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Metabo 18V 5.2Ah Brushless Cordless 2 Piece Combo Kit $449 (was $749) + Delivery ($0 in-Store QLD) @ TradeTools


This looks like a great price for quality tools in this week's Trade Tools email specials. https://www.tradetools.com/latest-offers/email-specials

The kit includes a 130Nm Hammer Drill, 125mm Variable Speed Angle Grinder, 2 x 5.2Ah batteries and charger.

Another stand out is the Swiss Tech Folding Pocket Knife Twin Pack for $24.50 (was $49). https://www.tradetools.com/swiss-tech-folding-pocket-knife-t…

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    Since you'll sometimes see a kit with this drill alone for more than this it's a great price. Very solid heavy duty piece of kit. Metabo batteries are very high quality as well

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      I saw this and wondered if it was the particular drill I had my eye on for ages last year and it turns out it is. It's 130 Nm which is way above the standard 80-90 Nm drills around this price point and you're right, the drill alone is $350+ worth. I am 99% sure this one is made in Germany as well but I can't seem to confirm on Aussie websites.

      I'm just on the fence because I already have these in the Dewalt range. But my Dewalt drill has a slight wobble though it's a tough drill that I've had for years. I would be selling the angle grinder without opening the box, and probably the charger and a battery because I have a Metabo recip saw with charger and batt. The recip saw is made in China and it's OK. The battery lock clip never properly worked and the battery slides out on its own. Hence I'm wary of the quality of Metabo unless it's German.

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        Well I just went and ordered it anyway! Too much of a good deal to pass up.

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          I have a whole bunch of Metabo 18v cordless gear. Absolutely love it, and when I was working on site, I had no worries about others stealing the batteries.
          Even bought the lawnmower as I was so impressed.

      • Batteries falling out are a serious safety issue. I would contact Metabo about the recip saw and get a replacement.

        • Yeah maybe you’re right. I could try I suppose! Thanks

          • @GeneralSkunk: I had an old panasonic years ago that they did a recall on for that very reason.

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    I've got a couple of metabo grinders and they've always been great for me. Even the 75nm metabo drill is bomber, the 130 will be fantastic

  • Anyone know if these take hikoki batteries?

  • No, hikoki is Hitachi, in the USA it's metabo hpt

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    Your pm is disabled, just responding to the other thread, re: aphids, try bleach (40ml in 1l water plus a few squirts of dish soap is my current recipe, works with all insects including spider webs). I tried a few fancy store-bought sprays but none worked. It’s quite safe unless you over do it. Note bleach degrades over time, so you want to adjust the concentration according to what you have and start at a low dose.

    • @frugalftw Cheers mate, I'll give it a go, appreciate you going out of your way to offer your advice! The insects have been a real annoyance, first the caterpillars, got marigolds and that helped but then the slugs moved in and after dealing with them it's now aphids. Surprisingly, they aren't going near my kale, herbs or citrus.
      Hoping your bleach solution does the trick!

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        Np, I had it typed up then got distracted. Came back the thread is gone lol The internet does say to plant herbs right next to whatever you are trying to protect too, maybe move your plants around since you already have them🤞

      • Your story echoes my experience over the years. I’ve had the fun of dealing with all those pests. It really makes you question trying to grow anything. I’m currently trying to get rid of both a fungus that’s decimated one of my indoor hostas, and never ending scale on my indoor Swiss cheese plants. I have been noticing gnats flying around lately too so I’m up for that as well. I usually make my own white oil spray and pyrethrum spray. Those are good for aphids. I’ve got neem oil for gnats but that’s good on other things too. Just feels like you need a bloody PhD in botany to deal with this stuff.

        I do recommend trying to work with nature somehow because it seems to work well. I had about a billion aphids infest my plum tree last year and caused total leaf curl. Eventually the lady birds rolled in and it was fixed in a week or two. They eat and eat aphids. This year i noticed a few aphids on my fruit trees again and found lady birds on my fennel which was flowering (I left it to over grow), so i cut the fennel flowers and stuck them on the trees and then a week later found lady birds on the trees. I was thinking it would be good to plant fennel near my trees then. Anyway i haven’t yet but seems flowers and particular smelling ones attract the good bugs. For slugs and snails, coffee grounds works well I’ve found and is good compost. You can get bags at your local cafe if you want. Enjoy your adventure. 🙂

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    Currently stacks with store credit deal ($50, or $100 credit if you spend $500).

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    This week TradeTools have the Metabo 18V 5.2Ah Brushless Cordless 2 Piece (75Nm Hammer Drill, 200Nm Impact Driver) Combo Kit for $379 with a bonus 32 piece bit box. Only a $20 saving from the regular price and also stacks with the above mentioned redemption offer. Great value considering 2 Ozito 5.2Ah batteries cost $199. Nice starter kit even for DIY.

    Wasn't sure if it was worth posting as a bargain but thought it might help someone.


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    I got this today and the drill is superb. Pro unit. My old Dewalt (Which is a good drill) pales in comparison. It doesn’t wobble and the motor is quiet but super powerful. The speed control is super smooth.

    I can also confirm the drill is made in Germany. Batteries in Hungary. Quality stuff.

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