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Downtown Blend Coffee Beans 1kg $24 (60% off) + Delivery ($0 to VIC/ with $50 Order) @ Inglewood Coffee Roasters


As titled. $24/kg for Downtown Blend. Price will automatically update after adding to cart.

Based on the other discussions I read on the forum, they're not the best with customer service and dispatching. See comments from actual buyers verification.

Savings is enough for you to opt for express shipping. 2kg will come to $60 express shipped.

Alternatively, thanks to @Lewd - 2kg Downtown + 2 Limited Edition Tour Tee X Inglewood Golf Tees = $50 total for free shipping

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  • +13

    Have never had any issue with their customer service or dispatching
    Last order wanted to change from whole beans to ground after order and was more than happy to change that

    • +4

      don't care about customer service. How is coffee?

      • +2

        Their lighter roasts are delicious imo

        • +1


      • Didn't like sunset blvd, love their downtown blend

        • +1

          I'm the other way around.

    • +6

      My current order is a week + and counting.

      Seen plenty of negatives about how slow they are.

      • +2

        I’ve only bought from them for the last 3 or so years. My last order shipped same day as ordered. Once during a big sale it took about a week to dispatch but is usually within a day or 2.

        Love Inglewood, great coffee and very reasonably priced.

      • ordered twice off them and both times the coffee bags were not sealed correctly at the top

    • +2

      these guys don't roast daily you better off going with Airjos for that.

    • I found delivery times are a bit hit and miss because of the couriers they use. I assume they are trying to keep prices down, but "ya gets what ya pays for".

      I'll get a notification on a Monday that the coffee has been sent - which actually just means they have booked the courier. It might not be picked up for a couple of days. The courier's tracking will show they have picked it up and it's in transit. Delivery often won't happen until the following Monday or Tuesday (Gold Coast) and the courier's app will still be showing in transit somewhere.

      I have a delivery due tomorrow (Monday) via Australia Post and I have found their tracking to be pretty good.

  • +1

    Never had a problem with them at all, have been using them for years. Most of the complaints seemed to be from some free sample a while ago that not everyone got

  • +1

    Free shipping to VIC!
    So $24 shipped. Good price.

    Hope their coffee is good, and their customer service is OK.

  • +1

    Bought 11 days ago (still waiting) for $30, as part of the original EOFY sale. I emailed them about the price change, we'll see what happens…

  • +1

    same experiences as above posters, been using them for years now and the odd times i've reached out to their customer service they've adjusted my order without a hitch

  • +1

    Ordered a kilo of this last sale not long ago. That batch smells fantastic (I’ve yet to grind - I buy bulk and freeze - but I’m pretty sure they are going to make a very nice cup indeed). No brainer at this price.

    • How do you thaw out the beans without introducing moisture?

      • +1

        I portion into smaller bags, squeeze as much air out as possible, then thaw for a good time before using. There is debate on this, like so many other things, but I can’t discern any decrease in quality.

        There is zero frost when I open them up to decant.

        I usually have one batch fresh. About 250-300g is what I’ll decant. Oddly, for some beans I’ve actually preferred them post freezer! Dunno why!!

      • +4

        Vacuum seal them in usable amounts (I split into 250g portions and that lasts me just under a month). Just DONT open the packet until it has well and truly come to room temperature and they’ll be bone dry and super fresh

        • What's the reasoning behind leaving them sealed until back to room temp? Genuinely interested as i've been tardy with my storage and contemplating freezing since i've got a decent quantity on order now

          • +3

            @liam2040: If the surface temperature of an object falls below the dew point, water will form or “condense” on the surface of the object. Ie, cold surfaces create conditions for condensation to occur.

          • +4

            @liam2040: Because the frozen beans are below the dew point, if the leave then in the bag whilst coming to room temperature, moisture will form on the bag not the beans, if you open the bag when beans are frozen, moisture will form on the beans.

      • A little bit of moisture is fine for grinding - it can actually reduce the static cling of the grounds. Personally I portion into 20g lots (for whatever amount appropriate for the coffee it will be used for) and go straight from the freezer to the grinder.

        • The difference with a bit of spritzing at this time of the year where I live is insane (quite dry inside). I forgot in a recent grind, and you could see the grounds flying out away from the cup and back up to cover the dispenser!

          Not always like this…but certainly I discern a difference in puck prep, and far less grounds stuck to the outside of my grinder.

  • +4

    Decent coffee but yeah very slow to ship from my past experiences

  • +1

    I've ordered like 20kg of beans through the past year or so and haven't had any issues. Always have arrived quickly and fresh (SA)

  • Downtown is a great blend! Great service too!

  • Worth freezing?

    • -2

      Why freeze? They come vacuum sealed which will last 3 months.

      • +1

        I don't think they come vacuum sealed- coffee beans offgass (mostly CO2 iirc) so they are put into bags with one way valves. And as soon as you open the bag the first time, you're introducing a load of oxygen.

        I find beans over ~6 weeks to have gone significantly stale compared to more freshly roasted. This is doing pour overs, there's even a visible difference with new vs old beans during the process.

        • +3
          • for anyone who hasn't bought from them, their 1kg bags are not resealable so make sure you have a storage container. At least for their downtown blends
        • +1

          Sorry you’re right, not vacuum sealed but they do have a one way valve. Appreciate they’ll deteriorate once opened, but they should be fine if unopened for a couple months, right?

          Or are you saying the 6 weeks you noticed the difference was from an unopened pack?

          • @Bozman: My experience with an unopened bag was with a different brand (Oxfam).

            The beans were hugely stale straight from opening the bag, I could tell just from performing the pour-over. I contacted the roaster and they confirmed that they'd only been roasted about a month and a half prior.

            The beans were so unusable that the entire bag was tossed.

            I've not tested older beans since- at the supermarket I can find stuff roasted within the past 1-2 weeks so there's no reason for me to.

  • +2

    Full price is ridiculous, $24 is about decent

    • I think even Inglewood themselves know that to be true - Downtown is permanently 50% off

  • +1

    Lol at the neg votes for people saying the service is good/fine. Someone is salty

    I've been buying with them for a few years and the couple of times I've been in contact with them they were friendly and accommodating. Delivery can take an extra couple of days during big sales like this but generally it's pretty quick.

    • +2

      This…I mean, for sure they're not the fastest…but the beans come in ok time. Go Airjo if you want something super quick (I like their beans, but Inglewood roasts suit my tastes a bit better)….or visit a local roaster or supermarket.

      I've had a few orders from Inglewood, and the beans are fresh. I know how long it might take to receive the beans, and that is usually within a week - which is fine. I've heard that beans are best not used until a two week rest from roasting anyway, so it's plenty fast enough! Beans in the supermarket are often on the shelves months from roast date (not a good thing).

      Recently the courier holed a bag (through the satchel AND the coffee bag - that plastic is pretty tough, so it takes some effort). I raised it with Inglewood, not with any specific expectations - more to inform. Don't think it lost many beans, but had certainly gassed off a bit (when I decanted the smell just didn't seem quite as strong, but still pretty nice). They responded very politely and shipped me out a new bag immediately. Can't ask for more than that.

  • +1

    Urgh, just ordered a 1kg bag from someone else. I really don't need more! I received the sampler of this blend from these guys ages ago, and I thought it was outstanding.

    • +2

      They have a delayed shipping option for 31st july as well

  • Great coffee. Great price.

  • +7

    I’m not a fan of Inglewood roasters. I got on their sms spam list and even though I unsubscribed I keep getting spammed.

    • Make sure they know their unsubscribes are not working, as I think it's illegal under the spam act

  • Use them a lot.
    Let 2kg aus post lost, they replaced and shipped to me express post.

    Bloom is a solid choice as the seasonal, downtime is a darker blend.

    Hard to go wrong once you dial it in, though I always run my shots a touch heavier than their suggested volumes.

  • +6

    I'm still waiting for them to send me the beans I ordered 6 days back. They haven't shipped it yet. I have bought twice before, but never had to wait this long.

    I raised a support request and no response to that either.

    • +1

      Same here. Never had any issues before.

      • +3

        I got a reply from customer support, couple of hours back, which I just noticed. They mentioned that during sales they get large number of orders and it can take up to 7 days to roast and dispatch.

  • Coffee has always been good. Delivery on the last batch was 12 days from ordering

  • When does this sale end?

  • They wrote there's delayed dispatch but I can't see this option.

    Edit: delayed dispatch is only for 31st July apparently.

  • I’ve bought from Inglewood plenty of times during sales and have never had an issue with shipping. I think bad experiences would be in the minority.

  • +5

    2kg Downtown + 2 Limited Edition Tour Tee X Inglewood Golf Tees = $50 total for free shipping (2-8 business days) to NSW

    • +2

      I read this as golf t-shirts….. :)

  • +1

    i like their coffee. yes, the shipping times are a bit variable, not ideal, but i am ok with it, have learnt to work around it, order early etc. i regularly get the vacuum sealer out and freeze beans, have back up.

  • +1

    Thanks, was tempted at 50%, but could resist at 60%!

    • +1

      Yep, i've been hovering over their decaf for a couple of weeks now but didn't want to pay shipping. This seals the deal!

      • +3

        Served my SO an Inglewood decaf oat milk latte today (espresso). Pulled a little fast for my liking - about 70g from 23g in 20 seconds! 3:1 yikes!

        She said it was the best I'd made for her…"Tastes like toffee".

        I think it's the best decaf bean I've tried so far. Admittedly I was sticking to water process in the past, and these are ethyl-acetate processed beans - so I guess it makes sense that the flavour might be much better than all the others I've tried.

        • +1

          3:1 in a mug? Might be okay depending on the oat milk, but yeah, probably a bit over.

          Also, 23g? What basket are you using? Vst?

          I'll admit I haven't tried any non Swiss water decaf beans, but now you've got me curious, so I've thrown another order in.

          • @madbison: I'm probably overfilling a tad, but it's a Rancilio branded triple, which I believe is a VST produced basket. It's probably 21g rated…but give or take on that depending on your roast.

            Apparently ethyl-acetate is more specific on targeting the caffeine, and so you're left with more of the other components after processing. Of course, 'ethyl-acetate' sounds a bit nasty, but I can't ignore the flavour of this decaf.

        • +2

          Grind finer?

          • @garethds: Well…yes…though I really need to pull my grinder apart and check the burr alignment…I suspect they're close on one side. Makes nasty sounds if I go too much finer than I had it.

            Also…I'm likely overfilling and cracking the puck with the massive bolt in my Rancilio Silvia shower screen. Resultant channeling is a possible culprit - though I would have expected a complaint about sourness if it was that bad.

            Let's call it a turbo-shot and just say that I intended it that way!

        • Guessing you have a 58mm basket … 51mm for me so using ~17-18g.
          First foray into decaf so this will be the benchmark.

          • @liam2040: Yeah, a big 58mm basket. So big in fact that I don’t think it fits in my spouted portafilter (would be a near thing). I use a naked one all the time anyway.

  • Bought 1kg Downtown and VIC shipping is free. Thx OP.

  • +2

    I've ordered from Inglewood many times and have never had an issue :) Bought 2kg of Downtown with this offer.

  • -1

    Came up as $60 for me. Is the deal expired?

    • 60 on order page, discount applied in cart

  • How does this coffee compare to AirJo and Lime Blue?

  • +1

    Well, I do like their coffee. Especially Roosevelt. Downtown is thoroughly enjoyable. At this price I'll get more.

    And yes, their customer service is flakey. If they are going to take two weeks to get coffee out, they need to be proactive in getting the message out to customers. Fortunately, in the current Melbourne weather, I'm not so concerned that coffee will or won't be sitting around for an extra week while Inglewood and less-than-stellar Auspost fiddle around.

    Oh! DO like the delayed send option. Interested to see if they make that date happen.

  • +3

    My recent order with them (about 3 weeks ago) took about 10 days to arrive.

    So I've just ordered another bag + a separate order on the delayed shipping offer.

  • For a brief second I read Download coffee beans

  • I know the original post was corrected, but yeah no issues with customer service here, dispatching is a little slower than guys like Airjo (a week or so instead of a couple of days) but the coffee is awesome.

  • -1


    • Nope. Click through and it will still show the discount. Just be careful not to leave it on 'Delayed Dispatch', unless you don't want your beans until August.

  • +1

    I ordered from their sale a couple of weeks ago and the beans still haven't arrived. Very slow dispatch/delivery considering I'm in the same state. Not a big deal, just be aware if you're about to run out.

  • Where is the 31 July option? I can't see it, but maybe I should have gone to Specsavers………..

    • Comes up as deferred/delayed shipment.

  • disappointingly they sold my email address, it was a burner, but none the less, i was just buying coffee, why would i need insurance with that?

  • Would anyone know what type of coffee grind to buy to use in Paper Filters? Recently got gifted a paper filter set but no idea which coffee to buy. Thanks!

  • I've been ordering from them for a while and sometimes it takes a bit longer so don't leave it till you are out and them them.

    P.s. My wive love their Chai tea.

  • Good coffee and no issue with service.

  • +1

    It has to be worth a go at $24. Ordered one.

  • Bought a KG of downtown and 500g of Etheopean reserve during the recent sale.

    Order was placed on the 30th May. Beans were roasted on 6th June and arrived (Newcastle NSW) on 13th June.

    Etheopean reserve (currently OOS) is possibly my new favourite coffee. Exceptionally fruity, and despite a high amount of sediment, it makes a fantastic drip cold brew. I wish it wasn't so damn expensive at RRP, otherwise I'd make it a regular purchase.

  • Placed order on May 16 and only received shipping details yesterday but not picked up by courier yet.

  • Ordered on Monday and still not shipped, definitely my last order!

  • +1

    I'm confused about Inglewood's current promotions. They send me emails and messages almost every day now. For example, an email from 17/06 says: 'For a limited time only - double points on all online purchases, bonus 200 points when you purchase a $100 online gift card, and spend $120 online, get a $20 reward back.' The next day's email has a different version: 'Spend $120 and get a $20 reward. The reward will be added to your account for use on your next purchase.' Finally, today they sent me '4x points for 24 hours.'

    This leaves me puzzled. What do I need to do to get the best value for my purchase? To test, I tried adding coffee and some equipment to get over $120 after discounts, but I haven't seen any mention of the $20 back anywhere.

  • +1

    Ordered on 17th… Anyone else still waiting on shipping? 🥲

    • ordered on the 16th - tracking says picked up by couriesPlease from Vic on Friday 21st. delivery to mnc nsw. nothing since then.
      i have also now run out of beans pita :(

    • ordered 18th, still waiting on dispatch notice.

    • I emailed them with my order number. (The original invoice they sent mentioned delayed shipping, but I didn't select it.). They said they will send it out tomorrow morning. might be worth checking if your invoice mentions delayed shipping and drop them an email ?

    • -1

      Still waiting on a dispatch notice for my order on 17th. Figured it might be quicker being in Vic but no luck.

      Final order. Hope they made a good prophet off this special,.

  • +1

    Got mine today. Roasted 21/6, no complaints here!

  • +1

    PSA, I ordered a kilo of downtown about a week ago. Emailed today to see where is was and was told I selected delayed dispatch 31/7!

    Turns out they have changed the default shipping option (for now at least) to delayed dispatch!

    Called them and they said that’s what most customers wanted ie buy this FY and take delivery in early August???

    Made no sense to me. So pay attention to the shipping options when you order!

  • +1

    Dispatch always slow for me. Took 2 weeks plus to receive last order. Bloom beans were terrible. Never again.

    • Not happy with my last slooooow order completion either.

      Bloom? Didn't work for me either. Took ages to get it dialed in - and still seemed thin and sour.

      Roosevelt does work super well for us - and I'm more than happy to drink Downtown or Sunset.

      In short: Their more chocolaty and nutty blends work well for milk-based drinks.

  • +1

    It's been ten days and I'm still waiting for delivery

  • Ordered 2kg $50 delivered on 17/06/24, received dispatch email on 24/6/204, delivered today 27/6/24 to Sydney, roast date 25/6/24. Can't complains.

  • I've been waiting over 2 weeks since ordering.
    I don't understand how an Airjo order arrives within 24 to 48 hours every time and that's from Queensland to Melbourne and Inglewood doesn't even dispatch for a week and then the delivery takes at least another week.

  • Came back to upvote as I got my deal.

    I was wary because people were saying they didn't get their orders and someone above mentioned to ensure you didn't select delayed dispatch which I triple checked.

    Ordered evening on the 23rd, shipped on the 26th, received today 28th metro Syd. Roast date on packaging says 26th too. Thanks to the tip from @Lewd about the golf tees!

  • I’m still waiting on mine after a couple of weeks. Ordered same day as the offer.

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