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Lenovo Xiaoxin Pad Pro 12.7 2023 128GB China ROM US$193.70 (~A$293.21) Shipped @ Factory Direct Collected Store AliExpress

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Original Coupon Deal

According to @Clear this is an official Aliexpress store with Choice shipping.

Price including GST

China ROM seems to be preferred over Global ROM

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  • China ROM seems to be preferred over Global ROM

    Yup. There's no such thing as a Global ROM for this tablet as there's no global release. Prepare to have a bad, bad buggy time with an unofficial stitched ROM from another Lenovo tablet and an unlocked bootloader.

    • +1

      Had no problems with china rom, does everything it needs to do

  • Link not working?

    • Seems they're low on stock. I was able to get one about 20 mins ago.

  • +1

    Somehow came back in stock and after applying the coupon, it was USD 174.22 for me

    • +1

      Nice one!!! I also picked up a case from this seller https://vi.aliexpress.com/item/1005006271594630.html
      Total was $185.26 USD including the case for me

      • Thank you kind sir, I'll order a cover too

        • Let me know when you get yours in

          • @dajackal: Sure, will comment here.

            P.S. there was also a pay after you receive the item option, might try that in the future.

          • +1

            @dajackal: Just got delivered, settling it up

    • Same here tried to post link but wouldn't allow but looks like out of stock again.

  • Just Snagged one for $282

  • $279.48 for me…

  • +1

    My heart drops everytime I see a deal for this. I paid $500+ for mine last year. No regrets though. Even at full price, it's a solid device.

  • I paid 178.25 usd ($270.40 according to my 28 degrees card)

  • hmm get this or hope for a good Y700 2023 deal?

  • What does it mean when it says:
    "This item can't be shipped to your address. Please, select another."

    • +1

      Oos, check in it comes in stock again from what I noticed

  • +1

    It's back

    • Thanks for the heads up! 😃

  • I think I just bought the last one, now is $20 more

  • +1

    This comes and goes at varying prices. I got mine this morning for $183.37 usd, ended up $174usd after tax and discounts.

  • I just got confirmation from Ali that my order from 18/6 has shipped today. The last few "choice" store orders have been a good experience for me, with fast delivery and proper tracking, so expecting the same here.

    • +1

      Likewise! My last choice shipping order arrived in a week! I don't bother anymore with non-choice stores.
      My order from 17/6 is currently at or has already left HK airport.

      • I agree. AliExpress seem to be getting their act together recently.

  • I got the 8/256GB version (CN ROM) for 312 AUD shipped this morning.

  • +3

    Got mine today
    For anyone having issues with getting the google play store working,
    make sure google play services and google play store are enabled under apps,
    if still not working go to Apps> 3 dots top right corner> Google Basic Services and toggle off and on then reboot
    Also check Google play store and services permissions

    • Thanks!! Mine's out for delivery today
      How you finding yours? Did it come sealed/unopened?

      • so far so good, screen is nice
        was sealed as new but no bubble wrap so box was a bit dented
        but tablet was fine

    • Thanks, for sharing. You saved me a lot of trouble. I almost returned mine because of this issue. It's working flawlessly now :)

    • i knew here will be genius like you to share the solution. thanks

    • +1

      Thanks for the heads up on the Google set up. Picked up today from Post Office. Came in same satchel as case ordered at same time:


      Not opened yet. Looking forward to playing with it later. I weighed the case and it is 245g if anyone is interested,

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