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ahm Hospital & Extras Health Insurance: 6 Weeks Free after 60 Days & 6 Weeks Free after 395 Days, 2- & 6-Month Wait Waived


New joins on hospital & extras can get 6 weeks free after their first 60 days, and a further 6 weeks free after their first 395 days. Plus, any 2 & 6 month waiting periods on extras waived. Offer ends 30 Jun 2024.

Just saw this offer today -
If you join AHM Health Insurance on an extras policy by June 30, you basically get double the extras limits on most services (because they reset on July 1 with AHM).
Better yet, this is on top of getting 6-to-12 weeks free depending on which deal you take. Check out the offers link posted to see how the offers combine.

Also, sounds like you'd be eligible for the $100 they're giving members later in the year. Not bad, not bad, not bad!!

Mod note: Extras limit resetting on 1 July is not a doubling of extras limit. This misleading claim by OP has been removed from title.

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Referrer gets $100. Referee gets 6 weeks free after their first 60 days. Plus, any 2 & 6 month waiting periods on extras waived.

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    Thanks for joining ozbargain to encourage us to join AHM.

  • the only thing I will be using is optical, and they exclude it lol

    If you, or any member on your membership have unclaimed annual limits from the 2023/2024 financial year, most of these will be rolled over into the new financial year. Excludes optical where it has a separate annual limit, pre and post-natal services and joint fluid replacement injections rolling year limits, laser eye surgery and orthodontics lifetime limits (orthodontic annual limits will still rollover) and hearing aid limits which reset every 3 financial years.

  • Medibank also has 12 weeks and works out 5-8% cheaper during my three scenarios.

    • As does Bupa.

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    The 6 weeks free after 60 days = ~41% discount for the relevant period. Stay on the lookout for 6 weeks free after 1 month offers, which represent a discount of ~58%.

    • Seen any '6 weeks free/ 1 monthers' with a July reset? Just used up a heap of stuff on the Bupa deal …full rebuild ;)

      • Good question, I'm planning my next move too.

        • Anything catch your eye?

          Looks like if you take up AHM or Medibank, you are excluded from future promos from either for 12 months.

          Ahm offering $100 if you are active with them in Sep.

          • @tunzafun001: I am not seeing this restriction in the T&Cs - that you are excluded from future promos for 12 months. Are you sure about this?

            • @caperite: Well I was … But just read them and it looks like the exclusions are now only 30-60 days.

              Hmm…so go for AHM and a extras reset and a cashback of $100 in September..

              or just go to Medibank and take the points and the same $100 (but need to be on the books on June 30 for the $100)?

              Use topcashback for the $250 Cashback sign up.

              *I know where I saw the 12 month exclusion. It was the Medibank/ Velocity points offer.


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