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AMD Ryzen 5 5600X CPU $179.09 Delivered @ Amazon US via AU

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Amazon limited time deal $179.09
Save an extra 6% when you purchase this item with another eligible item in the same transaction, which brings this down to $168.35.

Not sure if this is the lowest ever, but never seen it starting with 1xx before.
0% claimed at the time of posting, not sure how long it will last.
First time posting, please be kind.

AMD Ryzen 5 5600X, 6-Core/12 Threads UNLOCKED, Max Freq 4.6GHz, 35MB Cache Socket AM4 65W, With Wraith Spire cooler
Package Dimensions: 8.0 inches L X 6.0 inches H X 6.0 inches W. Country of Origin: China
OS support: Windows 11 - 64-Bit edition, Windows 10 - 64-Bit edition, RHEL x86 64-Bit and Ubuntu x86 64-Bit
Package Weight: 15.0 pounds

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  • +2

    I’m on a Ryzen5 3600 with a Radeon 6700 (non XT). I don’t really need it do I?

    • +12

      Makes your OzBargain Experience Fasterer

      • +2

        5800X3D to be fasterest

    • +1

      Do it do it do it! You can sell your 3600 for a good price atm, but its going to drop as time goes on and people start migrating from 5XXX/AM4 to newer platforms.

    • +2

      Very similar boat… 3600 and 2080ti.

      Maybe it'll improve my KSP experience…. But is that worth $170? Probably not….

    • +9

      5700X3D or dont bother and wait for when you upgrade to AM5 or new intel… ( Bios updated needed and also need to see if your old motherboard supports 5700X3D

      • +5

        This. In most cases, the gap between the 5700X3D and the 5600X is as big as the gap between the 3600 and 5600X.

        If you're CPU bound, it's worth the upgrade to the 5700X3D. If you're not CPU bound, there's not much point upgrading to the 5600X (which is likely the situation you're in)

        However, if you are power limited or on stock cooling, the 5600X does use less power and generate less heat. However the 5700X3D can be undervolted easily to minimise that issue.

    • +3

      Totally not worth it. You want a 5700X3D on totally and utterly dirt cheap pricing (like $180, so need to wait) and to sell your old one for about $30 on Facebook.

    • I have a 3060ti & a 1440P UW, i went from a 3600 to 5700x, it is noticeably smoother in some games where it was a bit laggy before and pushing alot closer to the 140+ sweet zone

  • +10

    The 5600 from this deal is cheaper ($155.22 with eBay Plus), and is pretty much just as fast.

  • +2

    Great deal, shit gets way too hot after this.

  • +3

    I will wait 5700x3d https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/849412 special instead, at least it’s the 2nd fastest cpu for my motherboard as similar performance as 7600.

  • -7

    pay $168 for a life of peasantry smh

  • +2

    Zen3 5600 Memories :) so many people have upgraded to this thing.

  • I upgraded from i5-2400 to this, got for $300 from an Afterpay deal back then along with a B550M board for $84 :D Now running few VMs + HTPC

  • +2

    Honestly I just bought this 2nd hand with an X570 and 16GB DDR4 RAM at like $180 for the bundle. It’s more than worth it for this CPU. Great upgrade from older Intel.

  • I wouldn't recommend it being on a 5600x myself, and having just upgraded (when it arrives) to a 5700X3D @ $230 AUD

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