This was posted 11 years 3 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

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Purchase $100 Gift Card and Receive BONUS $10 Gift Card at Westfield Gift Cards Starts at 7pm

340 is excited to participate in Click Frenzy – Australia’s first national 24 hour online sale event. For one day only from 7pm on Tuesday November 20th get unbelievable online bargains from leading brands.

Exclusive offers available to you for this one night shopping event include:

  • 30% off Kardashian Kollection, House of Harlow at Body Royale Accessories. Prices Marked.
  • 20% off Storewide at cornflowerblue. Prices Marked.
  • 20% off full priced items at Florsheim. Enter FLORSHEIMFRENZY at checkout.
  • 15% off Storewide at Fruit Only. Enter FRUITFRENZY at checkout.
  • 15% off Storewide at Hampers Only. Enter HAMPERFRENZY at checkout
  • 15% off Storewide at Roses Only. Enter ROSEFRENZY at checkout
  • 20% off Storewide at PeepToe. Enter PEEPFRENZY at checkout.
  • 25% off Storewide at Shoe Sales. Enter SHOESFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Status Accessories. Prices Marked.
  • 20% off Storewide at Urban Originals. Prices Marked.
  • 20% off Storewide (exclude sale items) at Wanted Shoes. Enter WANTEDFRENZY at checkout.
  • >70% off selected items including GHD, Dermalogica and Moroccan Oil at Catwalk. Prices Marked.
  • 20% off Keune Products at Hair Body Skin. Prices Marked.
  • >60% off Storewide at Mossee. Prices Marked.
  • 30% off storewide at Will Hope Love. Enter WHLFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Zodee. Enter ZODEEFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Dugg. Prices marked.
  • 20% off Storewide at Alannah Hill. Enter AHFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Gorman. Enter GORFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Jack London. Enter JLFRENZY at checkout.
  • 20% off Storewide at Dangerfield. Enter DFFFRENZY at checkout.
  • >40% off Storewide at Cellarmasters plus 4 party cases half price. Prices marked.
  • Purchase $100 gift card and receive BONUS $10 gift Card at Westfield Gift Cards. Prices marked.
    ($1.95 handling fee)…

  • 60% off Calvin Klein White Label sunglasses now only $39.95 at SX Sunglasses. Prices marked.

  • Receive BONUS subscription to Waves or Yen at iSubscribe. Prices marked.
  • Buy 3 get 1 free at Australian Ugg Original.

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  • Knox city has just become a Westfield and I know a majority of major retailers will begin accepting this card.

  • +1

    Westfield gift card:
    * Accepted at
    * Now Accepted at Woolworth Group and Target
    * Some retailers may choose not to accept the gift card. This includes the Coles Group (with the exclusion of Kmart and Target) and Myer.

    • Now accepted at woolies? Awesome

    • I just tried to use a gift card at Knox City last Saturday. The guy said I couldn't use it and I had to pay using another method. Where are you getting that text from?

      • It has only converted to Westfield this month. Give it sometime for them to implement their cards. Retailers will need to have their eftpos terminals changed and or updated to accept the new cards

  • OK, so can be use at Woolies, my wife would love it but I am afraid their web site will stop like David Jones at the moment.

    • Correct, it's better than the standard 5% buying through entertainment book, etc
      Also accepted at some JB HiFi, HN, etc

    • Apparently you've got a full 24 hours to buy it i.e. until 7pm Wed.

      • -1

        Will they sell out gift cards? I would assume they should have a lot.

        So buy the gift cards and use it for iPad mini at BIGW cheapest price.

        • There's always the chance they will sell out early, will have to wait and see.

        • With it being heavily advertised, Australia wide, and a 24 hour sale, one would not expect them to run out. If this is to work properly into the future it must not be like a COTD type sale.

      • more than that since it's available to purchase now. but it's actually only 8% extra value as you pay $101.95 for $110 worth of cards.

        • Or 7.31818% recurring if you want to get technical ;)

        • Or cheaper after 7pm?

        • Don't think so. The extra $1.95 appears for any denomination, and if you buy multiples the $1.95 multiplies too

        • I am just thinking instead of $101.95 now.

        • -2

          And also if you shop at a place that accepts Ingdirect PayWave you lose the 5% rebate, making the savings only 3%.

        • not that many places accept paywave though. heck, woolworths only implemented it a few months ago

        • u can buy $200 gift card and u still only need to pay $1.95.

  • Will there be a limit on how many you can buy?

    • Free shipping so just checkout multiple times.

  • Does Zara accept Westfield gift cards?

    • Westfield Gift Cards Accepted

      for the two NSW locations, apparently not for Doncaster Vic.

      • Thanks! good enough for me ;)

      • You can find the list of accepting stores from this page:…

        Click on your Westfield's name then on the link View the list of stores at Westfield <name>. It will bring up a new page. Scroll down and check the box Westfield Gift Cards Accepted.

        Edit: It looks like the list generated this way isn't exhaustive. There were some from the last promo I don't see in it.

        Also you don't have to print the list out. The concierge will give you a leaflet with the accepting stores noted. I still have a leaflet from the last promo.

  • 12 month expiry or 24 months?

  • +6

    Please note the purchase price is includive of a $1.95 Service Fee.

    Looks like their copywriter couldn't decide between included and inclusive. :)

  • How much for postage and is it sent by registered post?

    • I don't remember seeing an option for registered post when I purchased mine. It simply stated free shipping/delivery.

    • Delivery is free. The $1.95 is service/admin fee for each card.

      • +1

        man.. i want to be paid $2 per card for just programming those values into your orders… it's better than minimal wage.

        • +1

          Perfect sunday job. $10 for the customer, $10 for me…

  • gonna buy the gift card at westfield then spend the money on toysrus!!!

  • Only 20%! I was promised 90% off V_V

  • How many can be purchased per person? Does it have to be $100 cards?

  • +1

    if you buy 10 x $100 = $1000, you only get 1 x $10, NOT 10 X $10….WATCHOUT, and only for $100 value card NOT for $200 value card

    • $101.95 is for $100 Westfield Gift Card + Bonus $10 Gift Card, so I assume if you buy 10 * $100, you should get 10*$10 bonus cards

    • Do they say that somewhere? Doesn't every purchase of $100 come with bonus 10?

      • Yes, when you click checkout, I tried 10 x $100 only bonus one $10, NOT ten $10. you can try it.
        Good thing you can use your gift card to purchase this gift card…

        • +1

          I don't think so - ordered 2 x $100 cards.
          Checkout shows
          "$100 Westfield Gift Card + Bonus $10 Gift Card
          Qty 2"
          Thats $220 of cards.

        • +1

          i agree with bruce. it doesnt make sense at all. actually it is as simple as what bruce typed above.

          it is like when you order fish, you dont have to order chips altogether.

    • If that's the case it's best to do individual orders as the final price will still work out the same

      • +1

        it is certainly not the case.

  • So many people forget to use the gift cards.

    I bet westfields is rubbing their hands together right about now

  • You buy one 100+10 each time and make sure you get 10 bonus seperately

  • +1

    Mine appears to show up for four?

    $100 Westfield Gift Card + Bonus $10 Gift Card
    QTY 4 = $407.80

  • Pity the stupid clickfrenzy website has crashed, some idiot was on aca saying they have servers that can handle heaps of traffic

    • +1

      idiot = PR person

    • I think they have a combined mail + web server because they were meant to send out an email to everyone on their mailing list at 7pm on the dot. I was able to refresh their site at 6:58 fine with no connection issues but when I reloaded again at 7pm on the dot, the site was down (surely not everyone refreshed at 7pm on the dot..). My guess is the server crashed when it tried sending out the emails because I am yet to receive a notification email from them.

  • You cannot buy a Gift Card with a Gift Card. Please use another payment method


  • Pity the stupid clickfrenzy website has crashed, some idiot was on aca saying they have servers that can handle heaps of traffic

    • +1

      yeah thats if you believe ACA or TT -> LOL

  • +1

    i tried, i can get 10 * $10 gift in one order. why pay seperately?

    • One order may have ONLY one 10 bonus card included

  • +1

    DSE, MYER, DJ, Clickfrenzy are not loading at all.

    DSE sometime work and only Westfield is working properly.

    They all become COTD.

    EDIT: Harvey Norman also crash now, nobody work.

    What are they thinking? How can they compete.

    • add bing lee to that list

  • +1

    Bought the Westfield Gift Card fine. NB: When they write Credit Card, they mean it, a Debit Card doesn't work. (I wanted to use up some money sitting in the account.) Also if you are a Velocity (Virgin Australia) member don't forget to claim your points (about 700). Not much, but might as well take them.

    • consider 14400 point can redeem $100 card, that's around $5 value.

      • True but I may never get enough points. :( Maybe for something smaller.

  • I have just use my Virgin points for $100 Gift card + $10 Gift card for 14480 points

    • That's more enough to pay a single trip between Sydney and Melbourne.

  • I want to buy this (don't forget to link from starthere cashback) however bit worried about delivery of a $110 gift card via Auspost? Especially given Point 3 of Westfield Gift Card T&C

    Anyone had bad experiences with buying gift cards online?…
    1. Australia Post and Toll Priority are sub-contracted to Westfield for carrying out delivery of Gift Cards ordered online. Any issues regarding delivery of Gift Cards ordered via should be referred to Westfield directly.
    2. Westfield will not be liable to you or anyone else for any losses suffered or incurred due to delay in delivery.
    3. Subject to payment, property and risk in the Goods passes to you upon dispatch of the Goods to your nominated delivery address.

    • +1

      I know it's too late to help you but they confirmed shipping today and when I went to my account there was a Track button which led to a Toll couriers tracking site. So I think it will arrive as an envelope by courier which I have to sign for. Hope I'm at home or it's another trip to the PO. :(

      However the cheaper cards in previous offers, e.g. $10 for $6, were sent in ordinary letters. Not valuable enough to track I suppose.

      • +1

        Ok, I have the cards in my hot big hands. They were put in my mailbox by Toll Couriers as the consignment did not require a signature. So you might want to be careful if your mailbox is not secure. If I had known I would not have stayed home in case they needed a signature.

  • Anyone knows what is the expiry date of these gift cards ?

    • +1

      12 months

  • Do you have the gift card link?

    I cannot find it. Thx

  • hurry only 1 hr left i got 5 % cash back via startup and triple velocity points too. note buckscoop dont pay cash back on westfield gift card purchases. can anyone confirm if you can get multiple cash back via startup on multiple purchases? if so i think ill buy another gift card for groceries and petrol purchases at woolies group and use it at target too. if you buy multiple $100 westfield gift cards will you still get multiple $10 gift cards?

  • they took it down early, its on the main page still but not the check out page. i finally decided to buy 3 and by the time i got through check out i got error and the bonus was gone from check out.

  • true wf card no longer display pulled b4 7pm that suxs

  • Hi, Can anyone confirm we can get 5% cashback if to link from starthere ?
    Your help will be very appreciated. Thanks.

    • if you are a founding member yes it says 5% . it tracked so now i just have to wait a few months and see if i do get the cash back. dont forget enable cookies and you get tripple velocity points too.

  • It is just a note for the security. You will need to activate the card online in order to use the card. If someone stole your mail, he/she won't be able to activate it unless he/she knows the credit card number you used to place the order.

    • No, not true. There was nothing enclosed about activating it. I used mine today just fine after scratching the PIN panel.

      Remember it's a gift card. You can give it to people and it's like cash. So protect it like cash.

  • yes There was nothing enclosed about activating it

  • Thanks coolsteps. Still waiting for my gift cards to come.

    • Can someone tell me whether the gift card arrived via regular or registered/express post? Wouldn't be worth the risk of this value arriving via regular post IMO.

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