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Chuckit! 17001 2.5-Inch Ultra Ball 2 Pack, Medium, Orange/Blue $11.51 + Delivery ($0 with Prime/ $59 Spend) @ Amazon AU

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High bounce High visibility ball for Dogs.
Other sizes also on sale at around 50% off

Better price than the last deal for the Medium https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/839757 which was $14.09 for the medium size 2 pack

Price History at C CamelCamelCamel.

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  • +1

    its amazing how many of these you come across on roadsides - its like dogs and/or kids drop them out the window of moving cars

    • +5

      Also that they last so well. My dog is obsessed with these and chews/fetches them all day

    • +1

      I lost one on first outing, just like that

      • +7

        …and just like that someone like me was walking their doggo and all of a sudden BRAND NEW BALL!

  • Thanks! Literally saw someone using one of these with his dogs this afternoon at the dog park and wondered what brand they were!

  • Great ball, my BC loves them but they do fade fast if left out or lost' n' found.

  • thanks got 1, missed out on the last deal

  • +2

    One day they will come back down to the $4.99 for 2 pack price so I can refresh my collection of balls.

  • +5

    Don't leave them out in the elements. Care for them and they will last a long long time.

  • +2

    These are great. I have a dog that loves to peel the skins off tennis balls then rip apart the rubber which meant we were through several tennis balls per week before I tried these. Despite his best efforts of burying and chewing his two chuckit balls have lasted a couple of years and are still going strong. 😊

    We have the matching thrower which has also held up well despite my nephew occasionally trying to use it like a hockey stick. 🙈

    • +2

      I know you are using those now, but please don't give them tennis balls in the future. They're really bad for their teeth. Just in case someone can't be bothered buying special balls and reads this.


    • My dog would consume the fur of the tennis balls which made for interesting deposits….

      • Which is a bit of a hint that tennis balls shouldn't be given to dogs. That muck is not designed to be ingested.

  • -6
    • +3

      Yeah those last seconds with my dog. There's a reason the chuckits are so popular. They're almost indestructible and are great value for the price.

    • lol not even close…kmart ones literally lasted one throw with one of our dogs where as our chuckits keep on going a year later

  • +1

    I was one of those that asked why tf are we paying so much for a stupid ball.

    But yeah these are tanks

  • +5

    My dog thanks you.

  • Squeaks?

    • Makes a bit of a squelch when its covered in slober which my dog seems to enjoy, the blue ones squeak (until they break).

  • +2

    Why can't they just discount the 8 ball bucket to save shipping and packaging?

    I always say this in these deals but look at the chuckit Breathe Right range if you do long sessions of fetch with big throws. My mutt can go harder for longer with these.

    • I want to tire my dogs out as much as I can, why would you want your dog to go longer haha.

      • Yeah so getting more airflow when they run with the ball means they can run harder and get tired quicker!

  • Not for humans?

  • Too bad dogs wont see the very well because they are red reen colour blind.

    • Red reen is that like redrum?

  • Getting back to pre covid prices now. They got crazy expensive.

  • I have these for my Kelpie cross, but she always manages to split them along the join really quickly. She's not a chewer, but still, it's really annoying as she loves to play fetch. The split is 1-2cm, so I still use them for quite a while, but they don't bounce well or go as far.

    Does anyone have suggestions on alternatives? Do the breathe right ones hold up over time? TIA!

    • My kelpie/collieis a chewer and can't defeat these badboys, what's yours crossed with, a mastiff?

      • Haha, nah, she's a Kelpie x staffie.

  • +1

    High visibility ball for Dogs.

    As someone who has dog like vision, I can tell you the orange is not high visibility for us. Mfer blends in grass like no tomorrow

  • Trying to decode this from a colourblind dyslexic ,
    “Mfer” what colour is this ?

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