Hisense 65" 65U8NAU Mini LED 4K Smart TV $2050 + Delivery (Free to Selected Cities) @ Appliance Central


Having a hunt around for a good value 65" TV and the Hisense 65" U8NAU seems to get a pretty good wrap. Seems to be cheaper at Appliance Central than anywhere else at $2050 with free delivery* (conditions apply)

Reviews seem good and is a great value option compared to an LG C4 or similar which are around $1000 more.

Rtings review here: https://www.rtings.com/tv/reviews/hisense/u8-u8n

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    Hisense have a habbit supplying inferor models with the same name in Aus.

    From rtings: There are similarly named international models, like the U8NAU in Australia, but these models perform a bit differently than the North American models, so our results aren't valid for them.

    • Having looked into it a bit more, looks like rtings tested US model has 1600 local dimming zone and peak 3000nits. Aus model has 1000 local dimming zone and peak 1600 bits.

      • Yep, the RTINGS website that’s been linked should absolutely not be used for reference. AU models are gimped in comparison.

      • The AU model should be brighter than 1600 nits - what's the source for this? I can only find reviews of the 75 inch U8NAU, and they mention measurements of 3000 and 2800 nits. I measured last year's 65-inch U8K at ~2300 nits on a 10% window and I'd be surprised if Hisense took a backward step, given they are one of the ones leading the charge in the war of nits.

        • Can't be bothered doing more research on this model. Upto 1600 nits is from a jb hifi aritcle. Hisense aus site give full spec as 700 (peaking 2800) nits which shoud be the correct one.

          The point is us/eu version has a mini led pro+ panel while aus version has a mini led pro panel. Hisense using the same name marketing a complete different tv here.

          • @nico8amy: The UK site says the same 'Mini LED Pro' as the AU site, so it looks like Hisense are effing them in the a-hole as well and only the US are getting the + version. According to the respective local versions of the Hisense site, Pro+ has 2000+ dimming zones, while the vanilla pro states 1600 zones.

            And yeah, fck Hisense for not giving us the good stuff. Hopefully AVForums get a review up of the U8N.

            • @sickaunt: This is bullsit. Ratings say their reviewed model has 1600 zones only the 75 has 2000 zones.
              This whole swapping panels for Australia is bullshit.

    • Yup 1000% sneaky behaviour from Hisense… they used to be great bang for buck tvs.

      • -1

        Still are. You are spreading bullshit.

        • How about something to back that up besides a lame ass response

          • @quikstix: I bought it and it has 1600 zones as per the eu models.
            I checked it in store against the c855 and the u8 was brighter. Both had similar zone count (tcl is 1300). U8 looked better overall.

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    Take my view with a grain of salt as I'm a total OLED shill - but for not much more money you could get a considerably better TV if timed well. At EOY there was 65" LG G3s going for $2300.

    • Yep, assuming it happens again for the G4. That was a cracking price. The Samsung 65” S90C is also a great buy if you have portal access.

    • Yeah but wasn't that only available to CBA employees employees and was $2499 https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/842740

      You'd be extremely lucky to find a 65-inch C series LG OLED for $2300, more likely to nab a 65 inch C between $2500-$2800.

  • Have the U8K, last year's versions of this. Good TV for the money, Hisense eventually rolled out a firmware around Feb this year that dealt with most of the bugs. If you are buying to use with gaming, keep in mind the the 'clear motion' setting (black frame insertion that helps with motion clarity) is still broken on the U8K. Other than that, it's a great TV for gaming and general use.

  • Been pointed out in the comments that the review link is for a different model in the US. Why not remove this link from the OP?

    • its the same model. just has the local tuner. get your facts right.

      • Could be right, though the linked review in OP, the review I'm referring to, literally states that the US and AU versions perform differently. Hisense AU website states specs may differ between regions and didn't list dimming zones, with peak brightness ever so slightly different. How did you establish they are identical?

        • And obviously a different OS on the AU vs US TVs which is very significant to many, including myself.

        • Hisense told me that the peak brightness is 3000 nits on the 65. They claim it has 1000 zones but From inspection of my unit it seems a lot higher. I will record video on the zones today to confirm but from inspection it seems the same as the 100u7k which is 1600.
          Av forums who reviewed the 65 say the unit has the same specs worldwide.

  • Confirmed today the 65 inch has 40 X 40 sets of dimming zones, which is 1600 and the same as the EU models.
    It's sad Hisense don't do a good job promoting what are excellent TVs (according to Rtings) but it certianly doesn't help when fools talk shit on forums about stuff they don't own.

    • You're taking anger out on the wrong people. Hisense are at fault due to their behaviour. They have dudded Australian consumers by having inferior TVs offered with the same model number. E.g. https://gizmodo.com.au/2021/07/hisense-overhauls-australian-…

      Thank god people do care enough to kick up a fuss or it would keep happening. People talking shit on forums is exactly how this behaviour gets stamped out.

      • Yeah im not about to believe gizmodo on anything. Apparently this was an issue with the EU models: https://youtu.be/tCeIBfGPYFQ
        Be good to hear some feedback from actual owners of the panel rather than people just talking shit about it.

  • more videos on issues from the US. https://youtu.be/6RtlprWogGE

  • Ok looking into this it seems to be centered around the U8G EU panel which differed to the US panel in that it was IPS and not VA and had not HDMI 2.1.
    This was a European model so extended to australia, canada, UK and europe so was nothing specifically to do with Hisense AU.
    The facts are they seem to be using the same panels now as the US (with the AU panels always being the same as EU), so all TVs are the same apart from small differences (the 100u7K is actually the 100u8K for example).
    See HDTVUK for their summary of the EU version vs U.S

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