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JB Hi-Fi "Factory Scoops" - Seagate Portable USB 3.0 1TB Expansion Drive $63.20 + $5 Shipping


It appears as though JB Hi-Fi is doing their own "Click Frenzy" style deal. There's a few cheap bargains up there across two pages to check out.

Best deal that stood out was the portable Seagate 1TB hard drive for $63.20 plus $5 shipping. Had a quick look around and that appears to be the cheapest it's been for at least a while. USB 3.0 compatible and you should be able to price-match at OW if you want to pick it up in-store.

Deal ends at midnight Wednesday and the sale is online only!

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JB Hi-Fi
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  • Another +1 for $60.04 in Brisbane CBD with a fellow ozbargainer hot on my heels !

  • i bought 2 but i really would prefer 2tb portable so i can fit all my music on one drive. i might ebay my 2 to buy the pasport 2tb….

  • Officeworks in Hunter St Sydney CBD did them without delivery. The guy knew about the deal so he just told the girl to do the 5% pricebeat on $63.20….. Winning.

  • Thanks OP, Picked up 3 from OW for $60.04 each in Hobart.

    • Brilliant ! Did you show them anything or just mentioned the JB price ? Could you please post a receipt if possible ? :) I'm planning to head there in the evening.

      • unfortunately i don't have a scanner, I called first mentioned the JB price and when paying at the counter they forgot to add JB's $5 shipping to the total cost, so it ended up being $63.20 - 5% =$60.04.

      • http://imgur.com/GEnij
        My receipt,if it helps you.

        • Thanks ! I picked it up an hour back and the lady was aware of the $5 shipping fee as she had done it earlier. Happy with the price nonetheless though (ING 5% cash back too!)

  • Will this deal still be up tomorrow?

  • Hi all,

    what's the difference between these 2 below?



    I know it's only 8 dollars difference, but just can't justify the extra components, if they work the same. :(

    • +1

      one broadcasts the signal to your network, the other is for local computer only.

      one is mac compatible and one isn't

      • So i only want to watch TV channels on my PC only. I have no TV at home. So i assume the 20 dollar one is sufficient?


        • Cheaper one will work, but if you cant get a signal you would have to either move the ant. or both the laptop & ant. to somewhere where it works.

          The $28 can be placed in a high signal spot using included ant. or somewhere you can make use of an ext aux rooftop ant.

  • Can anyone please confirm if this works fine with mac?
    Going through the discussion forums it might, might not or might later decide to not work with the mac..
    Officially it is recommended for Windows only.. Comments??

    • My friend just tried it with his Mac worked fine, he formatted it to Mac OS extended, Via disk utils

    • A hard drive is a hard drive is a hard drive.

  • I'm guessing this is the cheapest possible price for a 1TB USB 3.0 HDD?

  • Thanks OP. OW Ferntree Gully also sold this hard drive for $60.04. Another customer at the till overheard the price and bought one too. Good to see the general public cashing in too. And they have heaps of stock left too.

    • Do you mind posting the receipt? Might be picking one up after work.

      • I won't be able to do that till I get home tonight. I can take a pic and email to you. PM me your email address.

  • +2

    OW in Fremantle, WA… $60.04 each (got 2)
    Plenty of stock left… Thanks OP

    • can u PM me your receipt please?
      OW in Malaga price match for me but they also included shipping cost!
      is that fair?

      • It's fair, those are OW's rules. Just some of us were lucky that the OW staff didn't look so closely to see that it was an online only offer.

  • the OW on Elizabeth St Melbourne only beating price plus delivery making it $64ish.

    They keep insisting saying it's online only and have to add $5.

    • +1

      Well they are correct

      • True that. Though couple of people got the price match sans $5. :-)

        • If you want a copy of my receipt I can email it to you. Otherwise try a different OW.

        • yeah please

  • Damn! just paid $84 for this, this morning! :(

    Are JB known to return the difference if i bring it up?

    • +1

      Do a return for credit. Not sure if you can use credit online though.

      • Thanks for the tip!

        JB gave me a full refund of difference to my bank account within a day!

  • I just picked up 2 of these for $60.04 each. Only thing I don't like is the backwards compatible USB3 ports. My Nexstar USB3's port snapped off the pcb after a a few months of use. My newer Nexstar USB3/eSata case has the old school USB port which is more sturdy.

  • Pleased to report $60.40 from OfficeWorks Bondi Junction for the Seagate 1TB portable drive.

    • Went to OW Bondi Junction but they were aware of the postage, so had to pay $64.79.

      • Yes. I went back there today and was told that all stores were told to add the $5 before deducting the 5%.

  • +2

    Are JB selling any? You gotta feel sorry for them…

    • +1

      I bought one off them, couldn't be bothered running around to different officeworks looking like a tightarse.

      • You are not a true OzBargainer.

  • Office works on Hunter St Sydney price matched without any questions :)

  • 60 bux is a terrific price. It's almost 14% off the jb price with shipping

  • OW hay st price matched but included shipping. Still a bargain at $64 and got it today

  • Got 2 from OW Hunter St, Sydney. $60.04 each, and could use paywave of ING direct as well (for cashback).

  • Thanks OP, got one from OW in North Ryde. Guy in front of me bought 5 or 6 - clearly an Ozbargainer. I think there were a few left though, if any one else will go. 60.04 here too.

    • damn, no wonder when i got there at 4, there are none left :(

  • +1

    The pctv wifi item is a preorder. Anyone know when it will be delivered?

    • I sent the question to JB, in their site says in stock. but the email received says pre-order

      • +1

        Did they get back to you?

  • +1

    Damn just bought one from JB
    Should price match with OW
    Anyone pricematch with OW on QV swanston?
    Anyway good deal, thanks

    • +21

      I felt like I was reading a bad haiku.

      • love the comment

  • Priced matched $60.04 at an OW, cheers

  • Nice deal got one for $68 delivered.

  • price matched $60.04 at OW kingsway melbourne, plenty left.

  • Desperately needed to top up my portable storage. Cheers OP.

    Can't believe I paid $75 to HN for a 750GB seagate 3.0 just last month. :(

  • Price matched at OW for $60.40 even though they kept on repeating that they needed to add shipping ;) more then enough left at OW Morley, WA store.

  • +7

    It is a deal from JB Hi-Fi, but seems OfficeWorks was ozbargained.

  • I can't get to Officeworks until tomorrow, and I don't want to miss out (with either JB or OW selling out)… so is $68 still a great price? Assuming so, from all the up-votes.

    I'd be sad for spending the extra $8, but I would like the hdd.

    • Where are you? The OW on Milton rd in Brisbane had stacks (two shelves worth) at about 4pm today. No worries about missing out there.

      • Large country town in Vic. There's still stock, but I'm more worried about the deal ending and having nothing to show OW when I show up tomorrow. How long do these factory scoop deals usually last?

        • It said it's valid until midnight tomorrow or stocks last. Load up the page on your phone now and show it to them tomorrow, just don't refresh it in the mean time. And judging by how many people here are going to OW rather than JB, it looks like the deal won't end any time soon on account of running out of stock.

        • Ah, thanks. I completely missed that! Yeah, already got the page ready to go on my phone. Officeworks wont know what hit 'em. Though they'd probably be just about used to it by now.

  • Price matched at OW in Glen Waverley.
    He said they include the shipping fee but I guess he forgot.
    So got 2 for 60 bucks each. You beauty!

    • Damn, I was thinking about going to OW in Glen Waverley and get it price match there but ended up going to Vermont instead and paid an extra 4 bux due to the shipping cost.

  • I was a little surprised to learn that there is a difference between Seagate models - one being 15mm vs 22mm (external height).

    There is no mention on the JB ad of which model the deal is for but OW mentioned that they had contacted JB and were read out the 300 model and not the thinner 301 model.

    As such - lots of 15mm stock at my local OW but literally no 22mm stock.

    Has anyone else experienced this issue so far?

    • yeh was also wondering which model is everyone getting at OW, SGAX1000GB or SGBX1000BK




      • +3

        It is more like the second (newer) but actually is a little more complicated.

        The model number is STBX1000 yet STBX1000300 is the 22mm model, whilst STBX1000301 is the 15mm.

        Clicking through the main advertisement with all the specials does not mention the model, but an earlier provided link on the 1st page has the 300 model shown.

    • +1

      I got a price match from OW on the 301 model, give me a few minutes and I'll post a copy of the receipt up if that will help people.

      • +2

        For anyone having trouble getting a pricematch at OW, here's a copy of my receipt where I got it for $60.04

      • You were lucky. I tried the OW Jandakot and they refused to sell me the thinner model even for $63.20+$5 - 5%. At the end, I didn't buy it. The thicker model is also quite a lot heavier.

  • I went to JB this arvo trying to see if I can pick up one without shipping coz the OW I went to would only price match with shipping. But JB only has the 500GB with the same packaging as the 1TB that OW stocks. The sales girl told me the one advertised as factory scoop is a discontinued model, even the box has different colour, yellow I think. I think OW price match is a better deal.

  • Only managed $64.79 @ ow Pakenham, Vic. 2 left on the shelf. 301 model.

  • +3

    Not sure if anyone has mentioned it yet, as this is a long thread, But i opened one up and is not one of those crappy custom jobs where they have the board soldered ONTO the HDD….
    its a 2.5" with the normal sata connectors.

    Opening this thing up is a pain in the bum though

    • +1

      Thanks OMC for the info, can you tell if it is a 9.5mm or 12.5mm 2.5" HDD?

    • Would you please post some instructions on how to open it without damaging the case (too much)?

    • OMC, can you please tell us which model your purchased drive was?

  • Price matched STBX1000300 model at OW Liverpool for $60.04

  • Dlink wireless camera for 56.20 looks good too. Can be priced matched at officeworks. Looks like a lot of work for OW staff.

  • I paid by Paypal and my payment is still pending (no email receipts). Has this happened to anyone else?

    • No. Paypal receipt is instant. After the paypal payment there is another page where you have to press ok to confirm the address and your interest to receive further spam.

  • $28 dollar wlantv package - usb dongle works standalone with pc,

    also works with new WDTV Live hub 1tb as hauppauge! dongle under new FWlive tv.
    Which allows recording to drive. Wifi dongle works as well.
    The actual w-lan is actually a 1port wifi router which can bridge any wifi to ethernet and has WPS

  • Great find! Thanks OP. Price matched this morning at OW North Sydney for $60.04.

    • I went to office work at North Sydney at 11am and a guy name Peter refused to offer it at $60.04 but at $64. I got it any way because it will cost me more to go to the next OW in the area. He said that just because other stores made an error, it does not mean that North Sydney store will do the same. When I said Tessai got it for $60.04 this morning, he said he would like to know whom in the store made an error as he was given specific instruction first thing in the morning to take into consideration of the $5 delivery charge.

  • Good deal

  • Awesome Deal! Glad I checked this today - I was going to buy a 500GB version at MSY this evening for much more than that! Thanks!

  • -1

    OW Carlton told me they woudnt price match and i showed them this forum, they said fine go to another store thats doing it then as we won't! What a load of garbage! Something about it being a factory scoop or something. I have emailed them and complained. Very cheao deak seeing DSE have the 500GB for more than this on sale atm.

    • I got this price matched at office works brisbane city (along with another ozbargainer)

      They tried to say that couldn't, and they could only price match the AC powered version because the picture on the JB link/site was the AC powered version. The other OZbargainer told them that the description on the JB site said "USB Powered" and it was a wrong picture. They went off and talked to their manager and said it was OK, although it wasn't the super slim version, it was a touch fatter (sorry don't know measurements/model numbers etc)

      If you wanna go and throw it in their face, I can post my receipt and I can tell you the name of the guy that serveed me?

    • +5

      That was me you spoke to and I didn't price match it because yes I was aware of the deal and it's on the online price which is $68.20 including shipping. It's not garbage it's policy and others have been happy to still save $3.00 and not have to wait for the shipping. Yes people have made the mistake and not checked the price, but I did. You still got a good bargain and bought two with the 5% discount. I have no problem matching prices when people come from ozbargain as I am also a fellow Ozbargainer. If I had done it at that incorrect cost would you still have sent an email saying thank you?

      • +2

        I wouldn't have minded paying the price matced price to JB hifi's $68. I would have even paid $68 without the price match as it's a good price either way.

        Fitzy says it wasn't price matched at all and that you told him to go to another store? But you say you did price match…

        WHO WAS PHONE?

        • I believe I served fitzy87 this morning, under the presumption he was the same person who came in mentioning OzBargain while holding a print out copy of the JB Hi-fi website and a photograph print out of a receipt. Fitzy87 came in wanting a price match, I informed him I would have to get a team member from the technology department to verify the price before I could proceed with the transaction. My colleague simply followed company procedure, I don't believe we were unreasonable in this matter. In the end, fitzy87 walked away with 2 Seagate Expansion Drives at a great price. I was an (unregistered) OzBargainer before I even joined OW, believe me - we're happy to give everyone a price match + 5% discount but as long as it complies with company policy.

        • this was not me, i was at the carlton store. thanks

  • Just got another 2 today for 60.04. Nice guys there didn't even hesitate and knew about the deal. It was the 15.5mm version. When you guys talk about another model are you talking about the previous model with the sloping end?

    • What was the model number of your 15.5mm ones?
      Mine is the STBX1000300 which is 22mm thick.

      • Mine was the 22mm version, not the 15mm version.

        Was it supposed to be the 15mm version?

        Aren't they the same 2.5" drive inside anyway?

        • @tessai, model number ends with 301. I don't think they had any are model in this size that wasn't 301

  • Gotta be kidding me, isn't this the same hard drive deal posted a week or so ago.. it was $79 on special + $5 shipping? I only jsut ordered earlier this week.

    Any chance we can get a refund or the lower price matched by Jb? anyone had any experience with that where price has dropped straight after? or tough luck?

    • I sent in a 'complaint' through their website, as i paid $84 for the same item just 1 day before it dropped.

      JB gave me $15.80 refund to my bank account by this afternoon.

      Worked for me, give it a shot mate!

      • I sent a cancellation order request and having conversed with the company they said they'd chagne it to the difference.

        STrange though - how come you got the refund banked to your account? I put my order through monday i think and as of yesterday i hadn't even been debited for the amount of the hard drive?

        Wondering if they forgot and perhaps I would've got it free whereas now they'll be hitting me with the $63. Or was your payment not processed yet too?

        Fingers crossed though it goes through all ok! When did you place your order?

  • Anyone in SA manage $60, couldn't get my store under $64

  • Elizabeth Street Melbourne would not price match today coz Manager said the JB one was a different model. They must have checked this forum!

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