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OnePass 12-Month Subscription for $12 (Targeted to Existing Customers with Expiring Memberships) @ OnePass


Got an email today as my Onepass/Disney sub expired. If you had a sub you should check your email for the code.

Your OnePass | Disney+ Premium bundle has come to an end, but the great value doesn't have to stop.

For a limited time only, we're offering you 12 months of OnePass membership for just $12.*

Yep, for just $1 a month, you can enjoy OnePass benefits like free delivery on eligible items or orders, exclusive offers and discounts, member only sales events and more.*

All you need to do is to come back on an annual plan using the code below.

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    Thanks for the reminder to check there's no auto renewal… just looked and mine expires in april lol fml

    • Good point, I had cancelled my membership once I heard they are stopping the offer so not sure if that triggered the offer.

    • +2

      Thanks for the reminder, just removed my auto renewal too.

    • +18

      I disagree, bought many items from Kmart, catch and bunnings with free shipping

        • +11

          Thank you for your service

          I am hereby dishonorably discharging you from future OnePass posts

          • -5

            @King Steuart: Why? you only want fanbois posting?

            • +5

              @jv: The comment you made is not dissimilar to comments on Lego posts about Lego not being popular

              • -7

                @King Steuart: Where have I commented about Lego not being popular?

    • +3

      Got a sub for $20/yr (of just Onepass). That's only like two deliveries a year for it to be worth.

      Don't use Disney+

      • disney plus bundle deals are goneski

    • I agree and the delivery process is awful. Everything is partial deliveries.

      • +6

        This is the most first world problem ive heard this month, and i live in the leafy east of Melbourne

        • +1

          lol partial deliveries don’t work when you need certain things for specific events/days. If my local shop says there is stock, I don’t need one delivery from up the road, another from a shop in QLD and the last from FNQ. Priority C&C is also a load of rubbish.

      • +1

        Partial deliveries is technically increased value for you. This is OzBargain.

        • Partial deliveries don’t work when you are time-conscious

    • +4

      The amount of times we need the odd few items from kmart or bunnings i've lost count. Did not expect i'd use it anywhere near as much as i have.

      • -3

        The amount of times we need the odd few items from kmart or bunnings i've lost count.

        I usually need them right away… If I need a Kmart or Bunnings item posted, it probably means I don't really need it…

        • +2

          It's more a case of a for-thought knowing we do buy certain items at different times of the year so will know if i am running out of something, will be needing x for y with the lawn/garden, an opportunistic deal. There will always be the odd urgent need to head to the store. I would not be surprised if onepass dies or gets some greater restrictions making it less useful.

        • +1

          …so don't get the subscription then.

          Seriously do you need to word vomit over every comment section?

          • -3


            …so don't get the subscription then.

            Most likely I won't renew.

        • Not every need is urgent and unforeseeable.

    • +3

      Just the 5x flybuys points it pays itself off

      • -1

        Not at full price membership.

      • +1

        How much are you buying?

        • +1

          $1.6bil.. per month

      • +1

        You'd have to spend $2000 in a year just to break even with full price membership. Which is why I haven't signed up.

    • +1

      If you shop at Westfarmers brand stores (Kmart, Coles, OW, Priceline, Bunnings etc), then the flybuys bonus points alone cover the cost of membership. Free postage and 365 day returns are just the cherry on top

      • The 365 day returns is also subject to the store itself. It's a bit lame. I had an item from Target, took the label off but it's completely unused. The store employee even said it's unused but I couldn't return it because the label was off. So effectively you have 365 days to return the item if you've never unpackaged it.

        I thought the process would be similar to IKEA's 365 day return.

    • +2

      Not true. This is awesome. Just moved interstate and purchased everything from scratch.
      Kmart, target, bunnings and officeworks with free shipping made it a lot easier for the forgotten list.

      • -3

        Not true.

        My comment is 100% true…

    • +2

      I have to disagree, it is amusing to order 10kg bags of cement from Bunnings and have them delivered for free.

      • +2

        I ordered a $1 bucket from Bunnings…just because.

        Was not happy a few weeks later, I think it was Kmart, selling 50 cent buckets.

  • 😱 my subscription recently ended but I didn't get the email ☹️. If anyone not planning to use it would appreciate if you can pass on the code, thank you.

  • I only got offered one free month (I think I got offered the same last month)

  • +8

    Found Onepass to be a godsend. Hardly physically been to Kmart, Bunnings, etc. since joining. From the simple, cheap, mundane and big products ordered get delivered for free which I find handy and oh so convenient. $4/month is no-brainer foh shure. 💵

  • +3

    I can't win with OnePass. Signed up for $40 just before the $20 promotion and cancelled at the end of the 12 months a few months ago so miss this one.

    • +1

      Exactly wat happened to me lol. Missed out on the first offer. Then my sub expired couple weeks ago and missed this offer.

  • +1

    Only 1 free month for me :(
    Would grab the $12 a yr for sure!

    • Mine expired a couple days ago and I also got 1-month code, expires to use by 30-June, I'll use it when I have another order by then to extend it.

  • damn, knew I should have let it lapse

  • +1

    Just cancelled this morning, it expires next week. Hoping to get one of this….

  • $12 vs $79 at Amazon. Rip. Should I break up with Amazon for awhile?

    • +1

      Are movies and music good on One pass?

    • Amazon is a no brainer for me.

  • $12! Bargain!

    I didn’t get the email, but use my OnePass all the time. If anyone has a spare code they want to share, my sub renews in 2 days

  • Didn't get the email but I logged into one pass and the offer was sitting it my account. Bargain!

    • Mine expires in 1.5 weeks. All I see is my membership status is cancelling, there isn't even a Changed My Mind let me pay some more option

  • OnePass has saved me money; every time I walk into a Bunnings I come out with more that what I went in for.

  • No love for me…😔
    My sub expired couple of months ago but not even a single offer for renewal…🤷‍♂️

  • +2

    codes for $12 sub:


    Please mention if you redeem one so that it saves others time :)

    • used the second code, thank you so much!!!

    • both codes "invalid"

  • Would appreciate if anyone would have any codes they won't be using :)

  • +1

    No code is needed. The offer was there under 'manage membership' on the Onepass website.

  • I'm after a code please if anyone has spare. Thanks in advance!

  • Can someone please share a code. Thank you.

  • Me too please, if anyone can share me a code. Thanks!

  • Ex member with expired sub, no email and no offer on website

  • Can someone pls share a code, thank you so much

  • Would love a code if someone won't be using it, TIA

  • Kmart, Target, Catch, and Officeworks
    For purchases made on and from 5th September 2023, if you change your mind, you have 365 days from the date of your purchase to return your unused items

    For purchases made on and from 19th March 2024. if you change your mind, you have 365 days from the date of your purchase to return your unused items.

  • Anyone got a spare code. Please PM me. thanks.

  • Onepass kindly sent me an offer to rejoin at full price today, I'll certainly give that one a pass.

  • Just got an email to join at fill price for 5x fly buys , no thanks

  • Have received a 1 month free code from OnePass via email today to coax me back. Membership had been expired a few months.

  • anyone can pm me a code please?

  • Anyone got a new code for this? The link isn't linking to the deal anymore :')

  • Waiting for the code as well , expired last week so hopefully it works

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