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50% off Select Premixed Vodka, Gin & Cocktails, Spirits, Beer & Cordial + $15 Delivery ($0 over $100 Spend) @ Billson's


Billson's is offering 50% off 48 items & 25% off 61 items as supposedly they have an overstock at the moment.

Last year, our goal was simple: launch 100 products. Well, we may have got a bit carried away because we ended up with over 130!

But fear not! Our ambitious goal is YOUR gain, as we launch an epic sale we are affectionately calling the "We Made Too Much Sale"

We've scaled our discounts just for you:
🚀 Way too much: 50% off
🌟 Too much: 25% off

This is the biggest discount I've seen for Billson's.

and a bunch more vodkas and gins.

By the way, well worth a visit if you are in the Beechworth area as you can sample as much cordial or booze as you like for free.

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    • +34

      You know what a sample is right?

    • Considering most breweries the samples are "tasting paddles", I sampled a good 10-15 for free and only stopped due to having to drive after lunch. I could easily have kept going

  • Thanks, bought 4 bottles!

  • +1

    I don’t back 500ml bottles - shrinkflation

    • +6

      I don't recall them previously being bigger though, so I don't think this is shrinkflation, just products not all being the same size

      • -7

        You could say the same about anything

  • +7

    3.5%? Thanks I have a kids birthday party coming up :)

    • Exactly!

    • +1

      Pretty sure kids can't have even 3.5% alcohol

      • +4


        • Oh. Thought it was a legit comment, implying that the parents can have more than one drink when at a kids birthday party cos it's only 3.5%.. hence my joke about kids not being able to drink. But clearly I missed the mark here.

          • +3

            @Mr Frodo: Don’t worry your typical ozbargainer has a bad sense of humour

  • +5

    Damn - I wish these things weren't 30+gms of sugar per can!

    • +1

      glad you mentioned that, was interested but they're little sugar bombs.

      Something good for the 20 year old market, I think.

  • After the last deal nightmare of waiting over a month to get some cordial delivered and them sending it to a wrong address, you couldn't pay me to order from them again

  • +2

    Is $60/L for Vodka really that much of a deal?

    • +3

      Only 37% too

      • Didn't notice that at first, makes it even worse

        • -1

          Buy the sodas and add your own vodka?

    • +1

      Not really a bargain on those metrics alone so I guess it comes down to how good it tastes compared to the premium vodkas. Never had this so can't comment on that side of things.

      • Vodka isn't really a taste spirit like whiskey or gin, it's more an alcohol adder to a drink without it's own flavour (beyond the alcohol). Once you get past jet fuel they're pretty similar in "taste". At only 37% as well it really isn't worth it.

        • Yeh your right…Well not taste but smoothness… Depending the brand I'll drink it on ice and the cheaper ones as mixers. Technically the good premium ones are smooth and are 40% … Never had this but at the $30 mark on sale it should be aiming to be up there with the premium brands and if it's not then it's not really worth it (alcohol content aside)..

        • Actually you're not right.. Vodka IS a taste spirit.

          Between the various viscosities and much more subdued flavors most people are simply unable to tell the difference unless they have spent some time enjoying vodkas.
          Just my 2 cents here: This is similar to how many people (including me) can't tell the difference between various scotches, or Gins. It takes time and an interest in the particular spirit to learn what makes the differences relevant.

          Personally, pretty much all bourbons and scotches, just about every whiskey, to me, tastes like someone took cheap vodka and soaked it in a bath of wood pellets for a few months.
          But, blind folded, I can easily tell the difference between Grey Goose, Belvedere, Absolute, Fire&Ice, Smirnoff (*vomit), Stolichnya, Russian Standard, Mishka, and a dozen others.

          I think it's just down to your personal tastes.
          My brother swears there's a difference between Johnny walker Red, and Blue, but I have never been able to find it :)

  • Ended up stocking up. I’m sure I’ll use them. Bit of a mixed bag of included products, but I’m interested in trying a few of them.

  • +2

    just spent $110 on red cordial lets go

  • Thanks op, got ginger beer, and a couple of gins, shame the blood orange is sold out!!!

  • This is the price it should be.

  • Great prices thanks!

  • Topped up for the wife for camping.
    Keen to try the Ginger beer with Spice Apple though.

  • Anyone had shipping advice yet? It's been a week and my order still sitting as 'received'

    • Same, but they were probably swamped over the long weekend.

      • 100% agree

    • +1

      Just received an email saying "we are facing some delays compared to our usual delivery timings"

      • Ah yes me too:

        We wanted to thank everyone for supporting our ‘We’ve made too much Sale’ – your overwhelming support has completely blown us away! So much so, we’ve received more orders than we could have ever imagined.

        Our team is working tirelessly to ensure that orders reach you as quickly as possible, but due to the sheer volume that was placed, we are facing some delays compared to our usual delivery timings. We appreciate your patience and continued support.

        As soon as your order has been collected from our warehouse you'll receive an email update with tracking details, the best way to track your delivery is via the AusPost App.

  • They are cancelling orders now. Looks like they didn't decrement stock levels as the orders flowed in.

    • Mine is still in limbo

  • Mine has popped up on the AusPost tracking (hasn't shipped though)…

    • Mine is on its way now too, phew!

    • Arrived this morning!

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