Google Pixel Tablet 128GB with Charging Speaker Dock $599 (Was $899) Delivered @ Google Store


Same price for Porcelain in JB HIFI

Can try OW for pricebeat

Please comment if additional 10% off works using Studentbeans

Here is Flossy talking about it with his White-Shoes giving it a major major go :) :)

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    Additional 10% off with StudentBeans or UNiDAYS Doesn't stack with the $300 discount.

    • doesn’t work

      • Can confirm doesn't work. Just tested with the Speaker Dock Model and it removes the $300 Discount.

        • yeah, the price goes back to $809 with discount.

  • Isnt that crazy the dock by itself is $729 but if you buy with the dock and save its $599!

    Why bother making the tablet only when you can pay less and get more Google Logic

    heard this isnt as good as Nest though as when docked it doesnt do a lot of nest stuff

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    This would be a great tablet for HA if it wasnt so damn expensive

    • Smart home solver did a pretty good video on this tablet, and I would love one…but not for $599. Also it doesn't have any GPS, so can't take it on holiday and use for any navigation

    • The best for HA is iPad Mini 4, which I have been using for years. Still can get it for half the price and wall mount it to show off.

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        What makes it better than an Android tablet like a Lenovo M10 or something similar running Fully Kiosk Browser?

        • Lenovo Tablet M10 would be perfect too. But the Google Pixel Tablet as an HA display would be wasteful. Technically, if you using HA correctly, don't need a display, can access it through voice command, or your phone.

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            @boomramada: Oh right, I thought there was something different the iPad did to make it the best.

            I haven't felt the need for a display for HA just yet as it's quicker to use voice commands or zigbee remote buttons for what I do. But when guests come over I find it's easier to hand them a tablet as they wouldn't know or remember all the voice commands or what the buttons do.

            The Pixel Tablet certainly is overkill for a HA display, but at least it can do a lot of other things as well. It can sit in a living room and be the HA controller, media player to cast to the TV, photo slideshow display, clock, Google Assistant, general web browsing tablet, etc.

  • My nest hub 2nd gen lags like hells when trying to control home devices using UI. Is this any better?

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