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eufy Security HomeBase 3 $279 + Delivery ($0 C&C/ In-Store) @ JB Hi Fi & The Good Guys


Secure your home with the versatile eufy Security Homebase 3, a smart security system that keeps watch over what matters. With its crisp 1080p live view, this wireless security camera delivers sharp video footage directly to your smartphone, letting you check in on your home anytime. Its wide 135-degree field of view captures more of each room, while night vision maintains visibility even after dark. Store up to 16TB of recordings on the HomeBase for easy access later. Connect additional eufy cameras for whole-home coverage. This white security camera comes with a 1 year warranty for peace of mind. The manufacturer's part number for this product is T8030TD1. Learn more about this innovative home security solution today.

Link to product at The Good Guys

Use JB Hi-Fi or The Good Guys gift cards for another ~10% off https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/851724

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  • You can add another drive to this, it has a slot inside for a laptop size HDD or SSD.
    It also has the So called BionicMind : providing facial recognition that filters alerts

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    If you don't mind a factory refurb, you could also get it from Anker for $199 shipped with 12 month warranty: https://myanker.com.au/eufy-security-homebase-3-s380-refurbi…

    • Are all these newer refurb sellers popping up legit?

      Was keeping an eye of for a refurbed system off the myeufy.com.au page but have noticed lately there is no longer any refurbished offerings from the myeufy site.

      With the likes of goodbuyz.com.au, now myanker.com.au popping up how "legit" are these sites and the products offered, or are they just onselling returned crap from brick and mortor stores like JB, TGG & HN?

      • If you look at the one from goodbuyz its a complete rip from the anker site. Possibly onselling from there but cheaper if you are buying for the first time with a 15% welcome discount.

      • Anker is actually the parent company of Eufy, so in respect to the link I posted, it's more a matter of inconsistent/clumsy branding on Anker/Eufy's part rather than the site not being legitimate.


    • $170 from goodbuyz.com.au with 15% welcome discount. Ad is a complete rip from anker website as well.

    • do you have the refurbished version? If so, do you know if it comes with the screws to hold the expandable storage?

  • Is this required also for 1or 2 camera’a only?

    • Depends on the camera. Eg. S330 needs it, E340 doesn't.

      • E340 the doorbell. I've just realised there's a floodlight cam that's also E340. WTH!

        • Stupid isn't it…

  • Would it be of any use in combination with a smart door lock with video? I'm thinking of getting the base, a smart door lock and one security camera.

  • At TGG, when I opened the page then moved away I was given an instant discount of $11 bringing it down to $268. Hope that works for someone else.

    • It should work like that for everyone. And if TGG haven't detected a lower price elsewhere before you have, you ask them to price match.

  • Other than being able to add storage, is there any other reason to upgrade from a Homebase 2?

    • Cross camera tracking

    • Better "AI" tracking which can detect difference between human, pet and vehicle.
      Ability to add a hard drive for more storage

  • Will this Homebase3 work with the older EufyCam2 first edition 1080p camera model# T8804cd2 (not to be confused with the EufyCam2Pro 2k camera)? My google search is not helping.

    My older cameras and original Homebase1 are all still operating fine so I’m trying to work out if I will need to upgrade all the cameras too if I upgrade to Homebase3.

    I’m thinking of upgrading to Homebase3 so that I can have offline recording when I buy this new E340 floodlight cam and ideally I can use the existing 4 older cameras with Homebase3.

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      Can't help from experience, but here's this for the others looking for answers:

      Below is a list of products that have full, partial, or planned HomeBase 3 compatibility, as well as when compatibility can be
      expected for devices without it.


      BTW, what "offline recording" are you talking about?

      Also BTW - I'm more and more disenchanted with this Eufy system. My S330s are not too quick to connect and to view the live stream. I've seen worse, but also I have a feeling this can't be the best you can get wirelessly. Then, the sound is just unusable - can't be sure about the quality of the mic, because the lag and audio compression are so bad, you can't hear the full sentence when trying to speak through the camera, as it cuts off or just doesn't transmit at all; and the quality, also on recordings/live is like a phone call via another phone call from an empty bathroom. I can't tell if what I hear is someone's footsteps or a noise from a block away. I'm talking multiple cameras being a single drywall away from the Homebase and the router.

      • Thanks pizzaguy, that compatibility list does mention the EufyCam 2, though with a different model number to mine. Maybe different regions have different model numbers for the same name camera?

        By offline I mean be able to record to the Homebase3, so that I have saved footage in my house in the instance that someone steals the SD memory card inside the floodlight cam and taking away any evidence. Unlikely to happen I know.

        I agree the microphone quality is poor and video livestream is laggy, especially when pairing with Alexa video speakers. Maybe it works better with the newer cameras and homebase?

        Livestream to my iphone eufy app only takes a few seconds to load though so I just keep an old iPhone in the kitchen for when I want to see who is at the front door.

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          Maybe different regions have different model numbers for the same name camera?

          That can totally be the case.

          Maybe it works better with the newer cameras and homebase?

          My setup is HB3+S330, multiple cameras - one of the newest, to my knowledge.

          Livestream to my iphone eufy app only takes a few seconds to load though so I just keep an old iPhone in the kitchen for when I want to see who is at the front door.

          Are you saying it's an always-on iphone and your cams are always streaming?

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            @pizzaguy: No. That would drain the camera battery fast!

            I have the eufy app open on the iPhone, put the phone into Guided Access mode so that it is locked on that app only and the kids can’t switch apps. I then turn it off.

            When someone rings the door bell I turn on the iPhone using FaceID which is instant and as the eufy app is already opened I just click on the front door camera live view option.

            All in all it takes about 5-7 seconds. It’ll take me longer than that to run to the front door to see who’s there, and takes much much longer to load the live view onto the Alexa video speaker so I gave up on that option and just use the current iPhone set up.

            Hope that makes sense.

            • -2

              @PoorFromOzBargains: Thanks for that, it makes sense.

              Too bad, however, that such a security system, allegedly so neat, requires workarounds like that.

  • Looks like Bunnings is selling it cheaper at $274. as a special order.

    JB Hi-Fi should be able to price match if you want to use all of those discounted JB gift cards you’ve scored from all the deals on Ozbargain :-)

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