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Triple Status Credits on Virgin Australia Flights (Activation Required, Excluding Codeshares) @ Velocity Frequent Flyer


Activate and book by 29 May to earn triple Status Credits on eligible Virgin Australia flights.

To be eligible for the Triple Status Credits offer (Offer) you must (1) activate this Offer via the activation link, via the Velocity Frequent Flyer app or via www.velocityfrequentflyer.com within the member dashboard under ‘Activated Offers’ between 12.01am AEST 27 May 2024 and 11.59pm AEST 29 May 2024 inclusive (Promotion Period); (2) after offer activation, book and ticket an Eligible Flight during the Promotion Period and enter a valid Velocity membership number at the time of booking; and (3) complete travel on the Eligible Flight booked during the Promotion Period. An Eligible Flight is any Domestic, Trans-Tasman or International Short Haul Virgin Australia marketed and operated flight for travel between 27 May 2024 and 31 July 2024 (inclusive) that normally earns Status Credits. For more information on Status Credits, click here. Tickets purchased on codeshare services marketed or operated by partner airlines or Virgin Australia operated flights combined in the same booking as a partner or non-partner operated flight are not eligible for this Offer. The promotion is for new Eligible Flights booked and ticketed during the Promotion Period, and changes to existing bookings made prior to the Promotion Period are not eligible. Status Credits cannot be earned on Velocity Reward Seat bookings. Bonus Status Credits will be applied to the originally purchased fare class. Any upgrades (other than when you paid the full commercial fare) will not attract bonus Status Credits as a result of this offer. Eligible Flights that satisfy the above eligibility criteria are eligible to earn 200% more Status Credits than the Status Credits that would normally be earned for that flight and fare class. There is no limit on the amount of times this offer can be redeemed. Where multiple guests are listed on the same booking, only those guests who satisfy the above eligibility criteria are eligible for this offer. You should allow up to 4 weeks after satisfying the above eligibility criteria for the bonus Status Credits to be allocated. Velocity membership and Status Credit earn are subject to the Member Terms and Conditions, as amended from time to time.

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  • +21

    Problem: How to fix the lounge overcrowding issues!

    Answer: …make it 3 times easier to obtain such status… or in better terms, whats the point of loyalty when everyone is Platinum

    Also to make it clear, in order to be eligible to claim this offer - these flights must be operated and marketed by Virgin Australia. Codeshares exclude this offer.

    • +6

      When everyone's platinum, nobody is.

      • Exactly the case with credit cards

        • Sadly, no true private banks in Australia. Something that would be nice to have in Australia.

    • Same issue as Qantas. It's becoming a joke.

      We have often to opt to dine outside or something else aside from VA/QF lounge. (the house at Sydney is pretty decent).

      • When I was P1, I hated using the Dom J lounges in peak hours as it was unbearable that a lounge could be that packed.

        In the end I still have the same issue with Intl F lounges when the private suite is not available, domestic has been alleviated as I’m CLPO now.

        Virgin Australia and Qantas need to axe Status Credit promotions, immediately. Refurbish lounges to a higher standard (Esp Dom J OWE lounges) and increase SC attain and retain thresholds.

        • I wonder if our politicians say the same thing about the Chairman's lounge!!!

          • @QF1: Heard first is good and no issue with over crowding. (Not that we have been. Can't afford it as a family of 4). As well that first is rare nowadays.

          • +1

            @QF1: I am not a politician, but have met many politicians in the clear corruption of Qantas and the Australian Federal Government and Opposition and Crossbenchers.

          • @QF1: Depends on whose son you are asking.

            • @Chinese: When you are admitted into the Chairmans Lounge Program, you can gift a complimentary Chairmans Lounge Member for 24 months to a family or friend.
              Thats why there are two CL levels;
              1 - Chairmans Lounge
              2 - Chairmans Lounge Platinum One

        • +1

          Yes. Same.we just eat outside. On a few occasions, brought Maccas into the lounge if we need to use the shower. (Pretty gross too)

          Problem here is that every one and their cats and dogs are a gold/platinum due to the relentless status credit promotion. This clogs up alot of the amennities that traditionally reserved for higher class fares (as well higher tier memberships that were once hard to obtain). Suckers on corporate account will continue to pay whatever QF demands, and reap the overcrowded benefits for personal trips. It also boosts ego for a large share of gold/platinum members (funded by corproate travel) flying economy for their personal trips, the ego stops when our kids waive goodbye (kids do what kids to, thinking it is polite) to them upon entering the plane as we part our ways.

          We have stopped flying QF altogether as their pricing is always more expensive and an inferior product. Just whatever direct J class fares with a decent product (CX, KE, CI)… No idea why people would fly QF when there are better products out there…

        • But that won't make them money so it won't happen.

          Money Talks and not enough members will walk….

        • -1

          Virgin Australia and Qantas need to … increase SC attain and retain thresholds.

          Entitled much ? I need more of these status bonus promotions so i can get into these lounges to annoy people.

          • @z28: You can call it entitlement, or whatever. Absolute equality is complete BS.

            Everyone has their place on the social hierarchy.

            • @Chinese:

              Everyone has their place on the social hierarchy.

              I know, I only go to Dom Lounge or Inter Business Lounge, only Gold. Suck it up if that annoy you.

              • @z28: Not really. It's fine. We won't cross paths. I will be at Maccas outside.

    • resonate so much with this! what's the point!

  • Have the offered this before?

  • -2

    Hopefully Qantas do the same (although they just ran their promo 🙂)

    • +4

      Zero chance.

      • They do it twice a year.

        • +1

          Qantas hasn't run a DSC promo twice in one year for a good 5 years or so. And they've never run a TSC.

          • @sb9: Sorry I was referring to DSC, yep, not triple.
            So it is now re once a year, the last Qantas DSC was February 26 this year, the previous one before that was March last year but there have been other special offers in between such as DSC to NZ and status match offers.

            • @SimAus007: The last time they ran a DSC on NZ routes was 2021 just as international travel between AU and NZ was opening - a very different situation to today.

              Here's the history of DSC promotions over the last 6 years (with credit to Point Hacks)

              February 2024
              March 2023
              March 2022
              May 2021 (Points Club and Points Club Plus members only)
              May 2021 (between Australia and NZ only)
              March 2021
              February 2020
              April 2019 (QBR only)
              February 2019
              October 2018
              August 2018
              February 2018

              Status match offers are irrelevant.

              • @sb9: Thanks for the detailed info :)

                I guess I find the Qantas one easier to some extent as I can book flights up to 12 months out (usually), the window for travel is much larger than VA which is usually only 1 to 2 months out.

                Each to their own of course, I like both airlines equally for different reasons :)

                Interesting to see Rex now taking on the Perth route also, although I am no fan of their lounges which deters me from using them.

  • I wonder if I can book through my business flyer account and still get this bonus

    • +1

      Yes, you can, you always can with status promos. Just make sure each flyer activates their own offer.

  • -7

    Offer valid for 3 days, talk about marketing bullshit. They get the headlines of the deal but with a very tight window of activation.

    • Yeah. And prices are higher than normal to fly choice from MEL-BNE ! Could be time and day, but shocking none the less

      • They aren't higher than normal if you book 28+ days in advance. Just had a look for July MEL - BNE and there are regular fares in July. Standard for most airlines to offer base rates 28+ days in advance.

        • Just looked again now for the dates I’m looking at early next month - prices seem to be back to normal 😀
          Probably because I looked too early in the morning.. 😆

    • +1

      Isn’t that typical of marketing campaigns? Happens every day.

    • +4

      A bit harsh with the neg… many of the deals here are only for a few hours (at least until they get ozbargained)

    • +3

      No reason to neg the deal, that is exactly how special offers work usually.
      Many deals on here are for a single day or a few hours.

      • It’s a Monday, maybe they had the Monday fever and woke up the wrong side to kick off the week :)

  • Crap. I just booked 4 sectors on Friday. :(

    • And I booked a 3 sector trip, with 2 legs in Business Class, last week to make sure that I retain Gold status. The booking & traveling window means that I’d be lucky to get additional time off for another trip, unless I was pushing for Platinum.

  • You can cancel your booking and rebook. But wouldn't that mean you pay a higher price if the fare has gone up?

    • +1

      Can do if you have a fully refundable flight (Flex/Business fare classes only) and if you are booking 28+ days out you'll probably still get the same price, unless you bought on a sale.
      If you have the standard Lite and Choice fair, you'll lose money.

      • Yeh unfortunately had a look and the business seat is now at $650 vs $400. The other fare has increased also.

        • Is it less than 28 days?

          • @SimAus007: First flight is on the 29th of June and 2nd is on the 24th July. First leg business, 2nd leg choice.

            • @Wadumean: Okay, so if it's +28 days out, which that is, it means the first 2 seats are sold in business (some routes the first 3 seats), which are the cheapest, after that pricing moves up. Any other times that day with cheaper fares? Pricing can also drop when you cancel those seats and they become available (if it's within the first 2 to 3 seats booked on that flight).

              • @SimAus007: First flight in business, there are 4 business class seats already taken. Including the one I am in. There is another afternoon flight for 544$ currently. The 2nd flight can't really be changed because I need to catch that exact flight due to a previous connecting flight and this flight being last of the day.

    • Do I have to buy tickets through Virgin website, is Skyscanner ok?

      • Yeh through virgin website pre sure. Would work out almost the same price anyway and easier to deal with if a flight is cancelled etc.

  • There's literally no perks of being any status with Virgin IMO.
    (over qantas)

    • +1

      Disagree - I'm Plat with both. I fly Virgin for domestic for the Fly Ahead benefit and free EconomyX seating, neither available to me on Qantas. I fly Qantas (or Oneworld) for international for the First lounges and better recognition across partner airlines.

      • I've always been able to hop on an earlier bus when requested in check in. This happened even before I had any status.
        Free EconomyX sure, arguably I place less prioritiy sitting up front IF i can sit down back where there may be empty seats

        • +2

          VA clamped down on Fly Ahead mid last year. It's strictly a Plat only benefit now.

          In my experience Qantas will practically never allow moving to an earlier flight for free on a red e-deal, unless there's weather/IRROPS on the network or you're on a domestic flights connecting to international

    • I would argue the perks are rather good, fly ahead is great for business and the guaranteed reward seats for family is great for the peak season school holiday trips. Dedicated checkin skipping the general queue at syd/bne is also fantastic. Problem is every man and their dog is velocity gold/platinum and lounges are always overcrowded

  • Do I have to buy tickets through Virgin Australia or anywhere like Skyscanner is ok?

  • So 1500 cash for platinum if you do two sub 750 mile business status runs. Or one if you travel with partner and status pool.

    I guess that's what velocity plat is worth

    • $1500 cash? How did you get that?

      • Oops got my maths wrong.. Closer to 3k rather

  • Can eligible sectors be pooled within Family? Would family of 4 return choice fares land me 8 eligible sectors?

  • How often do Virgin run promos like this?

    Getting sick of Qantas and wanting to try something different, I ended up with a work trip falling right into this promo. Sydney to Melbourne and back in a day, and all of a sudden I have 150 SC with an airline I’m flying with for the first time. If they do a few of these a year, I may as well shoot for gold status with 2-3 more trips then I can use and abuse both airlines to see which lets me down less than the other.

    Actually, work have me on an international flight to the US on United, so I guess I can earn SC through that also. Might only be 1 more trip if there is another DSC/TSC promotion.

  • This is the first I have seen, They usually do double status.

    Platinum member.

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