expired Bosch Tools Orders $25 off $100, Plus $25 Shipping from Amazon US, So Free Shipping Indeed

Bosch Tools Orders $25 off $100, Plus $25 Shipping from Amazon US, So Free Shipping IndeedAffiliate

Just got the Amazon email and saw this BOSCH deal. This is the one I just bought http://www.amazon.com/Bosch-CLPK27-120-12-Volt-2-Tool-Combo/..., turned out to be USD$148 including shipping. I guess $25 will be the shipping costs for every set of tool so it's effectively free shipping.

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    What about power/voltage and all that. Will folks need special equipment?


    Yep, you need a step down transformer as US uses 110v. I got one last time when I bought a power tool from Amazon. A decent step-down device would set you back about $50-$80. The saving on the tools , compared to the closet counterpart in AU, is about $130.


      Wont it be easier to just buy the australian charger? saves having to lug around the charger


      When I needed a step-down transformer for something some years ago I googled around and found a mob called 'TorTech' in Sydney. Their prices were quite fair but not a bargain. They had exactly what I wanted on the shelf and when I picked it up they gave me an impromptu guided tour of the factory! I /finally/ learned how those toroidal transformers are wound!

      They're at http://www.tortech.com.au/

      Might be useful to someone!

      (I've no association with TorTech beyond being happy with the transformer and the guided tour!)


    I've heard that even with a step down converter, things with motors won't operate properly due to the Hz difference. Could anyone elaborate?


      Motors usually dont like different AC frequency. But these are DC motors, and the battery chargers are less fussy.


      If it were a device directly powered by the mains supply, then yes, it's possible that the difference between the frequency of the Australian and US mains power supplies /could/ present an issue. That might be as simple as things running a bit faster or slower than intended, or they might not work in some more serious way. Depending on the particular device 'not work' might extend to 'all of the special smoke leaking out and it not ever working again'!

      The battery-powered devices aren't directly mains powered, obviously, so what @nowlan says, the issue is with the charger, not the power tool itself. He's also right in saying that the chargers are less fussy. In fact, when it gets here, you should read the specs on it… many chargers (for example laptop computers out of china, etc) have awesome chargers that can handle anything from 100V to 250V and 50-60Hz without blinking. If you're lucky enough to get one of those with your power tool, you're set, no step-up/step-down transformers required!

    1. http://camelcamelcamel.com/Bosch-CLPK27-120-12-Volt-2-Tool-C...
    2. Bosch are releasing a new brushless motor range in 2013 called CORE.
    3. "We are not able to ship this item to your default shipping address" for a lot of products

    The "CLPK27-120" says will ship to au.although i think older model (screw) driver . not ps21-2a ?

    A friend of mine told me he only had to change the plug end on his makita charger.
    Usual Ozbargain rule is to get $25 step down from ebay.


    would be nice if they had the GLM50/80 shipped here… the bosch rangefinders here are a rip off prices in bunnings


    That reminds me i still need to get an australian transformer for the dual bosch drills i got from amazom last time. Its still sitting boxed in the garage!


      please post what is a decent transformer to get. total newbie when buying US electrics.

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        I dont have a brand in mind but people seem to have found success with no brand transformers on ebay. What you need is a 240V to 120V step down transformer. It should be good for anything that works on dc. Just be careful of tools that plug straight into the mains (non portable) because they may be sensitive to the change in transformer frequency. If its battery operated you could even get the australian equivalent of the charger and avoid the step down tranformer altogether.


        See my post above re TorTech in Sydney.

        I'm just digging around on their site now. They have a nice FAQ on step-down transformers and issues relating to buying electrical equipment from the USA.

        I'm not a trained electrical engineer but I've worked with electronics and electrics for a long time in lots of different jobs. These folks aren't bullsh1tting, they speak the truth! http://www.tortech.com.au/category/faqs-frequently-asked-que...

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    just buy the battery operated tools, then buy a new battery charger here for about $50 from the blackwoods website http://blackwoods.com.au/part/00631048/charger-lithium-ion-6...


      does this type of charger work for this particular deal's battery?

      i have this feeling that bosch doesn't sell 12V models in here.


    I picked up the Hitachi drill/driver deal from Amazon a few weeks ago and got a no-name step-down transformer off Ebay - works fine.

    Eg http://www.ebay.com.au/itm/390477995449?ssPageName=STRK:MEWN...


      I bought the same transformer when i got a Bosch drill/impact driver kit a few months ago. I have nothing bad to say about the transformer, does the job i need it to, plus i'm now more likely to buy more electrical stuff from Amazon … win-win!


    I dont really need anymore drill got big 18v hitachi, but with $148 delivered those Bosch Combo 12v impact/drill too hard to resist.

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