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Seiko Prospex SSC911P Speedtimer 'Go Large' Watch $649 Delivered ($629 with $20 Sign Up Bonus) @ Watch Depot


Enough said folks, just got one myself, even better than the Starbuy deal last year.

Updated, Starbuy now has it for $611.


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    Purchased! Been watching this one for a good 12 months waiting for the right price.

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      Ooof, if only you waited

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        Ooof indeed. RIP my $18. Oh well. Told myself I'd purchase it next time it dropped below $649 and stuck true to that.

    • Nice one ! Today we both win haha

  • They snuck under SB's price for the SSC813 too, cheeky blighters

    • Who asked for the price beat? ;0)

      Wasn't me. I succumbed this time though.
      Cashback's above relate to Shiels (the parent company) not Watch Depot. So $20 code for signing up to the newsletter is the way to go.

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        yeah Transworld owns Shiels, Watch Depot & Graham's Jewellers.
        I'd rather buy from Starbuy given fast shipping and fantastic service if there isn't much in it.
        The others are slow to ship.

        Shame Shiels aren't competitive or responsive most of the time, but it's nice when you can use the extra $150 off VIP vouchers as well occasionally.

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          Mine updated to shipped
          Very happy with service

          Good way to enable my future impulse buys!!

        • @G-rig I'd certainly prefer to support Starbuy but feel at this low(er) profit margin I can pretend I'm fighting back against Shiels for Boxing Day.
          Happy in my "no effect whatsoever" pettiness!

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            @Emeister: That's fair, gotta get a deal!
            once you do get a watch from Starbuy it will become a habit.

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              @G-rig: Already a multiple time customer and check in daily for the deal. 👍
              Still haven't made the VIP list though.
              Deepak was awesome with my one price beat, I did ask if I could share it here but he requested I didn't as his margin was so low. Hence my purchase from the other mob today.

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                @Emeister: Yeah all good, i have a look each day too. It doesn't take too much thinking once you see something you've had your eye on.

              • @Emeister: The other sites are ok if you aren't impatient or in a rush.

  • Good price indeed :), I preferred this more than the SSC813 & bite the bullet previously but IMO it worths every cent. Straps are a bit tricky to buy (21mm)

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    Currently price beated in Starbuy at $611


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    Go team Starbuy!

    (I’ll updoot this deal anyway because it’s a nice piece (but not for me) at either price mentioned)

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