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[ACT] VADHOLMA Kitchen Island $157.50 (Was $429) + Delivery ($0 C&C) @ IKEA Canberra (Free Family Membership Required)


Kitchen island, black/oak, 126x79x90 cm

OOS at Richmond (VIC) and Adeleide, all other stores have stock. at all stores, only Canberra remains.

Price valid 6 Jun. 2024 - 1 Jul. 2024 or while stock lasts

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  • Got one in QLD (assuming it is fulfilled). Will work perfectly as a standing workspace + storage in my spare room.

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    wow looks amazing. Needed one as coffee machine stand

  • +5

    Um that price discount is not accurate, it used to be about $879….. So the discount is even more massive!

    • +4

      yep this ^ its a great kitchen bench very solid and heavy - constantly used in mine .. its a shame the addon rack isnt discounted as much

    • Wow so my memory was correct! I remember it used to be in the $800 range and was surprised by the price I found, but IKEA website says $429.

  • Time to take my 3d printer storage to the next level. Cheers op.

    • +1

      Was thinking the same thing. Seems perfect for 3d printers and the bottom shelves perfect for filament storage

      • +1

        At this point in time a 2 x sealed Billy unit for my filament prob more suitable lmao

        I was thinking this table thing for two printers, on a concrete paver each, with EVA foam under, and under storage for tools (de burring tool, solder iron , heat gun, snips, paints etc)

        • +1

          Good thinking. The only reason i haven't sprung for this deal is we are running out of space in our small house. Have to get a bigger house.

  • Bought one from Springvale Vic. Thanks Op

    • Were there a lot left?

      • +1

        Yes my order was ready for collection within an hour

        • Thanks

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    These are great

  • OOS for Click and Collect except in Canberra.

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    Worktop with a thick oak veneer

    Of course….

    Layer construction adds stability and makes the worktop less sensitive to humidity, thus, less likely to bend, split or crack than solid wood.

    Not because its cheaper or anything.

  • +6

    Baby brother if you haven't got room for the bigun- https://www.ikea.com/au/en/p/vadholma-kitchen-island-black-o…

  • Thanks, op!
    Will be nice for a worktop.

  • -3

    I dislike the rack design of this item.
    You can't use it as a dinning table, can't push against the wall as well. Very limited

    • -1

      Why can't you push against the wall?

      • +1

        probably means the rack - you cant have it against the corner. its a minor limiting factor

      • If you put these next to wall, half of the space beneath is wasted.

    • +9

      If it was against a wall it wouldn't be an island then! ;)

      • +9

        If you pushed the short side against the wall you could make it a kitchen peninsula ;)

    • +5

      Stupid comment. It’s a kitchen island. “I dislike this $200k Porsche. You can’t use it as a boat, can't peddle it like a bicycle as well.”

      • +1

        Totally agreed, but looking at the photos, I can't even figure out why he thinks it can't be pushed against a wall.

        And who on earth uses a 1.2M wide bench as a dining table anyway.

      • +1

        I am talking about the versatility. This is definitely an island and it can't be used for other practical purpose.
        Only 2 people can sit on 1 side.
        The storage rack is designed so that if put against the wall, half the space is lost.

        they could change the rack design so that this "island" can be have more uses

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    yesss wanted one for my 3d printer for ages, this is an amazing deal ty! picked up second to last from Marsden Park

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    Thank you! I have been wanting one of these for a while now, but couldn't justify the over $1000 for both table and rack, but can for $350 delivered.

  • Would it be suitable for outdoors if properly covered when not in use (most of the time)?

    Or should I expect it to rust quick?

    • +1

      I dont think the laminated wood would go too well

      • +1

        That was my thought as well. Even if covered it is likely to be affected by moisture.

      • Ah laminated wood. That changes it a lot. I was wondering if I could use as a workbench. Thank you.

        • +1

          I double checked:

          Work top:
          Particleboard, Honeycomb structure paper filling (min. 70% recycled), Solid oak, Oil-acrylic

          Wondering which part is the solid oak then.

          Might be worth replacing the top altogether. I'll see when I've got it.

          • +1

            @pizzaguy: Probably the solid oak pieces in the veneer they glue to the junk filling 😆 🤣

    • +1

      Might be alright (for a few years) if you plastered it in several coats of clear lacquer.
      Ask DIYcharcat if he'll do a special price on these cans

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    Just thought I would add this hack to put wheels on. Very useful for cleaning under the island and if you want to move it to a different spot. We have an old workbench as an island and the wheels on it have been useful.

    • +2

      you have just been very helpful

    • +1

      That's the idea that I'm after. Cheers!

  • How do guys get free delivery? Not working for me.

    • +1

      I don't think there's free delivery, I went for C&C.

  • Bought the kitchen island and rack system separately so the rack system can be returned if not needed

    • +1

      i have the rack system, i dont think its a great addition or worth it

      • Thanks for the input. Do you still use it or have you removed it completely?

        • I mean it's individual preference, I don't like it because I think it makes the whole setup look bulky / messy. Also if you want to put anything beside the island, the metal rack gets in the way (it just juts out). I still use it just because I don't have a lot of space so the pot lids that go on top is handy. If I were to choose to spend another $150 for the rack, I would just buy another island and put them side by side lol.

  • +1

    $196 delivered, thanks OP — perfect for my Ooni

  • Cant even sign up, says flagged as bot activity no matter what I do.

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      Sounds like something a bot would say…

    • If you're using iCloud private relay or another privacy service, you often see this.

      Similarly, if your ISP uses CGNAT, it can be incorrectly flagged as bot activity, as multiple users will appear to come from the same IP.

  • Damn no Adelside availability or delivery :(

  • Shows as $429 at checkout, QLD

    • +2

      Were you logged in? It is IKEA Family discount.

      • +1

        Oops, just joined, all good. Ordered one. Thanks!

  • nice but unfortunately $399 delivery to my postcode (QLD) sux2bme for living where I do. Oh well.

    • Wow $399 delivery? What's your postcode?

  • Thanks OP this will go nicely with my dishwasher

  • +1

    pretty much sold out

  • +1

    Thanks heaps! Got 2 from Rhodes. Plenty of stock 1hr ago. Around 4 left.

  • +3

    Just an FYI, I had this benchtop and had to return due to the veneer surface delaminating. YMMV, but take care resting anything warm on it (which I didn't even do).

  • No stock at Adelaide, Thanks OP!

  • Got one delivered for $186.50 with sign up code. Thanks OP!

    • No pick up available and that's close to $200. I'm thinking of a garage workbench might be a better choice for me.

  • Canberra don't deliver & is the only store in NSW that has stock :-(

    • +1

      Canberrans hate this guy.

  • +2

    Bought this at full price earlier, the benchtop delaminated within months with mild usage. Ikea refused to do anything about it saying it needs to be sealed by treatment oil every 6 months.

    • Was just thinking I'd give this a good oil / varnish. So this confirms it.

      • I'm a noob, could you recommend a oil/varnish product I can use to do the same?

        • I'm a noob too but so happy for an expert to tell me I'm wrong.

          If you like the look of the timber and don't need an overly strong protective layer then you can just oil it with linseed oil: https://www.bunnings.com.au/diggers-1l-timber-oil-quicker-dr…

          If you want a stronger protective layer varnish it, I've used this before (it's marine varnish and just what I had on hand, but worked quite well) :


          The varnish will look a lot glossier though. I'll check the info that comes with this bench first, but probably I will just oil it if i'm using inside. The oil soaks into the timber so it looks the same if not a bit darker. Then later if i stick it outside or it's wearing alot, I'll give it a varnish.

        • Flaxseed oil from woolies. Just pour a few drops in a small area and use some paper towel to wipe it around

  • $629 for delivery. I'll give it a miss.

  • Silly question time. Is this flatpack or assembled?

  • Jeez lucky that I'm in Canberra. Stacked with BUPA 5% off gift card! Thanks OP

  • Hmmm! Had one in my cart for delivery at $196. Went back and applied a discount code and now not available.

  • showing oos now

    • -5


  • Got one for $196.5 delivered. Not bad. System shows it will back to stock in 1 week but I would rather just buy it now. It's very heavy anyway I don't want to collect it by myself.

  • ikea richmond has 5 restock. ALL Gone in 1minite

  • +2

    Cick and collect showed as available for richmond and springvale!

  • all 3 stores in NSW back in stock earlier this morning.

  • Thanks OP just got 2 from Marsden park NSW

  • Got it this morning from Springvale. There were a few in stock but I got the last one out.

  • 21 @ Marsden Park this morning(9am)!

  • +1

    Ordered for delivery from Perth this morning, seems to be going in and out of stock and disappearing within 15 minutes. Hopefully order goes through.

  • I ordered one online + delivery only from Perth around 8am.

    Just wondering are we suppose to "oil" the table top before use?

    I've been getting notifications and missed out the last 3 nights when it came back in stock as those notifications were around 1am.

    Today I manage to get one as they restock at 4am and I manage to grab 1 of the 4 in stock around 8am. Delivery only no pick up in Perth.

    If anyone is interested I would suggest you sign up for notifications and stay up till 1am to see if they restock or wake up at before 8am for the restock.

  • I checked the Ikea stock on the website at 6.50am today and it said there were 4 Vadholma at Tempe but no C&C or delivery available. then after arriving at 9.55am it said all NSW was out of stock on the website. But actually after checking the aisle there were 4 in stock, I just nabbed one table so there's 3 remaining as of right now. Better drive to Tempe to pick it up asap in person. The boxes can fit in a hatchback so no need to rent a go get. https://ibb.co/64H4wfC it's in aisle 42

  • FYI, the smaller version in the same colour is also on sale at a massive discount. "Kitchen island, black/oak, 79x63x90 cm"


    Was: $679
    Now: $121.50

    Available for delivery still and a select few stores.

  • I placed an order before posting this deal for C&C today. Apparently IKEA doesn’t pick up orders and put them aside until it’s time for pick up (who does that??) 😒 so it was sold out and they cancelled my order.
    Online chat support said they will honour this discount price for me when it’s back in stock. I hope they do.

    • ouch that hurts. Hopefully u can get it mate

      Yes ikea do things like this..

      • Appreciate your offer! I’m based in Melbourne, so I will pray that they do honour it haha

    • +3

      Thought I should post an update in case anyone is ever in the same position:
      IKEA alert showed stock at Richmond store last night. I tried to order this morning but apparently IKEA system was down and support couldn’t place order. I headed instore in the afternoon but it was sold out by then! Floor staff advised speaking to Exchange and Return staff, who was able to look up my case number (received from online chat support) and offered the sale price plus free shipping! Shipping fee only would have been $40. Overall it was a frustrating process, but IKEA kept their promise and I got my kitchen island delivered for $157 :)

      • wow that is very nice! As it is very heavy and could have scratch ur car inside.

        Glad all work out for you

  • Back in stock but now $791???

    • Still coming up on the Ikea family offers page as $157.50. Went on chat to see if they could honour it but no go as product page says $791.

    • Yesterday the item page showed that price was valid until June 15. I will mark item as sold out now.

      • +1

        Kind of misleading when the page initially said the price was until 1st July. Wonder if it was a price error given the huge discount and this is them scrambling to limit the losses.

  • +1

    And still out of stock for Adelaide at the 791 price :)

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