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Jetstar Tokyo Return: BNE $505, SYD $545, MEL $578, CNS $583, TSV $613, HBA $655, ADL $684, PER $696 @ IWTF


Jetstar is having an sale on flights to Tokyo, Japan.

  • Flying: Jetstar
  • Cheapest Dates: Departing Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Townsville, Hobart and Adelaide in Jul - Aug/24. Cairns in Jun - Jul/24. Perth in Jul - Sep/24
  • Included: 7kg Carry on luggage only

$505 Return Brisbane to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
10/Jul 31/Jul $505 View Flight
10/Jul 22/Jul $510 View Flight
15/Jul 24/Jul $511 View Flight
15/Jul 31/Jul $514 View Flight
17/Jul 24/Jul $514 View Flight
10/Jul 26/Jul $517 View Flight
10/Jul 21/Jul $517 View Flight
10/Jul 29/Jul $517 View Flight
10/Jul 03/Aug $517 View Flight
10/Jul 07/Aug $517 View Flight
17/Jul 31/Jul $518 View Flight
22/Jul 31/Jul $518 View Flight
15/Jul 22/Jul $519 View Flight
24/Jul 31/Jul $523 View Flight
17/Jul 22/Jul $523 View Flight
10/Jul 28/Jul $525 View Flight
10/Jul 02/Aug $525 View Flight
10/Jul 05/Aug $525 View Flight
15/Jul 29/Jul $527 View Flight
15/Jul 26/Jul $527 View Flight

$545 Return Sydney to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
23/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
22/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
07/Aug 20/Aug $545 View Flight
24/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
21/Aug 03/Sep $545 View Flight
21/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
18/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
20/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
19/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
19/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
20/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
18/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
21/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
31/Jul 20/Aug $545 View Flight
07/Aug 27/Aug $545 View Flight
22/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
23/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight
30/Jul 06/Aug $545 View Flight
30/Jul 20/Aug $545 View Flight
24/Jul 30/Jul $545 View Flight

$578 Return Melbourne to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
19/Jul 05/Aug $578 View Flight
19/Jul 06/Aug $578 View Flight
17/Jul 05/Aug $578 View Flight
16/Jul 05/Aug $578 View Flight
17/Jul 06/Aug $578 View Flight
16/Jul 06/Aug $578 View Flight
10/Jul 05/Aug $578 View Flight
10/Jul 06/Aug $578 View Flight
12/Jul 05/Aug $583 View Flight
12/Jul 06/Aug $583 View Flight
10/Jul 23/Jul $590 View Flight
10/Jul 19/Jul $590 View Flight
10/Jul 17/Jul $590 View Flight
16/Jul 23/Jul $590 View Flight
10/Jul 16/Jul $590 View Flight
17/Jul 23/Jul $590 View Flight
19/Jul 12/Aug $590 View Flight
17/Jul 12/Aug $590 View Flight
09/Jul 05/Aug $590 View Flight
16/Jul 12/Aug $590 View Flight

$583 Return Cairns to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
28/Jun 26/Jul $583 View Flight
27/Jun 26/Jul $583 View Flight
26/Jun 26/Jul $583 View Flight
28/Jun 29/Jul $583 View Flight
12/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
11/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
14/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
13/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
16/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
10/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
13/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
14/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
17/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
09/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
12/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
18/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
08/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
11/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight
16/Jul 26/Jul $583 View Flight
19/Jul 29/Jul $583 View Flight

$613 Return Townsville to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
31/Jul 14/Aug $613 View Flight
13/Aug 27/Aug $613 View Flight
30/Jul 14/Aug $613 View Flight
13/Aug 28/Aug $613 View Flight
10/Aug 23/Aug $613 View Flight
13/Aug 26/Aug $613 View Flight
07/Aug 23/Aug $613 View Flight
10/Aug 26/Aug $613 View Flight
06/Aug 23/Aug $613 View Flight
10/Aug 27/Aug $613 View Flight
13/Aug 30/Aug $613 View Flight
27/Jul 14/Aug $613 View Flight
10/Aug 28/Aug $613 View Flight
13/Aug 23/Aug $613 View Flight
07/Aug 26/Aug $613 View Flight
06/Aug 26/Aug $613 View Flight
07/Aug 27/Aug $613 View Flight
10/Aug 30/Aug $613 View Flight
06/Aug 14/Aug $613 View Flight
24/Jul 14/Aug $613 View Flight

$655 Return Hobart to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
23/Jul 05/Aug $655 View Flight
30/Jul 05/Aug $655 View Flight
30/Jul 12/Aug $666 View Flight
23/Jul 12/Aug $666 View Flight
06/Aug 12/Aug $666 View Flight
23/Jul 06/Aug $683 View Flight
30/Jul 06/Aug $683 View Flight
06/Aug 20/Aug $688 View Flight
30/Jul 20/Aug $688 View Flight
23/Jul 20/Aug $688 View Flight
13/Aug 20/Aug $699 View Flight
29/Jul 05/Aug $706 View Flight
06/Aug 19/Aug $714 View Flight
30/Jul 16/Aug $714 View Flight
06/Aug 16/Aug $714 View Flight
30/Jul 19/Aug $714 View Flight
06/Aug 26/Aug $714 View Flight
23/Jul 16/Aug $714 View Flight
23/Jul 19/Aug $714 View Flight
30/Jul 26/Aug $714 View Flight

$684 Return Adelaide to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
17/Jul 26/Jul $684 View Flight
20/Jul 26/Jul $695 View Flight
10/Jul 26/Jul $704 View Flight
16/Jul 26/Jul $704 View Flight
19/Jul 26/Jul $704 View Flight
30/Jul 16/Aug $707 View Flight
06/Aug 16/Aug $707 View Flight
18/Jul 26/Jul $707 View Flight
23/Jul 16/Aug $707 View Flight
17/Jul 01/Aug $708 View Flight
17/Jul 02/Aug $708 View Flight
17/Jul 29/Jul $708 View Flight
17/Jul 28/Jul $708 View Flight
17/Jul 05/Aug $708 View Flight
17/Jul 06/Aug $708 View Flight
21/Jul 26/Jul $717 View Flight
24/Jul 16/Aug $718 View Flight
22/Jul 05/Aug $719 View Flight
23/Jul 06/Aug $719 View Flight
22/Jul 06/Aug $719 View Flight

$696 Return Perth to Tokyo Flights.

.Depart. .Return. .Price.
10/Jul 24/Jul $696 View Flight
09/Jul 23/Jul $696 View Flight
16/Jul 30/Jul $696 View Flight
24/Jul 07/Aug $696 View Flight
02/Aug 16/Aug $696 View Flight
04/Aug 18/Aug $696 View Flight
09/Aug 23/Aug $696 View Flight
14/Aug 28/Aug $696 View Flight
21/Aug 04/Sep $696 View Flight
08/Jul 23/Jul $696 View Flight
09/Jul 24/Jul $696 View Flight
16/Jul 31/Jul $696 View Flight
24/Jul 08/Aug $696 View Flight
29/Jul 13/Aug $696 View Flight
31/Jul 15/Aug $696 View Flight
05/Aug 20/Aug $696 View Flight
19/Aug 03/Sep $696 View Flight
21/Aug 05/Sep $696 View Flight
10/Jul 23/Jul $696 View Flight
13/Jul 26/Jul $696 View Flight

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  • -7

    I would rather defecate in my boots and walk to work than fly with them.

    • +3

      You don’t work from home?

    • +9

      I fly with them quite often and honestly my experience hasn't been bad at all especially for the price

  • +5

    A bit cheeky that the sale fare from Brisbane requires you to stop in Tokyo if you're going to Osaka, or Osaka if you're going to Tokyo! Or at least from the ones i saw, 11 hour layover too. Quicker to take the train!

    • +1

      At that point, I would consider skiplagging it.

      • What is skip lagging?

        • +8

          Where a flight from A-B-C is cheaper than just the flight from A-B. Get off at B and don't board the B-C flight.

          Can't do checked baggage, can't do a return flight because all subsequent flights on the same ticket get cancelled after the no show, and airlines have sometimes banned passengers who do this.

          • @gudplr: Surely there’s some benefit for airlines when passengers do this?

          • +3

            @gudplr: Skiplagging in this scenario can worth with checked in baggage as you need to pick up your checked in baggage and clear customs when you get to Tokyo before checking it in for the domestic sector.

      • Read somewhere you are usually placed on the airline blacklist if you skip the final destination?

        • +3

          In the United States, where this has been an issue for the big 3 carriers yes they do have a blacklist.

          In most other parts of the world, you can literally say that you are too sick to continue your travel and you will be fine.

    • What's the point for the airline to do that? Do they just enjoy human misery?

  • +13

    July and August weather is hot and humid in Tokyo.


    • +7

      That means it's Hokkaido time.

    • Japanese summer is misery.
      But it makes the nama beeru go down incredibly well

    • Also, Ghibli Park and museum, Super Mario World USJ Express passes, and a lot of the special cafes and restaurants, will be fully booked already.

    • +2

      I'm there rn. Can confirm

    • +2

      How does it compare to hot humid weather in south east Asia during that time? If I can withstand 95 percent humidity in like Bangkok or Singapore, the cheap tickets probably still make it worth the trip to Tokyo despite the weather.

      • +1

        I've been to Malaysia a dozen plus times at various times of the year. I've been to Japan once in September 2019, it was the most insane 35 degree heat with full humidity I've experienced, within 5 min of leaving the accommodation we were dripping in sweat, and they say July/Aug is even worse. Great trip though!

        • +1

          Interesting. Now I'm super curious to try out this insane weather. Never realize Japan summer could be even worse than muggy south east Asia. Cheers

    • Cicadas and cherry blossoms tho

  • +1

    Can anyone who follows these things comment on whether there's likely to be any further sales on non-Jetstar airlines for flights to Japan in mid-late September returning early-mid October? I've found all the recent sales have pretty much omitted that period of time.

    • +1

      Between QLD, NSW and VIC, there are school holidays continuously from mid-September to mid-October.

      That's why you can't see sales for that period, the airlines know they'll have plenty of customers looking for seats in that period.

      • What about late january fly out and return late february?

        • +1

          Dunno. Does it correspond with peak skiing season in Japan? I have known people who fly to Japan to ski, they say the all-up cost is similar to staying at Thredbo, but the skiing is better.

          • +1

            @Russ: Yes it does. We are camping out at Island Bend this season to snowboard at Perisher Valley. Then going to Japan to snowboard, then spend time exploring the country.

            Will be interesting to see the difference, as yes Japan is meant to be a lot better!

            We are just so unsure if when is the best time to buy plane tickets 🙃

            • @Woody982: I just tried a random couple of dates at end of January 2025, and it came up $950 return with a Jetstar/Scoot combo from Adelaide to Narita, on Flightfinder:


              The return trip is more than 24h, but you can sleep on the flight that is 1am to 11am.

              I'm no expert in this stuff, there are probably better dates and better airlines.

  • One way from Tokyo to Australia is almost the same price 🤪

  • +3

    My Jetstar flight from Tasmania this Monday was cancelled. Though we got a free hotel and breakfast sponsored by Jetstar, it was still a lot of hassle as we reached hotel room only by 1am and also couldn't join work the next day.

  • +3

    Tip for those going in these months as it is very hot and humid… I'm there now and have found that portable fans like these extremely helpful.

    They last a good while on a single charge and can help you manage a summer that can feel quite oppressive!

    Also if you don't mind travelling out, Kamakura has been awesome! It's near the beach and the vibe is very relaxed here.


    • Thanks, didn't think of this, bought a couple to see if we use them. It'll definitely be hot, we're going this month.

    • yes we paid like $20 in Tokyo last August heatwave - I later saw them for sale in Woolworths for like $10 - so if you can find there here for cheaper, that's recommended

  • -1

    Typhoon season. Expect to be drenched in sweat and rain

    • +2

      just fly on to okinawa. peak season

  • +5

    After you include luggage.. might as well fly on a proper Japanese airline

    • My thoughts exactly.

      I feel like there have been sm Japan direct flights this year.. especially JAL

    • Dates I’m looking at Jetstar were around $1300 with 30kg and can use Qantas lounge.

      JAL $3500 and about 10 hours extra flight each way.

      edit the domestic legs they sell to get to the exit airport are $1400 of that qantas are royally screwing JAL

  • +2

    Any cheap ticket on Chinese airline that I can make a stopover in China ?

    • -1


    • Probably?

    • Sorry, I mean if there is any Chinese airline flies from Melbourne to Japan that I can make a stopover in China? Thanks friends.

    • plenty. Cathay Pacific stopover at Hong Kong, China Southern stopover at Guangzhou, China Eastern stopover at Shanghai. I bet there are more

      • China Airlines stopover at Taipei, Air China - Beijing, Beijing Capital Airlines - Hangzhou or Qingdao, Xiamen Air - Xiamen. Can also fly Qantas via Hong Kong or book a Japanese airline to China with stopover in Japan.

  • +2

    Currently in Japan and the weather is around 30c.. good luck flying around July/August

    • +2

      What are you doing on Oz bargain!?

      Go to the nearest Konbini immediately and buy some kureemu pan.

      • +1

        I like the frozen swirl vanilla ice cream cones from the freezer

      • +1

        Go to the nearest Konbini immediately and buy some kureemu pan.

        Try melon pan and curry pan too. Jam ojisan makes them delicious!

  • Flesh eating bacteria

  • Thanks, snapped one up for my mum! this is a better deal than the 20th anniversary sale or whatever it was the other day for $611

  • while these fares look cheap - last late Aug-early Sep we were in Tokyo - and it was HORRIBLE - being outside I needed a fan constantly and carried both the free flat fans you get given, and battery types

    it was so nasty that we even canceled attending Night-time performances at the Sendai Jazz Festival as it was just too horribly uncomfortable to go outside an air-conditioned hotel even later at night

    so that may explain the cheap airfares - with another heatwave summer predicted for Japan, people who know are staying away in droves - newbies form a queue here …

  • any deals closer to the nov-dec period?

  • recommendation for a 2 week tour that's reasonable price with excellent guides?

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