drives for camera recording are designed to write all day and night and read only when needed. They're also usually spinning at slower rpm and are more energy efficient.

      These enterprise drives tend to scream along, designed to serve network resources while operating in a RAID.

  • +1

    Use code MAYSAV to get $50 off when buying two, total price $468 on eBay plus.

  • +1

    Or just buy this Seagate 12tb model from east digital with better 3 year warranty for ~ AUD $180 = $15/tb

    • They don't provide an AU tax invoice though, metrocom does. That's key for anyone tax deducting for partial work use. Also helps with local warranty/ ACL backup.

      • Why would that matter? Surely as long as you can justify the purchase as being directly related to your work, any receipt should be sufficient evidence.

      • What will the tax writeoff amount be though? If the tax writeoff doesn't save you $244-$180 ~$64 then this would theoretically be a better deal (if deal is least amount paid)
        If the warranty works like neology or east digital. I don't think you can contact the mfgr anyhow. So basically you obtain the warranty from the supplier. As these sales tend to not be typical retail sales.

      • Except that if you need a large hard drive for work use, then you should get your workplace to buy it !
        Spending your own money on stuff for work is bonkers unless you're self-employed.

        • +5

          They mentioned partial work use. So it holds their CV, and 1000 4K movies

      • -1

        As long as they provide some sort of receipt or invoice, you can claim it as a tax deduction.

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