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World of Warcraft: Welcome to Azeroth Bundle $34 @ Battle.net


Deal includes:

  • World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
  • Level 60 Character Boost
  • 60 Days of Game Time

Not a bad deal if you are looking to checkout Dragonflight before the new expansion later in the year. I'm sure I will get it, play for a week and remember why I stopped playing several years ago, but am keen to at least have a look!

If you are currently on a month-by-month sub and have Dragonflight, you could buy this and save yourself $6 too!

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  • +10

    This is good value even for current players. A single month of game time is $19.95 (if you pay monthly) and with this you get 2 months of time + a character boost (worth around $50~)

    Worth it even just for the game time.

    • New account tho?

      • +1

        You can apply it to your existing account, even if you already own DF.

        It's like buying a bundle on Steam where you already own a game in the bundle. You just get everything else in the bundle.

  • +18

    Dont do it people, WoW is worse than crack. Before you know it, you'll be having meet ups with guildies to share recipies on Horde cupcakes.

    • +5

      It was back when it was good, now it's just like cocaine filled with fentanyl

  • Might get it just to see how much has changed since vanilla.

    • +1

      Short answer: a lot, but a subscription also includes access to WoW Classic, which is currently up to Cataclysm if you want to it to be somewhat nostalgic.

      • +1

        This is the bit that puzzles me. Why do vanilla and then add in expansions.

        Always thought people wanted the vanilla cause the game is the most enjoyable pre-TBC

        • The hardcore and season of discovery realms both run on vanilla

        • Fair few players never experienced pre-TBC so have no nostalgia associated with it, they are working their way through to cater for everyone I guess. I'd say they would've covered most people off with Vanilla and TBC though

        • I think the general conseses is that most WoW players enjoyed the game up until recent expansions, and Blizzard must cater for the masses.

          As others have commented below, you can still play 'vanilla' but only via their hardcore and SoD realms.

    • I tried it out not long ago. All I noticed is how empty the world is now. All areas are dynamic levelling now. No one quests anymore.

      • That's the part that I enjoyed about vanilla - doing quests and exploring the world. I played most of levels 1-60 like a single player, and it was fun.

  • Has anyone tried playing this with a controller? How good would this be on current handhelds, getting your crack fix anywhere you go.

    I'll probably stay away from this, been sober since cata

    • Kind of tried it on my Deck using ConsolePort and it works well, but menu navigation is much easier with KBM.

      The WoW sub includes access to Cataclysm Classic - time to hope back on the wagon!

  • You can play on private servers otherwise if it's just to give it a try for a week or 2. That's free.

    • +1

      You can play for free on the real servers up to lvl 20

      • -1

        Yeah but it sucks imo.

      • -1

        But then I'm still paying by having to endure the presence of other players…

  • For Azeroth! For the Alliance!

  • +1

    Too bad the lvl 60 character boost isn't available for Classic Cata 😔

    • Yeah, it would've been nice for a death knight too.

      • You start at lvl 55 got DKs anyway. I was considering making a caster alt but too lazy to start from lvl 1

        • Only if you already have a level 60 character, right?

          • +1

            @BoltThrower: Nah you start at lvl 55 and get some blues after doing quests. They changed this a while back when you previously required a lvl 55+ character to create a DK

  • Have they fixed the game economy? It was so hard to play last time I went back, every channel was flooded with service offers, can’t filter them fast enough. It turned the game into a job market.

    • +1

      Theyre on their own channel now and you can just turn the channel off.

    • +2

      Game currently is still flooded with spam in Trade chat and the Services channel. Regularly have to ignore players for the Mythic+/Raid carry spam.

      Making gold sucks if you’re not a good crafter, farming resources isn’t worth your time. A little late to get into the crafting game unfortunately.

      If you need a little bit of starting gold and you’re on Nagrand/Cael/Saurfang lemme know I’ll sort you out

      • I went back to classic for a month about three years ago just to see what happened. Started fresh and it was fun except no one wants to do runs the normal way or knows how to do it. Everyone I met is an alt lol “What do you mean you are new?”

        Thanks, I might give this a go. The servers you listed, are these good ones? As in, good amount of players? I’m not fussy about gold or gear, game is not a second job 😊

        • For OCE you’ve got Frostmourne if you want the highest-pop server. At this point there’s very little difference to what server you create your character on - you can play with almost anyone now, even cross-faction. I think Guilds are still server-locked, but you can make cross-realm communities now anyway.

          Most content you’ll find is organized in the group finder, either with premade groups or the queue system. The server specific channels, socially, are used for silly chats and profession advertisement. You’ll find those on any server :)

  • +2

    Havent seen a wow post for long time. Good one

  • +2

    Long time wow player here, Dragonflight has been the most fun I have had in an expansion since maybe MoP or end of Legion. Coming from someone who played this game like a full time job in my early 20s, I am able to play the game mostly solo if I want to and still progress and have fun. No, if you played BC in high school its not going to be the same game, but it is still extremely fun.

    This is also really cheap for just some game time and a boost for an alt if you currently play.

  • good game but shit company, their customer service is among the worst.

  • +3

    I’d never recommend anyone to play WoW, it is a Blizzard game after all.

    But, if you’re looking to scratch that MMO itch - $34 ain’t a bad deal. Dragonflight (to me) is one of the most milquetoast expansion releases I’ve played - but I still log on most days.

    The story is pretty whatever, you’re still just a side-character to the overarching plot. Definitely better games out there for less $$ if you want a decent story. If you’re leveling for the first time it can be a bit disjointed and oddly paced - but if you’re not in a rush to hit max level you can enjoy the past 20 years of content if you wanna catch up (or just watch some YouTube vids)

    Game still doesn’t respect your time, and a lot of poor decisions continue to carry through expansions. They seem to be getting a little better each time they release a feature, but a lot of systems are still really shitty (and are designed to keep you paying that monthly sub as long as possible).

    The best thing WoW has going for it now is its combat. Mythic+ as any role can be really fun, and allows a fair amount of skill expression. Raids have some great fights (and some shitty ones, (profanity) you Sarkareth) and after the first few weeks are tuned fairly well. There are some good additions to PvP (namely Solo Queue), and getting a beginner set of PvP gear is easy now thanks to crafting.

    Crafting system slaps. I’ll fight anyone who says otherwise. War Within crafting system mega-slaps.

    Gearing up is a bit more linear of a journey and a tad more deterministic, rather than relying on random drops (compared to older expansions).

    Game is 10x better with mates, although there’s plenty of communities online and in-game that’d be more than happy to help you.

    If you wanna play a game and slap stuff and occasionally get a cool looking thing, give WoW a go. Season 4 currently has all the raids on a weekly rotation, so you can do those and experience them at currently relative difficulties if you want a challenge.

    If you wanna collect cool and shiny pixels, there’s tonnes to collect in this game. It’s a (profanity) awful waste of your time, but some people enjoying doing a dungeon 1200 times for a horse you can’t even see.

  • +1

    Stopped paying for wow about 10 years ago. Lots of free servers available these days with good player bases.

  • No one mentioned this but there is a free trial till level 20 I believe.. so if you aren't sure if you like the "new" (coming from someone that played the beta in 2008 and stopped around 2011) World of Warcraft maybe try that for a weekend or so. Better then spending $35 on something you might not like from the get go.

    • +1

      But it's not really an indicative experience. New wow is all about end game, so being capped at 20 won't give you even an inkling of an intro experience.

      • +1

        That's crazy to think that WoW is only about the end game nothing else matters. Probably why I felt so bumped out after doing the trial.

  • Did this the other night on my other account. Pretty good deal considering the boost, game time and expansion.

  • +1

    It was good when i played before my daughter was born. She is 20 years old now…

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