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Bosch 36V Cordless Lawnmower Brushless 37cm 40L With 4Ah Battery $319.36 ($311.38 eBay Plus) @ Bosch via eBay


First time to live in a house, so I am looking for garden gears. My backyard is around 60-70 sqm.

Been looking for many different versions of mower sold at Bunnings, Ryobi, Ozito, Honda

Know some basics such as better to have 36V, brushless etc.

Today, I saw Ebay is offering EOFY sales with extra 22% off (20% for non-eBay Plus members). https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/850948

Then I found this mower is on sale by Bosch Home & Garden Tools Australia on Ebay.

RRP AU $499.00 plus 20% off = $399.2 after using EOFY code "PLUSF22", the final price would be $311.38

Looks like a good deal compared with the similar version "Ryobi 36V 46cm 4.0Ah Brushless Cordless Lawn Mower Kit" $499 at Bunnings

Bosch gears are generally good, I am considering to pull the trigger, but I did not find many reviews for Bosch Mower

Looks like Bosch Mower is not marketing much compared with Ryobi.

Would be very appreciated for any feedback/suggestion of Bosch Mower.

Original Coupon Deal

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    I’d be interested in peoples thoughts too. Debating this vs Ozito for Bunnings warranty.

  • There is another advanced version "Bosch 36 V Cordless Lawnmower Brushless 44 cm 50L With 4 Ah Battery AdvancedR"


    Final price would be $373.78

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      Original posted one made in China.

      Pricier higher model linked above is made in Hungary.

      • Ah, I did not notice this point, would that make a big difference?

        Thank you.

        • Also difference of 37cm vs 44cm. The bigger one from Hungary is now out of stock.

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    I have the original smaller version of this, the 34Li that was this same price 13 years ago. https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/42540

    I still have the mower but its in storage and hasn't been used for 4 years now. The mower itself lasts well and I got a decent run out of it. But then the charger broke and it was hellar expensive to get a new Bosch charger. So I sold the battery pack and put his mower aside and got a big self propelled EGO because I was also moving to a 1/4 acre.

    I would just buy an Ozito if I didn't need such a big mower now. The batteries and charger are way cheaper and returns are piss easy compared to Bosch.

    • Your feedback is really helpful! Thank you!

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    Here is a video from UK I found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6090qaCT_ZQ

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      Good unboxing video, the mower looks good actually.

      Thank you for your sharing!

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    If this is your first time in a house, think about what else the batteries can be used for.

    Bosch green 36v - not much in the range.
    Ozito 18v - a lot more.

    but there are a lot of other brand options too.

    I guess it depends if you are inclined to be 'handy' too.

    • That makes a lot of sense.

      I did consider to buy some tools like Drill Driver.

      Ozito 18v battery could be used on many other tools.

      Thank you for your valuable suggestions!

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    I bought "Bosch 36 V Cordless Lawnmower Brushless 44 cm 50L With 4 Ah Battery AdvancedR" sametime last year. its not too lound and gets the job done. very easy to adjust the height. if you have extra grown large lawn you'd have to recharge before finishing the job.

    • Thank you for your feedback!

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    I have this from 6 years ago and its still kicking :D Battery is expensive though and only lasts about 30mins or so. If small lawn its perfect but for my place I'll be switching to 4stroke petrol mower soon.

    • 30mins, should be enough for my small backyard :D
      Thank you for your sharing!

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