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Free to Stream: 23 Japanese Films and 2 Japanese TV Dramas @ Japanese Film Festival Online 2024


Welcome to the Japanese Film Festival Online 2024!

Get ready to immerse yourself in all things Japan-related through the films on offer! From heartwarming dramas and hilarious comedies to wholesome anime and action flicks, there's something every movie buff will enjoy in this year’s selection. For the first time, two television dramas will also be available to watch as part of the program!

To enjoy JFF Online 2024, all you need to do is make a free account and click on the title you'd like to watch during the streaming period!
23 films are streaming for free from 5 June (2pm1pm AEST) to 19 June 2024 (2pm1pm AEST)
2 TV dramas will be available from 19 June (2pm1pm AEST) to 3 July 2024 (2pm1pm AEST)

Multiple subtitles available.

Full program and streaming details can be found at: https://jff.jpf.go.jp/watch/jffonline2024/australia

FILMS (5th June - 19th June 1pm):

We Made a Beautiful Bouquet (2021)Drama, Romance
A tale of romance that follows the best five years of two people in love.

Single8 (2023)Coming of Age, Drama, Sci-fi
A coming-of-age story, set in the 1970s, about a group of high-schoolers who passionately make a film together.

Anime Supremacy! (2022)Anime, Business, Drama
Delightful story about people pouring their passion into anime production.

Baby Assassins (2021)Action, Comedy, Coming of Age
A dynamic and powerful action comedy about a pair of former high school girls who are also highly skilled assassins.

The Lines That Define Me (2022)Art, Coming of Age, Drama
A story of a young man who finds his wounded soul restored through the world of Sumi-e, a traditional style of black ink painting.

Jungle Emperor Leo, AKA Kimba the White Lion (1966)Anime, Classic
TEZUKA Osamu's monumental masterpiece that became the cornerstone of Japanese anime.

Father of the Milky Way Railroad (2023)Biography, Drama, Family
A family drama depicting the life of nationally-renowned Japanese author MIYAZAWA Kenji, told from the perspective of his father.

The Handsome Suit (2008)Comedy, Drama, Romance
A fantasy romantic comedy about a man with no confidence about his looks who one day gets a hold of a suit that makes anybody handsome by wearing it.

School Meals Time Graduation (2022)Comedy, Drama, Food
A food comedy about a teacher and a student who love school lunches, and together, appreciate the importance of food.

BL Metamorphosis (2022)BL, Drama, LGBTQ+
A heartwarming tale about two women who strike up an intergenerational friendship through manga.

My Broken Mariko (2022)Drama, Road Movie, Sisterhood
A road movie about a woman who goes on a journey carrying her dead best friend Mariko’s bones.

The Zen Diary (2022)Drama, Food, Japanese Culture
A drama that ponders about what true wealth is through the beauty of nature throughout the four seasons and through the allure of meals with rustic flavours.

Wedding High (2022)Business, Comedy, Drama
An ensemble comedy of memorable characters who gather for a wedding, each bringing their own passionate feelings to the big day.

I Am What I Am (2022)Drama, LGBTQ+
A film about “being your own cheerleader” as a woman, uninterested in romance, seeks to find a life of freedom without outside judgement.

Kiba: The Fangs of Fiction (2021)Business, Drama, Mystery
A battle of wits between magazine editors trying to survive in the industry.

The Lone Ume Tree (2021)Drama, Family
A challenging yet heartwarming story about an autistic son and his aging and loving mother living among their communities.

I Go GaGa: Welcome Home, Mom (2022)Documentary, Family
A daughter’s moving record of her mother with dementia and her father who endlessly showers his wife with love.

We’re Broke, My Lord! (2023)Comedy, Period Drama
A samurai comedy about a young prince who runs around trying to pay back a debt of 10 billion yen.

Twenty-Four Eyes (1954)Classic, Drama
A moving tale about a teacher and twelve students who lived through a time of war.

Japan Horror Film Competition (2023)Horror
Discover new talents in Japanese horror!
Consists of 4 horror short films: Best Wishes to All, Closet, Karakasa, The Invitation

TV DRAMAS (19th June - 3rd July 1pm):

Downtown Rocket (2015)Business, TV Drama (10 episodes)
A moving and popular drama about a small Japanese town factory taking on the fight against large corporations.

Rikuoh (2017)Business, Sports, TV Drama (10 episodes)
A moving drama about a “tabi” (Japanese traditional socks) manufacturer’s rise to the challenge of developing running shoes.

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  • What’s good to watch?

    • +1

      Loved Single8 when it was shown at last year's JFF. Bunch of kids trying to make an 8mm film, great fun.

      Twenty Four Eyes is a classic. Emotionally heavy as the timeline starts from pre war to post war.

      • Great. Thanks

  • +1

    What a treat!

    I have no idea which films are for me yet, but with this selection, I'm surely going to indulge for a couple of days over those 2 festival weeks.

    • +1

      I've started reading the synopsis and adding the ones I'm interested in to my watchlist.
      I usually love any food related movies, so I'll be watching School Meals Time Graduation and The Zen Diary for sure!

  • +1

    Been meaning to check out Single8, so I'll be looking into that!

  • +3

    Received the email… Forgot to post!
    Was great last year

    • +2

      Yeah I didn't see anyone posted the deal yet so I tried my best to create one as I didn't want anyone to miss out lol..
      There are more films on offer this time as well so I'm excited!

      • +1

        Glad you posted
        Enjoy 😀

  • Are there trailers? Couldn't seem to find them

    • Click on the link and go to the film details, then scroll down a bit past the photo gallery.

  • -5

    anything in English?

    • +3

      Yes - Subtitles

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