Lenovo L24m-40 23.8" FHD 100hz IPS USB-C PD 75W Monitor w/ USB Hub $189 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ in-Store) + Surcharge @ Centre Com


Picked up one this weekend from Auburn, and they have stock in most other stores.

Surcharges: 1.2% Card & PayPal, 2% AmEx.

Ticks lots of boxes for a decent WFH monitor:

100hz IPS screen
Height, Swivel, Tilt, Pivot adjustable
USB C Power Delivery 75W, will cover most laptops
4 USB Port Hub
Below $300 for tax claim

Setup was a breeze, mounting on the base and stand was simple, a power cable and USB C cable are included.

Bit weird to look at a grey/ off white monitor, but I am pairing with my Dell Latitude (silver grey colour), sort of blends in.

100hz refresh achieved with the USB C connection.

Colour/ Display adjustments are rudimentary with no warm colour mode available. Though they have a "WEB" mode which is better than other modes, it disables all other colour settings, not good enough!

Back to manual adjustments then, took me a while to find the settings button; they are on the back of the monitor, towards the right-middle edge. I kept the RED and GREEN around 95s, BLUE down to 80s; and got my own WARM colour.

Just tune the Brightness and Contrast according to your room lighting and you are set. Their Contrast makes the screen glow a lot, so keep it down - as long as you do typical office work, spreadsheets, browsers etc.

Overall, happy with $189 spent!

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    Anything with UHD for under 300, the p24-10 were good fit but can't find any for under $200 now

  • Haven't seen anything like that mate. Look around and with 2 weeks to go before the EOFY, you might get a bargain somewhere.

  • I picked up LG 24inch 100hz ips for $99 at Thegoodguys.

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      This has USB-C connectivity for an easy 1 cable setup on laptops.

      That said, this can easily be replicated on any monitor by taping a USB-C dock onto the back of it.

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        USBC is game changer. So convenient, can even connect my phone..

    • how is it, all the good reviews are because it's sooo cheap
      but how is it's quality?

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    These are great, very happy with the one I got a while back.

    I'm generally not an IPS fan due to the glow, and am a bit of a snob when it comes to refresh rates and input lag, but was pleasantly surprised that this turned out to be totally serviceable for a bit of light gaming as well. Not bad at all.

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    Thanks OP, got a pricebeat at Officeworks

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