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Nexgard Spectra 6Pk Subscription: Orange $76.70, Yellow $78.32, Green $80.74, Purple $85.99, Red $90.03 @ Budget Pet Products


Got emailed this deal but it is not targeted. Extra 15% off using promo code QBWMVG. Totals quoted in the title are with auto delivery. I set myself a reminder in one week to cancel the auto delivery.

Price reduces at checkout with the use of the code. Limit 1 redemption per user. While stocks last.

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    Nexguard is a good all in one treatment once per month however I find it is a lot more cost effective using heartgard once per month and aristopet all wormer once every 2 months.

    Works out to be around $30 per month instead of $80 per month.

    However heartgard and aristopet doesn't cover flea treament, but I've never had issues with fleas for my dogs here in Perth

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      Nexguard is like $12 per month though? Where are your figures coming from

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        Sorry you're right my maths was way off lol

        Nexgard spectra = ~$80 for 6 months = $13.3pm


        Heartgard medium = $79 for 12 months = $6.60pm
        Aristopet all wormer = $18 for 6 months = $3pm
        Total = $9.6pm

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          A lot of people size up, then give HALF a tab. That way a 6 month supply lasts an entire year.

          • @lordra: Brilliant. How have I not thought of this? Thanks for the tip!

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            @lordra: Only problem with that is I spoke to the vet about this and she said the active ingredient may not be necessarily uniformly distributed in the tablet. I think it's better to go with the correct size and give your pet the full tablet to be safe.

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              @Zalur: Yes, this is a possibility. But what are the chances?

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                @lordra: Up to you to take your chances for your pet's health I guess

              • @lordra: I think it's more like the active ingredient isn't evenly distributed, and depending on how you split the tablet your pet may get an incorrect dose.

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              @Zalur: It was actually my vet who suggested splitting doses in half.
              Portions aren't made one at a time. The ingredients are mixed in a huge vat then chopped up to the portion sizes.
              If there were inconsistencies in the mix one portion could overdose a dog whilst the next have no active ingredient at all.

            • @Zalur: Homogeneously

        • Don't you still have to give your dog the allwormer with Nexgard spectra??

    • The math ain’t mathing.

      • It weren't mathing at all

      • *maths

  • Thanks, was almost out

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      More bargain hunters should get into homoeopathy - pay for 1 dose and get 1000! Just add water…

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      This is straight up medical misinformation.
      I don't mind if cookers do this to themselves, don't involve animals in conspiracies.

  • Thanks OP. Had just ran out of the Purple.

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    Is it really necessary to give it every month or can you get away with every 2nd or 3rd month? Obviously the company is gonna say every month to sell more product…

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      If you want it to work, give it monthly.

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    Thanks- got 2 packs of the 30-60Kg. perfect timing for the wife’s birthday.

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    Huawei Nexus 6P

  • Anyone bought from here before ?

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      Yep, bought heaps of stuff from them in the past. They used to always be cheapest for dog food. Other online retailers have caught up so I jump between them now and shop around.

    • Yes. Only issue I had was that it took just over a week for the items to arrive (to Sydney).

  • Thanks ops! was checking this vert products on petcircle etc and this saved another few bucks!

  • Be very careful with Nexguard if you've never used it before, make sure to keep a close eye on your dog for 48 hours after administering for the first time, particularly if you have a Collie or Shepard.

    The main active ingredient Afoxolaner is one of the worst offenders for causing seizures and deaths in dogs with MDR1 gene mutations: https://www.mypetsdoctor.com/avermectin-safety-in-dogs

    Best off with Lotilaner or Selamectin for flea prevention, least number of adverse reactions.

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      Works fine as a preventative, but it won't protect against tapeworm.

    • Neovet is the generic version of Advocate. If you're not concerned with Tapeworm, it's a more affordable alternative.
      Tapeworm segments look like sesame seeds in your pet's poop. :)

  • Damnit… just got 2 packs from Per Circle

  • Code invalid

    • Worked for me a few minutes ago on the purple pack.
      Make sure you choose the 6 pack, 12 doesn't work unfortunately.

  • Got one, thank you

  • Thank you for this, great timing!

  • $157.92 - 2 x 6 packs (Green) from PetBarn when you are a first time repeat delivery customer. Also 2 hour free delivery via Uber depending on postcode.

  • does anyone use the one for cat?

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    My understanding is that not all dogs need these medication monthly, usually they either have to be living in an area where flea/tick outbreaks are present or dog regularly meet random dogs, otherwise your dog just gets a cocktail of chemicals that their liver and kidneys need to process.

    Heartworm is almost impossible to catch as well if the dog mostly lives indoors in an area with not much mosquito infestations.

    Haven't used any of these for the last seven years for my dogs and they are fine, will consider giving them if I ever see a tick or fleas but not as a regular monthly medication to fund some random business.

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    Trying the get the cat one but it shows "Oops, the code entered is invalid."

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