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[QLD] Half-Price Train Tickets to Brisbane Airport: $10.95 for Go Card & EMV, $11 for Paper Tickets @ Brisbane Airtrain


The Queensland Government has negotiated an agreement with the private train operator 'Airtrain'. From 5 August 2024, half-price train tickets will be available to Brisbane Airport terminals for a 6-month trial period.

Ticket prices reduced from $21.90 to $10.95 for go card and EMV and $11 for paper tickets when travelling from Central Station to the Airport.

Add this to this announcement/deal from @ilove

One would think there is an election coming?

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    I love!

  • +12

    $1000 free electricity, basically free public transport for 6 months and a legit renewables plan that will make QLD better…..netter vote them out and get the corrupt guy in!


    • -1

      "Free" you say… what a lovely benevolent government subsidising these things with their own money! Gee those Labor pollies sure are generous…

      • Nah, it’s all funded from the increased coal royalties

        • +2

          It's almost as if forcing large companies to pay royalties provides large reserves of cash the govt can invest back into the state… but of course those bullion dollar companies would pull out of the market if we did that right?

          • @Nalar: They definitely won’t. Whitehaven’s purchase of BMA’s mines and all the other M&A activity in the market goes against what QRC is arguing.

            • @ol mate: Exactly, but hey how's the everyday voter going to know that when Murdoch papers are biased?

              The sooner we tax/royalty as hard as Norway the better.

  • why does ozb think im op?

    • You're probs in the same geolocation. OzB thought I was (associated with) TA once, I took the compliment 😂

  • But it used to be about $23 return. Only a few months ago.

    • +2

      It appears they had a time limited promotion of "Return for Free" which ended on 1st May. I'm just going by what was quoted in the Qld Gov media statement.

      • Sure, but that promo was going for years.

    • They've had a very long running (keeps getting extended) free return promo. So the government probably just wasted money on something they were going to do anyway.

      • +2

        Free return isn’t quite as good.

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    I love this and the broader public transport one. If Labor retains gov (unlikely by most predictions), they’ll have to reduce prices or face backlash. If LNP gets in they’ve been set up to face public backlash if they don’t reduce prices. Interesting game being played here. Regardless, I genuinely think reducing fares across the system is the way to go. $1-5 for standard fares, 25% discount for concessions and $10-15 for airport train. I genuinely think more people would use it if it was cheaper. It’s costs more than the petrol for me to train to Bris from GC, that’s before parking costs, and I already have/need a car for other reasons. Parking at stations might be an issue though with increased demand.

    • +1

      I can't wait to see what fun we have in store under a Newmanesque-LNP government in a few months. I'm not saying Labor are great, but they're a much better proposition than a Crisafulli government. How short-sighted people are.

      • -1

        I think Anna & Miles' administrations have done / gotten away with enough stupid or downright criminal shit to relegate themselves to the sidelines for a couple of years.

      • Agree the Newman years were terrible and have no reason to believe LNP will be different this time around. My conversations with Crisafulli and my local LNP candidate though brief, make me think they are cut from the same cloth. I do have been unhappy with some of what Labor has done, but not enough to vote LNP, unfortunately it’s a safe LNP seat.

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    Two people in an Uber is cheaper than using the AirTrain even if you have to go to the other side of Brisbane. Half price should be the normal competitive price however people who have never used it usually wouldn't know that. arrival point is in the city train station which isn't everybody's cup of tea. I recommend an Uber or a Didi. It's rather irresponsible of the government to ensure this service is competitive. however I recommend try once once for the experience and now's the time to do it.

  • Can't understand these overpriced trains to airports. Sydney, Brisbane and Kuala Lumpur are the ones I know. 2 people in a taxi is cheaper for door to door service

    • +1

      London Heathrow is actually connected to the normal tube network - which is awesome.
      Except that trying to navigate packed peak hour trains, with international luggage, sucks colossal donkey balls.

      But at least you have the option 👌

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