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Up to 50% off Condoms + Free Gift + $6.99 Delivery ($0 with $30 Order) @ Moments Condoms


Our EOFYS is on now with up to 50% off across our range of condoms and pleasure toys. No discount code required. Receive a free mystery gift with every order placed during the sale period. Free shipping on all Australian orders over $30 and over $100 for international orders.

Sale highlights:
Mega Thin 0.03 condoms 12 pack was $12 now $10.80 - our new and best selling variant

Ultra Thin Extra Large condoms 12 pack was $9 now $4.50 - our very popular extra large 60mm condoms

Cola flavoured condoms 12 pack was $9 now $4.50 - we're the only brand in Australia to offer cola flavoured condoms

Looking forward to reading your witty comments!

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  • Oh "witty" dear- Mystery Free gift - would that be a baby Rattle?? 😂

    • +1

      Happy fathers day

      • +2

        Ultra Thin Extra Large condoms 12 pack was $9 now $4.50

        Shipping is $6.99, total $11.49. Coles have them for $4.50.

        No bargain here, just more adz.

        • No, Coles don't have them. Our Extra Large condoms aren't stocked at Coles (although we really hope they will be one day!). We offer free shipping on all orders over $30.

        • +1

          Any bargain of the girls as well @WatchNerd ?

      • Literally against fatherhood

  • Cola flavoured

    Pepsi max?

    • The scent is really similar to those little cola bottle lollies ;)

      • Have you tried? 😊

  • we're the only brand in Australia to offer cola flavoured condoms

    There’s probably a good reason why

    • -1

      Don't knock them til you've tried them! We're also the only Aussie brand to offer watermelon flavour and the only Aussie brand to offer gynaecologically tested, Vegan Society certified condoms with vanilla masking. Our new Mega Thin 0.03 condoms are our thinnest yet and outside some expensive overseas brands you can buy through Amazon, we believe they are the thinnest on the Australian market. Our MD is really responsive to what our customers want :)

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  • No good if you can't also get 50% off your partner.

    • Please post a bargain

  • +2

    Shipping kills the deal

  • free shipping over $30. Time to order 100

  • I’ve still got a bunch of them from that random 100% off sale that everyone thought was fake at first.

    They’re pretty good, I’d pay for them over other bands when I run out (or when they expire, more likely when they expire).

    • Username checks…. ⁉️

  • -1

    My ex gave me a mystery gift but no condom

  • Cheaper used.

  • Any 0.01 condoms?

    • +1

      Yeah how good are the .01 condoms! Don't think I'll ever get anything else after buying some of those - feel so good you have to keep checking it's still there!

      • 1/8 of going in raw but with rubber still on. Better than the 0.03 or other ultra thin condom.

    • No 0.01. Our thinnest is our new Mega Thin condom which is 0.03.

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