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10% Cashback on $50 Uber & Uber Eats Gift Cards, 12% Cashback on $50 DoorDash Gift Cards @ Cashrewards


Some good cashback on Uber and Doordash gift cards, 10% and 12% respectively. (DoorDash gift card offer expires 11:59pm 31 May)

Also, did you know? Uber gift cards can be used to retroactively pay for recent Uber/UberEats orders! Simply go to the recent order, and change the payment method :)

Hope this helps someone!

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    So if you retrospectively pay for a recent order with a gift card, do they refund the original payment method?

    • +1

      *retroactively, and yes of course fouiyohhhh
      Not sure how far back you can go, it used to be up to 30 days

  • it says may take upto 72 hours to be delivered.

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    There's new uber gift card terms coming where you can't use uber GC as uber cash… Anyone knows what is the impact of this ?

    • No change until 20 June 2024. Buy and activate before that date.

      [email protected] wrote on 20 May 2024:-

      We are introducing updated Uber Cash Terms and Gift Card Terms of Use.

      Gift Card Terms

      You can read the new Gift Card terms in full here. These changes will be effective from 20 June 2024. These new terms:

      • Clarify that Gift Cards are now a stand alone payment method and can no longer be used to top up Uber Cash.
      • Explain your options once you purchase a gift card. For example you may choose to activate your Gift Card in your Uber Wallet or to transfer or gift the Gift Card to another person.
      • Confirm that Gift Cards are not reloadable and that once activated, a Gift Card is no longer transferable i.e. it can no longer be gifted.
      • Confirm that there is a time limit for activation. If an Uber Gift Card is not activated before its expiry date, the value standing to the credit of the Uber Gift Card is forfeited.
      • Inform you that once you or your giftee has activated a gift card into their Wallet the balance does not expire.

      Uber Cash Terms

      In addition, we have updated the Uber Cash terms here to reflect that Gift Cards may no longer be used to top up Uber Cash balance. These changes will be effective from 20 June 2024.

      Please take some time to read our updated terms. By continuing to use our services, you confirm that you have read and accepted the updated terms.

      • +2

        I don't get the difference - once changes are in effect we can just select to pay via gift card instead of Uber cash? Unless there is a reason to stock up on Uber cash via gift card before 20 June

        • Wondering if it's better to add gc into account before the change due to the uncertainties. It's not very clear but they might restrict say only 1 gc per transaction or something ?

        • I may be wrong but from my understanding of the new changes could mean that, for example if we got 6 months free uber membership via mastercard, you'd need to use a mastercard linked payment method. But you had the option to use your 'uber cash' first.

          WIth this change, it seems you won't be able to benefit from the mastercard linked payment method as it would identify uber gift cards as it's own payment method

          • +1

            @Sertacv2: oh right - I did notice Uber one free delivery wasnt free if I selected other payment options like PayPal/applepay or a different card although Uber cash is ok for now. If that's the case, then there is no point stocking up on Uber cash via gift cards now

            • @mrshorty: Yeah same here, no point loading up Uber GC if they enforce your payment method to the card which is giving free Uber One membership. I will hold off for now.

          • @Sertacv2: i've always wondered what the difference between uber cash and gift cards…i still dont know the difference. How do i load uber gift cards and convert them to uber cash? Currently when i add a gift card it adds to my gift card balance. What's better for the future uber cash or gift cards?

            • +1

              @cheap4321: In the past i believe UE didn't differentiate been gift cards & uber cash, and now they do. You can't convert to uber cash unfortunately. uber cash will always be better but unfortunately you cant choose.

      • Interested to know if this will only apply to giftcards added after June 20.

        If we load up our account now, can uber credit still be used with a "free 6 months" uberone mastercard promotion after June 20 or will users be forced to pay via mastercard to be eligible to use uberone benefits?

      • +1

        Does this mean they're going to start enforcing the distinction between Uber and Uber Eats gift cards too so you can't use one for the other? I hope not!!

  • +3

    12% on Doordash? That's three fewer percents than last time.

    • +2

      Yup, 15% come on people. I recently used a 30% discount code with 15% off gift cards. All up it ended up being about $2 cheaper on DD to pickup than if we bought in store (about $35 vs $33 on DD). I know many people buy from DD/UE/ML for other reasons but hey this is Ozbargain. We need to save more to spend more.

  • I ordered and received in few minutes and I've recharged into Uber eat app. $5 cash back is tracking.

  • +2

    Nice. Bought five, and swapped over the payments from previous orders, and the cashback is tracking- $25 profit for very little work.

    • Can you explain what's this about? really curious

      • As it says in the OP, you can go to Orders > View Receipt > Change payment method, and select the Uber Cash that you added. Then, they refund you the original payment method. 3 of my four orders have come through already, if you have a mixed payment order then they have to do it manually.

    • How long ago was

  • I am overseas and cannot use my uber credit 😑

    • Im in Europe using Uber atm. Are you saying it wont let you pay retrospectively with these gift cards? I assume because the gift cards are in AUD?

      • Added $50 AUD and its showing $0 EUR in my account.

        I expect i cant use the AUD gift card until I'm back in Aus.

  • +2

    Any limit for the number of $50 Uber gift cards you can order?

    And I actually really appreciate how good Uber/Uber Eats is with gift cards. Didn't realise you could do it so far after the fact but I used to like ordering, and then buying the necessary gift cards to add to my wallet and then it'd automatically use those rather than charge my CC.

    Far better experience than Deliveroo ever had where working out your balance or transaction history (especially with refunds/credits) was a mystery.

    • +1

      Don't know about the limit, CashRewards doesn't specify. I've ordered 5 and had them all track.

      • I ended up doing 5 as well but in separate transactions each as wasn't sure if increasing the quantity would still be eligible for the 10%… but that's just me being nervous.

        • +2

          Apparently UberEats has a $750 per day limit

    • +1

      You can do it in one transaction. I just did and can see $50 tracked. Max is 10 x $50 cards in one transaction. https://snipboard.io/hA39Dm.jpg

  • As CR has inexplicably stopped accepting Wise visa debit cards as a payment method, I will no longer be purchasing any gift cards through them.

    Plenty of other businesses happy to take my money.

    • Cash is king!

      • Cash isn't king because inflation. Investment is king.

    • why they stoped?

  • +2

    Tried paying with 3 different CCs - all fail verification. Useless.

    • ditto

    • Well if they don't want our money they can F off

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