MSI GeForce RTX 4070 VENTUS 2X E 12GB OC Graphics Card $769 + Delivery ($0 to Metro Areas/ C&C/ in-Store) + Surcharge @ Scorptec


Found a RTX 4070 for $769, seems to be ATL according to ozb part listings.

1% surcharge for Card, AmEx, & PayPal payments.

[Insert Nvidia corporate shill marketing here]

[Insert perpetual hodl comment]

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    Hodl hodl hodlllll

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      Computex is just around the corner!

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      Ahh good find, forgot about the 4 days where ebay actually made a real difference between plus and non plus members

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    perpetual hodl!

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    Will U.S Tariffs hurt our pricing?

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      A stiff breeze hurts our pricing.

      • This comment needs far more +v 🤣

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      I mean we should potentially benefit from some of it, US bans EVs etc China can unload more here for cheap. USA not being able to sell chips/cards to China again should mean more supply and the semiconductors come from Taiwan hard to get an answer on what comes from China. But they will still end up raising prices somehow.

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    When are we going to see some 4080 deals?

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      Probably only after 5xxx is out. Or they will keep the price of 4080 same and release 5080 at a higher price to milk more.

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    HODL, will buy 4070 super for this price.

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      Ti super!

  • I don't think this aib model is good at all

    • what's the issue with it?

      • It's probably fine, but some people/reviewers were a bit iffy with the Ventus models (2X and 3X) -…

      • 2 fan ventus model. So less air flow and less heat sink potential compared to larger coolers. However, the 4070 might not need all that cooling potential if it doesn't run as hot as a 4080.

        • Ideally speaking a cooler of the size of the 4070 Ventus X2 should be more than sufficient for cooling a TDP of 200w. It's the Ventus sub-brand itself just being bad for whatever reasons.

      • A review identified hot spots on the VRM I believe

  • This or 7800xt?

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      playing game? 7800xt for sure…

      • Yeh gaming 1440p for best look.

        7800xt is also ~$730.

        I read ray tracing provides the best looking games and NVidia does that better ?

        • I played around with RT for a week or two but found it doesn't really make games look spectacularly better, it's a fairly subtle effect most of the time. Much more noticeable is how good DLSS upscaling is, it really is a game-changer for me. Image quality still looks great even when you're using DLSS Performance mode.

          • @deadpoet: Thanks mate so from what I understand DLSS is NVidia ?

            • @FrugalDealHunter: Yep, it's their proprietary upscaling solution. Whereas AMD's FSR is open source and runs on just about any graphics card, but the downside is that the image quality is much worse, especially on the performance presets.

  • Don't forget guys… The more you buy the more you save!!!!

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