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Bonus 30,000 Velocity Points with a New Credit Card from Partners (Min Spend Required, Fees Apply) @ Velocity Frequent Flyer


Get an extra 30,000 Velocity Points

  • American Express Velocity Platinum Card
  • American Express Velocity Business Card
  • Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card with Velocity Points
  • Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card with Velocity Points
  • Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card
  • Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card

Get an extra 10,000 Velocity Points

  • NAB Rewards Signature Card

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  • T&C says Only one bonus Point offer can be earned on a single credit card; if multiple offers are activated, the highest bonus Point offer will be applied.

    Does it mean if we apply 2 different cards, we get the bonus 30,000 points two times?

    • +1

      You only get ONE bonus points offer, and it's the highest.

      • What about the base offers for each card, do you only get 1 of them or can you still get both? e.g. getting 2 cards which have the following offers:

        Velocity Flyer with 60k bonus points
        Altitude Black with 120k bonus points

        Would you be able to get both those base offers, and then one set of the 30k bonus offer from OP deal for a total of 210k velocity points? Was a little unclear upon my read from the T&Cs

        • you could get 210k points if you got both.

  • If this was available a few weeks earlier, i would have jumped on it. EOFY sales been going for a while.

  • Just got approved for a Westpac Velocity Black last week and only received the card and starting info pack yesterday. Wonder if they'll honour the 30k points for me since I haven't received the standard Westpac bonus points yet.

    • +8

      Last year this worked for me. I was told as long as the first points are credited after this promo starts, it'll work.

      • Yeah, I've definitely seen comments both here and in other VFF groups where people have had these kind of offers processed/honoured when they're in my situation.

      • Wih the virgin velocity flyer 60k bonus points. Do you reckon they will credit the bonus points from this for the second month points on virgin velocity?

    • +2

      Usually with these offers you will get the bonus points. I've found VA aren't actually talking to the banks, just estimating when you applied for the card based on the date the bonus points hit your account.

      Last year I received 250 Status Credits on a card I was 8 weeks into having as some bonus point hit my account while the Status Credit offer was running.

    • I got another similar offer on my velocity app 2 weeks ago - '35,000 extra bonus points with select Points earning credit' but this requires activation. Because I applied for Westpac Black Altitude before activating this (cc is still sitting with Aus Post while I saw this offer), the live chat team said they would not honor it. Sorry if not relevant to your post

    • To be eligible to receive 30,000 bonus Velocity Points, you must (a) be a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, (b) apply for the Westpac Altitude Platinum credit card, Westpac Altitude Black credit card between 12.01am (AEST) 12 June 2024 and 11:59pm (AEST) 15 July 2024, and (c) be approved and meet the minimum spend criteria for the eligible offer associated with the individual card if the application is successful. Offer end dates may be extended without notice.

      I’d say no, but fingers crossed. Cause I received my ANZ card on the 28th May and hit the minimum spend last week. Hoping I get the 30K bonus points when I get the ANZ bonus virgin points

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    A similar offer occured late last year, if you took that up are you still eligible for this offer?

    American Express Velocity Platinum shows 100k pts offer on the amex site, does anyone else thinks the velocity site just got outdated info (says 60k)

    100k amex + 30k bonus offer = 130k VFF total?

    • Also want to know if you can still get this deal again if you did it late last year!

      • Got anz card last week got the first purchase -woolies MC yesterday…..

  • +11
    • Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card - 60k +30k bonus points x ==>90k with $74 card is good deal and $1500 min spend for first 2 months.
    • +1

      I just updated my post as you were writing this. I've had the Flyer card already and although I know Virgin Money don't have a 12mo ineligibility period Im not going to try my luck again with them as had to fight to get my card approved.

      • +1

        FWIW I canceled my card in early June and applied within 2 days. Was approved the next day. Guess it's luck of the draw as to which agent processes it.

        • is manual process? do you had any other credit card while you applying, i have two creditcard now, not sure they will approve the 3rd one?

          • @Ozfanmel: Existing combined limit is what matters. Two cards with $2000 limit each is different to two cards with $20000 limit.

        • Wow, lucky indeed. I would've though they'd have AI meticulously analysing churners by now!

          • +1

            @txb: Some product manager at Virgin is counting his "new" customers with each sign up.

        • +1

          So confirming there's no ineligibility period (still within 12 months of me cancelling the previous card)?

          • @Drakesy: Not to my knowledge, no.

            • @soan papdi: Beaut,

              Yeah trawled through all the conditions and nowhere does it mention an exclusion period.

        • This is what I'm wondering. I'm just about to close my Virgin card, wondering if I can just sign up again next week to take advantage of this 30k bonus points offer.

          • @adrianhughes1998: Yes you can but whether you get approve or not is a different story.

            • +1

              @nightelves: Technically they shouldn't have a reason to knock me back do they as I only have ANZ with 6k limit on it. Ballsy risky move but may just pay off.

              • +1

                @adrianhughes1998: Just closed my card 2 days ago, keen to hear from anyone else who has applied and been accepted so soon after. Will likely wait until next month to apply though

                • @Brick50: Think you have to apply by 26th June or something for virgin card, I'm gonna wait a week then give it a go. Nothing to lose.

      • I wonder if it is possible to have two of the same Virgin Flyer Cards, as I currently have one and wouldn't mind a second to get the same points injection.

        • Yeah also wondering if you can have two

        • +1

          T&Cs: Offer is not available to existing Virgin Money Credit Card holders (including upgrades).

    • +1

      This looks like the real deal here, you also get a $129 gift card which is in the form of a travel credit.

      • $120 or something Virgin travel credit
      • does the travel credit expires each year?

        • 12 month expiry from issue date

    • Thanks for this - great callout.

  • +2

    This makes the Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card with Velocity Points look like a good deal

    150k Velocity points
    $370 annual fee
    ~$1.1k profit if you value points at 1c pp

    • +4

      90k first year, 30k next year and annual fee will be less ($150+$75-225) if you have westpac account.

      • +2

        Oh the 120k is split between the two years, that poops it then

  • The T&Cs say:

    To be eligible to receive 30,000 bonus Velocity Points, you must (a) be a Velocity Frequent Flyer member, (b) apply for the American Express Velocity Platinum credit card between 12.01am (AEST) 12 June 2024 and 11:59pm (AEST) 26 June 2024, American Express Velocity Business Card, Westpac Altitude Platinum credit card, Westpac Altitude Black credit card between 12.01am (AEST) 12 June 2024 and 11:59pm (AEST) 15 July 2024, and (c) be approved and meet the minimum spend criteria for the eligible offer associated with the individual card if the application is successful. Offer end dates may be extended without notice.

    The Virgin Money cards aren't listed, but it says higher up that they are eligible.

    • The T&C's seems to be a copy/paste. The offer on AMEX Velocity business card is 100K points, but the T&C's says 200K points

      American Express Velocity Business Card:

      1. Bonus & Eligibility: Offer only available to new American Express Card Members who apply for the American Express Velocity Business Card by 27 August 2024, are approved and spend $5,000 on eligible purchases on their new Card in the first two (2) months from the Card approval date. Eligible purchases do not include Card fees and charges, for example annual fees, interest, late payment, cash advances, balance transfers, traveller’s cheques and foreign currency conversion. Card Members who currently hold or who have previously held any other Card product issued by American Express Australia Limited in the preceding 18-month period are ineligible for this offer. 200,000 bonus Velocity Points will be awarded to the eligible Card Member's Account 8-10 weeks after the spend criteria has been met. $249 annual fee applies. Subject to the American Express Velocity Business Card Points Terms and Conditions. This advertised offer is not applicable or valid in conjunction with any other advertised or promotional offer.
  • Cancelled my Virgin Velocity Flyer in 28 Feb. What's the success rate to have it approved and points granted?

  • +5

    Does this usually auto-enrol, or is there a specific page to "activate" the offer for our velocity account?

    • +1

      In the app it says:

      1. Visit the 30k bonus points offer page by clicking 'Learn more'
      2. Apply for a Velocity Points earning, or transfer rewards credit card with an annual fee by 15 July 2024
      3. Be approved for your chosen card and meet the minimum spend criteria as specified by the provider.

      The 'Learn More' link seems to just open the same page as linked to this deal

      • +1

        yeah, thats what I noticed too. Clicking on the cards just bring you to the bank's page that doesnt mention anything about the 30K bonus (but it is on the velocity side).
        Can only assume it is auto-activate.

  • I just used all my velocity points so am keen to rebuild - good timing thanks. If anyone is comparing these deals against others would love to hear relative strengths

    • +3

      Flyer (not High Flyer) is the best of these. $74 for 90K points. No lockout period for prior customers either.

  • +1

    The annual fees are getting ridiculous ngl.

  • Nice.

    Gonna jump on this, for the third time.

  • Excellent I'm due for a Westpac EOM hahaha

  • +25

    In Summary:
    Value vs spending required in descending order:

    • Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card
      Requirement: $1500 * 2month = $3000 Spending
      Reward: 60k + 30k = 90k

    • Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card with Velocity Points
      Requirement: $4000 in 3 months
      Reward: 60k(1st year) + 30k = 90k
      Fee:$99($49) + $75 = $174($124 existing customer)

    • Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card with Velocity Points
      Requirement: $6000 in 4 months
      Reward: 90k(1st year) + 30k = 120k
      Fee:$295($150) + $75 = $370($225 existing customer)

    • Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card
      Requirement: $3500 * 2month = $7000 Spending
      Reward: 80k + 30k = 110k

    • Let me know if my logic is correct. The Platinum is more value compare Black/High since lower fee and spending.

          • @xrailgun: Pretty sure platinum Westpac is 80k ATM + 30k bonus = 110k

            Black gives 120k but much higher annual fee and eligibility criteria

            • +10

              @MrThing: Good catch, more tables!

              Card Name Spending Requirement Reward Fee
              Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card $3000 in 2 months 60k + 30k = 90k $74
              Westpac Altitude Platinum Credit Card with Velocity Points $4000 in 3 months 80k + 30k = 110k $174 ($124 for existing customer)
              Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card $7000 in 2 months 80k + 30k =110k + 2 lounge entries $329
              Westpac Altitude Black Credit Card with Velocity Points $6000 in 4 months 90k + 30k = 120k + 2 lounge entries $370 ($225 for existing customer)
              American Express Velocity Platinum Card $3000 in 3 months 60k + 30k = 90k + 2 lounge entries $375
              • +2

                @xrailgun: Plat Westpac is by far the best deal of the bunch when everything is considered

                • @MrThing: Inclined to agree. I don't really value lounges at ~$50 per entry (assuming I'm bringing a +1).

                • @MrThing: how are you valuing 110k? what is its QFF points equivalent?

              • +1

                @xrailgun: Amex velocity plat have 2 Virgin and 2 centurion lounge ( under age 17 not count)

                • @a1234my: Centurion is tempting… but surprisingly rare internationally. The ones in melbourne and sydney close at 10/9pm lol.

              • +1

                @xrailgun: worth including the flight inclusions also as they are probably more valuable than lounge entries. (i.e. Velocity Flyer Card includes $129 voucher).

                • @bot22: American Express Velocity Platinum Card includes free complimentary return domestic flights e.g. Perth to Melb return

            • +1

              @MrThing: 60k for the first year, and then another 20k if you stay for second year, similar to Blacks, so I won't consider the points from second year

            • +1

              @MrThing: no, it's 60k first year, 20k second year

    • Do you still need to pay Virgin Australia membership cost if you already have an existing membership with virgin? (i.e westpac offer - reduced first year annual fee ($175 thereafter)22, plus an annual Altitude Velocity Rewards fee of $75)

      • Yes. That's not a membership fee, it's a fee the bank pays to have your credit card account linked to Velocity.

  • Huge offer but far out, just applied for a new card (not on the list here) yesterday.

    • +2

      Doesn’t stop you applying for more.

      • +2

        Nope, I guess I'm saying bye to star alliance gold from the HSBC card. Have to make some sacrifices haha

        • +2

          I'm keeping my HSBC for the full 12 months personally, it combines nicely with velocity points redemptions due to the free lounge access has already been good on a few occasions for me

          • @isthisreallife22: It really is great value isn't it. I have a Citi Prestige w/ 20k limit which I'm not willing to part with though

          • +1

            @isthisreallife22: Yea that's why I got the HSBC one. I regularly fly with Virgin and I usually get to the airport ahead of time to work from my laptop. Lounge access made sense for me for that extra comfort.

        • +1

          I just got that card but I'm greedy and getting this one also :)

        • +1

          I did a round the world trip for 4 months earlier in the year. I used the Citi Prestige for lounge access in over 20 airports. I think I only used the HSBC benefits once to get into the Velocity lounge PER-MEL. I had planned to use it with Singapore from DXB-SIN-PER, but ended up cancelling that flight and using Qantas points to go first class with Emirates direct.

          • @puffinfresh: Yeah while the star alliance lounges tend to be better, I'd have to agree the versatility of priority pass is very handy and makes it the better of the two

  • If i got the 30k bonus pts from last offer back in Feb, could i get a different credit card to get the bonus points from this offer?

  • Was gonna start kicking myself because was approved for ANZ Rewards Platinum last week, but have churned thru the Westpac and still have the Virgin card open so I ain't missing out on much …

  • just cancelled Virgin Flyer Card last months . will i be eligible getting 30K+60K VF points?

  • +3

    Approved for the Virgin Flyer card despite $26000 existing limit across 2 other cards. They didn't even ask for proof of my extra declared income.

    • Westpac finally have a sensible application process

      +1 to them

    • @puffinfresh how long it take for approval?

      • +1

        22 minutes

        • oh nice, very fast

  • FYI applied for Virgin Flyer card, despite having it last in Feb (closed Feb 25). Have secured pay rise in the meantime.

    Declined. No option to upload docs or anything. YMMV. Worth calling and asking why?

    • I found it's mean citi auto rejected you, they don't even do credit check, are you holding/recently apply any other citi cards?

      • I was just approved while holding a $20k Citi Prestige

      • Only a corp card at 7k

      • Auto rejected as well.

        Closed the same card late March but my credit report still shows a NAB and Westpac card as being open which I assume is why I was auto rejected. No option to upload any docs or closure letters for those two cards. Just something to remember for future applications through Virgin.

        I earn around mid $90K/y and have no open cards at the moment.

        • do you have other loans ie home loans that might be the reason you might be tapped out?

      • Happened to me in February as well. I closed my Virgin money card in December 2023 and was auto rejected by the system in Feb 2024 when I reapplied. No credit enquiry appeared too.

        • When I was approved Feb this year I didn't get credit checked, I was a previous customer last year
          Maybe they aren't doing credit checks on previous customers but still must be a mixed bag if you get approved or not

          Out of curiosity have you applied this round @babipanggang?

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