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Up to 50% off (Includes Already Reduced Items; DJI Mavic 3 Classic with RC $1365 Del, Xbox Controller Black $52.5) @ David Jones


Banner spotted on home page of David Jones. Banger deals and ATL prices!

Take an extra 30-50% off selected SALE items

Most electronics are 30% off:

Take and extra 30% off selected already reduced Apple, Audio, Fujifilm, Gaming and Connected Home.

Discount applied in the shopping bag.

Enjoy :)

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David Jones
David Jones


  • That's a lotta savings

  • +1

    Can’t add PS5.

    • Me either. Works fine for Xbox controller.

    • Same here for the console.

  • Uh missed the macbook airs

  • +2

    Seems like there is going to be a lot of cancelled orders!

    • DJ’s are notorious for this.

  • Where is the link to the list of items

  • Yeah this is pretty good, thank you for the deals

  • the Tissot PRX Digital was almost down to Casio prices but looks sold out now

  • Bit annoying they have PS5 consoles but don't seem to have the PS5 controllers. I need a couple of new ones.

  • DJ’s fixed their price for the PS5..

    • +1

      Nope, you still can see the extra 30% off underneath
      It reverts to original price when there’s no stock left, that’s how their website been set up

  • Xbox series s $336

  • +1

    Trying to put an Apple Watch into my basket and DJ's is not adding it even though it appears it is in stock…

  • was waiting to match xbox controller at jb, but seems like it got ozbargained and no match.

  • Whoopsie, ordered a 41mm stainless watch by mistake. Hopefully I can return it

    • not in this sale. you will be able to flip it for a small margin so don't worry

  • dji mavics gone

    • Cracker of a price

  • Looks like Apple Watch went back to full price and is no longer at sale price + 30% off

  • +1

    David Jones are exiting Hifi, This is a once in a lifetime promotion, snooze and you lose.

    • No surprise to be honest. Not sure why they bothered.

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    Logged in just to say thanks. The phantom ii's in stereo are a steal at under $1500 each.

    As long as you know what to expect of the system being internet based speakers and the app use expectation, it's pretty unbeatable in terms of price x sound for a $3k system. Pointless in a single speaker setup though (mono). Next one down would prob be kef lsx ii but a rather different kettle of fish.

    • +1

      Thanks for the effort :)

    • pretty expensive to have to manage expectations, especially if you need 2… what's so good about them?

      • +1

        For most people, their main selling point is the bass felt via the music apart from design.

        Needing two speakers is not unique to this brand. If you would like a one speaker design instead, you may find the newer 360 degree audio type speaker to be more appealing than traditional single/mono speakers.

        Although I am not able to tell you the science of why, but in my terms, I find sound is perceived better when it comes to both your ears equally, and that is often accomplished in stereo. As everyone hears differently due to how our ears are shaped, our cultural preferences, exposures to music, etc, the easiest experiment you can do is to go to a shop and check out a single vs stereo setup.

        If Devialet isn't accessible, Sonos should be pretty available in jb hifi, have two sonos ones turned on set in stereo pair, then switch one off and see if you can tell a meaningful difference. That's what I did and it takes less than 2 mins to do and the difference was immediately noticeable without needing to focus or critically discern 'how much better'. Then do the same but blocking one ear and compare how it sounds with two ears unobstructed. I am fairly certain you will notice a difference if you are the majority population cohort. An exception could be for people with damaged hearing who will likely perceive less of a gain across certain frequencies.

        With music, like with everything else, there is always an expectation to be managed and at any price point. If your expectation is low, based on your comment, you may find more gains in this journey than most.

        Hope this helps.

        • My question wasn't clear, I wasn't asking about the advantages of stereo. More about, why spend $3000 when you said "as long as you know what to expect of the system being internet based speakers"?

          What's the problem with internet speakers? I have a Yamaha MCR-N670 which is internet based and still sounds pretty good IMHO.

  • Thanks OP got some Eufy cameras, time to ditch the Arlo 1080p!

  • +4


    Seems to show all items that are part of the sale.

  • +1

    Extra $15 gift card on purchase of $150 David Jones gift cards

  • Apple Watch

    "Sorry, there are no items available in this category currently."
    Damn!! too late to the party

  • -2

    Anyone else thinks this is a bit bait-and-switch?

    • No

  • My order got cancelled.

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