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$2 Bonus Cashback on $2 Spend at Chemist Warehouse (Activation Required) @ TopCashback AU


Hi everyone. My second post as a TopCashbackAU employee. Feel free to join TCB today if you're yet to do so, and remember we have the most generous everyday cashback rates and a highest cashback guarantee!

For today’s deal, please make sure you first activate the bonus then shop as normal at Chemist Warehouse online by clicking/tapping the pink cashback button from TopCashbackAU. The bonus will show in your account within 24 hours of your Chemist Warehouse tracking confirmation (you will not receive a tracking email for the bonus).

Thanks for your support as always 🙏
Stay safe, and enjoy 😊

Please read the following terms & handy tips carefully:

1. To participate in the $2 bonus cashback promotion, you must be a member of TopCashback.com.au and must first activate the bonus prior to making an eligible transaction at Chemist Warehouse.
2. After activation, transaction must be made between 00:00 and 23:59 AEST (18/06/2024).
3. The bonus is not eligible on immunisations, prescriptions, pharmacist only medication, services, Covid19 tests, use of discount codes, use of gift cards as payment, purchase of gift cards, purchases via the Chemist Warehouse app.
4. Your order must be made in a single transaction and may contain more than one item, but the order total must be at least $2 (inclusive of GST). Sales may report to your account excluding GST so the reported amount may be less than $2 (this is ok).
5. The bonus cashback will not appear in your TopCashbackAU account until your Chemist Warehouse order tracks to your account, and will be payable once your Chemist Warehouse order is payable. Chemist Warehouse tracking is not instant, and typically takes 0-2 days to report.
6. The bonus cashback is over and above the advertised cashback rate which still applies to the transaction.
7. Only one TopCashback.com.au account per person is allowed, and the bonus cashback is limited to one per TopCashbackAU member.
8. The bonus cashback may not automatically apply to purchases where a missing cashback claim needs to be lodged. If this is the case and your claim is successful, you will need to raise a separate support ticket to be awarded the bonus.
9. TopCashbackAU will not be held responsible for any technical failure or otherwise which prevents participation in this promotion.
10. Where a contradiction exists between the offer terms & conditions and TopCashbackAU terms & conditions, the offer terms & conditions take precedence until the offer expires.
11. Any fraudulent activity will result in rewards being forfeited and accounts closed.

Handy tips:

Chemist Warehouse tracking is not instant and can take up to 24 hours to report into accounts. For tracking success, ensure you disable 3rd party plugins (AdBlock, uBlock, Pi-hole, Honey, etc), VPNs, avoid browsers such as Brave, close any additional browser tabs, and don't click away to other sites looking for codes etc after clicking from TopCashbackAU as tracking will be lost. TopCashbackAU must be your last click. Try our iOS/Android mobile app for great tracking results. Use our Help Centre & Contact form here for any questions or issues.

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Referrer gets $35, referee gets $10 (after $10 of earned cashback within 180 days of signing up).

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  • +20

    $2 Bonus Cashback

    I don't get out of bed for less than $5

    • +20

      Good thing you can do this all from your phone in bed.

  • +9

    Thanks TA! Got out of bed for $2

    • Kettle it's on. Now what to buy?

      • You bought $2 worth of kettle

      • Now what to buy?

        Free e-books.

    • +7

      User name checks out…

  • +1

    bought kids Dymadon, thanks TA

    • -2

      Get them onto the painkillers early, huh?

    • +9

      FYI you can get this Panamax Elixir liquid instead for a 1/3 of the price.

      • +2

        That's a great find, thanks for sharing, will buy that one going forward, it's even flavoured!
        damn, not available for click and collect, can't even find it in store?

        • +2

          still cheaper to get it delivered.

        • +2

          I just rang my local store and they said they have plenty on shelf for $5.95 (product code 2489406) and can put one behind the counter for me. If you wanted to give that a go. No cashback though of course.

          I asked if they had any idea why click & collect wasn't allowed online and it also didn't show the stock levels, they seemed to think that it was because they used to keep the product in the pharmacy section behind the counter and they haven't updated it online yet, since they moved to the retail shelf.

          • +2

            @hamza23: Yeah, how suspicious of them to keep the cheaper ones hidden

      • +2

        Gee they keep this well hidden - I never knew it existed

  • 100% Cashback! 🤑 ta TA!

  • +2

    gonna be a lot of click and collects for lip balm i think.

  • nice mate

  • Hi TA you changed your job?

  • Just saw the email come thru as well~ Good timing.

  • -2

    not available for pick up?

  • Wil there be any new sign up offers for top cashback? I haven't signed up yet.

    • Probably. The increased $15 offer just ended the other day.

      • Oh damn, just missed it.

  • +2

    Ngl still weird seeing TA and TopCashback in the same post.

  • Is it normal that Top's Pending status seems pretty long. ~1 month ?

    • I think they do take longer than SB and CW, but I have always got the hard cash in my hand.

  • +1

    Still waiting for my first cashback to track and be paid…

    • been like 2wks still no payout
      no response to my missing tracking and enquiry for about 3months now too

  • quite a bit of items where click and collect not available… makes the deal a no deal..

  • Canesten Antibacterial and Antifungal Hygiene Laundry Rinse Lemon 1Litre $7.49

  • Thanks TA.
    Purchase tracked in about an hour

  • I currently have two open cases against these guys where they had click through tracking of my purchases but did not track either case for cashback. It has been over 2 months for one and about 1 month for the second. Obviously not expecting brilliant communication or fast turnarounds but just letting people know bit dodgy that some purchases don't track. The purchases from a few months ago was worth a $100 cashback and I would have never made the purchase if I knew they would not track or reply to my case after 2 months.

    • +2

      They have a new Aussie rep @tightarse and you should see improvements in customer service and response to your queries.
      I also wasn't impressed with this company but tightarse (previously at Cashrewards) has a good reputation here and has helped many members get their cashbacks.

    • Early Oct 2023 still pending. Old store rep disn't reply.

  • Hi, I definitely activated the bonus and then proceeded with purchase however in my earnings there is only one line - for the cashback and not the $2 bonus. How should I proceed? Does this classify as missing cashback?

    • Mine is the same and the $2 bonus will show up later. Have to wait a few hours and it's not a missing cashback. According to TA, the bonus will show up in your account within 24 hours of the tracking but there will not be an email

      • +1

        Thanks. My last bonus appeared at same time as cashback hence my concern this time round. Thanks for letting me know your experience and I will wait.

        • @LoveBargainsAus The $2 bonus is now showing in my account. Hope you got yours too.

  • is it weird click collecting a singlular low value item ?

  • If this 2$ lip balm is not track, you won't be that tight arse..lol

    • Ha ha $2 bonus is now in the account

  • +1

    Can't trust TCB yet, still waiting for a not tracked cashback claim from 46 days ago. So be prepared to wait 2 months minimum it looks like. And no response.

    • +1

      I've done this before and there is usually no response during the waiting period (about 2 months) after you lodged a claim. There is a new rep @tightarse that you can DM if you have any concerns. I can vouch that you can trust tightarse to get your cashback.

      Info from rep: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/comment/15369503/redir

  • "The bonus is not eligible on … use of gift cards as payment"?

    • Yes, can't use gift card as payment with Chemist Warehouse and they will reject.
      I used PayPal and got the bonus.

  • +1

    Mine didn’t track. Maybe I did wrong :(

    • +1

      Please wait until 10:30am when the remaining batch of orders from last night reports through. Thank you :)

      • Oh Ty, aren’t you a gem!

      • Hi TA, my purchase did not track, nothing showing in my purchases, I followed all purchasing instructions. Are you able to assist? Not keen on the 3 month wait just to get a reply back via the app.

        • Hey there! Please PM me your TCB email address and a screenshot of your invoice showing order ID, purchase date, and payment. Thank you!

  • Cashback tracked 10 mins ago!

    • +2

      Ye, the affiliate network used by CW behaves this way. During the day, any transactions generally report 1-2 hours after purchase. However of an evening, any transactions made after around 9:45pm will track the following day at around 10:30am per my comment above. Cheers :)

      • Thanks, mine tracked too.
        Now awaiting the bonus.

        Pending cashback balance slowly increasing 👍

        • Hi. The bonus should already be in your acct? It would have reported soon after the tracking confirmation.

          • @tightarse: I see.
            Thanks, the bonus $2 was under the tracked Chemist Warehouse transaction.

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