Apple iPhone 13 128GB Midnight $885 Delivered @ Amazon AU

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iPhone 13 128GB at $885 Midnight color
Sold by Amazon AU
Other colors also discounted

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    OW has also dropped the price to $887 ->…

  • Two generations old..

    • Yes but do you have a phone?

    • +10

      2.5, almost 3. Will still get updates for a good while though.

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      The weather is nice today..

      joining the Sharing Irrelevant Facts club

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      Nothing changes between generations except for a little bit more processing power which you don’t need anyway. This phone will work great for many years

      • +12

        USB C is a pretty big change, but apart from that, agreed.

        By the way, can I come to your party? 😆

        • Then I can wait for 3 more years to get a USB c 15.

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    It seems counter produtive to buy , when your not far off a 14 , or 15 series when on sale .

    • $200 cheaper than 14, but 13 and 14 are effectively the exact same hardware…

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        The extra ram and better 5G modem in the 14 made it worth it for me to get the 14 over the 13.

        • +2

          Out of curiosity, what are your use cases for benefiting from 5G and additional RAM?

          • @beltdrive: Probably being in a 5G coverage area and running lots of memory intensive apps. Just my guess

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            @beltdrive: Extra ram will probably result in longer OS support, and the better 5G modem supports 5G Standalone on vodafone, soon to be telstra too

      • 15 has a better camera (zoom) in the non pro variant. USB-C is also convenient too.

        • 15 has a better camera

          Does it? I've heard that all the attempts to add effects make the photos come out looking fake and a bit cartoonish. Not sure if you can turn this off, but it seems to be a common issue with all the latest phone cameras.

          • +1

            @1st-Amendment: I believe as mentioned below, it’s the first non pro/max camera to have zoom using the special prism thing.
            “There are no groundbreaking innovations in the 15th generation of the iPhone, but there are some minor changes that improve the iPhone 15. Firstly, the addition of the 2x telephoto zoom camera provides more flexibility in picture composition. While it doesn't equal the 5x optical zoom of the Apple iPhone 15 Pro Max, it's a step in the right direction. Additionally, thanks to pixel binning, users now have more options for photo size options: whether it's a 12-, 24-, or 48-MP snap, the choice is yours.”

      • +2

        They were running out of things to change by this point

        • There's plenty of things to change. Screen refresh rate, fingerprint scanner, etc

  • Would the camera be much better than an iPhone 11 in low light?

    • I went from an iPhone 11 to an iPhone 13, yes it is much better

      • Thanks!

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    When there is a decline in demand for Apple's products among Chinese consumers.
    The iPhone 15 128GB is on sale for around 1000 AUD in their market.

    • -1

      What kind of Chinese?

      • -1

        Non I - Sheep

  • +11

    Bought this for my wife at $999 2 years ago. Just $114 less after 2 years is not a deal.

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    Great timing. Got one to replace aunt's XR

  • My iPhone 7 does same sh1t, no complaints don't see the hurry to upgrade, iPhone 16 will this price to eventually just wait for that.

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    Any new 13 mini stock around?

    • +2

      I was waiting for a discounted 13 Mini too, but haven't come across any for under $1000

      According to rumours, the SE 4 will be a similar size to the 14, so Apple will effectively no longer sell small iPhones

      Pretty annoying. I held out hope for a small iPhone with USB-C

    • +1

      Never see a new 13 mini these days even though you can still find new 12 minis. I eventually went refurb from boost at Easter time, “as new” (excluding battery)for about $800 as I recall. It certainly looked new, but battery was 85%…. boost doesn’t have any “as new” at the moment. “Excellent” condition $699.

      If you want a mini phone , you know you want an iPhone 13 mini.

      • Thanks, this is a good price for 13 mini

      • My 12 mini is great.. so sad they got rid of these smaller phones but kept the ancient SE form.. If I found a brand new 13 mini now I'd probably buy it just to have a new backup when this one dies - or I drop it…

        • Yeah I had a 12 mini from work and had to give it up when I changed jobs. Liked it so much I got the 13 mini. Definitely noticeable power difference, the camera is better and the battery life longer (my 12 mini was also down to 82%).

  • +3

    iPhone 13 should be sub $800.
    iPhone SE should be sub $600.
    We need a new mini or 13 minis need to be easily available sub $800.
    Even in a tight economy, iPhones are holding their prices as well as ever.

  • Good depreciation after 2.5 years. If only new cars depreciated this well like they used to.

  • +1

    Not bad, although I'll probably wait for the new SE next year instead.

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