Exploding Minions Card Game $9 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store/ $65 Order) @ Big W

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For those missed out on this, $3 cheaper now at Big W.

Apply Everyday Extra reward code for a further 10% off, down to only $8.10.

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    Damn bought it for $12 from the last deal

    • If unopened you may return at Kmart and get from Big W instead.

      • +1

        Assuming they have the same barcode, you can also buy from Big W and return the Big W one at Kmart lol

        • lol beat me to it

      • +1

        Buy from BigW, return the new one to Kmart with your old receipt.

  • what's the Everyday Extra reward code?

    • +7

      Format is usually "XMMMYYYY", so for this month it's XJUN2024.

      • doesn't work?

        • +3

          It works.

          Item subtotal
          Everyday Extra 10% off

          Make sure you are signed in. Edit: And woolworths reward card is linked.

      • Thanks, it did work today.

      • so i put XJUN2024 in the "add promo or rewards code" ? it doesnt work for me :(

        • You need to be an everyday extra member. Aka pay the membership fee to get the 10% monthly discount.

          • @Slo20: That's not true. No need to be an everyday extra member. Just remember to be signed in and that you haven't used the code for this month.

            • @firestint: Unless somethings recently changed I don’t think that’s the case.

              “Your Everyday Extra benefits
              Enjoy the following benefits each month

              10% off one shop per month at Woolworths and BIG W in-store or online”.

              If they giving 10% off to everyone why would you pay for the extra membership?

              • +2

                @Slo20: It's an oversight (perhaps deliberately) by Woolies, you just can't get 10% off in store but I've been using the 10% off online for the past few months despite not having everyday Extra.

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    Wonder why the huge discount. Especially when Minion craze is about to happen again with the new movie. This pack is heaps better than the original exploding kittens which is hardly discounted.

  • 8% cashback from shopback as well

    • Using the 10% off promo code invalidates cashback, so better to stick with the code.

      • Is Extra a once-off code within a month?

        • +1

          Yes correct

        • +2

          Yes. You get two codes per month. One to use at Woolies and one for Big W.

  • Amazing Deal - Just placed, Fingers Crossed they have stock left

  • Damn, got from Kmart last week along with some of their other heavily discounted games.

    Taco catis also on sale for $10, $2 cheaper than kmart.

  • Is this the same as exploding kittens?
    Or does the cards have different mechanics?

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