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One Way Airfare: Perth to/from Adelaide or Melbourne from $95 (Select Flights & Dates) @ Virgin Australia

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Looks like Virgin Australia has price matched Rex on their offers from ADL/MEL to Perth https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/852232#comment-15404863

No defined expiry date but id imagine it would be the same time as Rex.

Fares in Lite from $97 (No Checked Baggage and Reduced Points/SCs) (+$2 in Card Surcharges)
Fares in Choice from $101 (23kgs Checked Baggage and Normal Points/SCs) (+$2 in Card Surcharges)

If you are a Velocity FF, go with Virgin Australia. However Rex is notorious for cheap bid upgrades, and a $120 bid on a transcon leg should clear with relative ease.

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  • +13

    The joys of having competition

  • Is it the same travel dates as rex?

  • +5

    Just beware on the ADL-PER route of the A320 Hellships that VA use.


    • +4

      The old Tiger A320s, ideally they get phased out when VA receives their full load of B38Ms and B3XMs

      • +3

        You're allowed to say 737 MAX aircraft.

      • -1

        No way I'm ever getting on a Boeing that's built in the last 10 years!!!!!

        • Good luck with a few of the Virgin 738 NGs then. VH-YWE etc.

      • u'll get fresh air when the doors fall out mid-flight =)

  • No love for Sydney to Perth?

    • +2

      Not if they physically don't fly directly, no

  • +5

    I flew Rex and was so impressed. Full service, not the no frills pared back model you get with Virgin Australia 2.0.

    • +4

      100 per cent - Rex offers the service that Virgin used to

      Virgin 2.0 is Jetstar-Lite

    • "Full service" on Rex, I wish, they say this but from my experience, it couldn't be further from the truth. Happy to fly with any of them though, for the right price :)
      Being loyal is the ultimate way to get screwed (loyalty tax).

  • Jesus the times aren't great —- midnight arrival (Mel > Per) and midnight departure (Per > Mel) … $99 bucks for seat, status & bag… beggars can't be choosers !

  • What's the weather like in Perth for July/August? Trying to decide if it is worth taking the family for a week.

  • +4

    Rex is better than Virgin, for the extra $4, it's a no brainer.

  • I have tried rex just once, i liked their service better than others.. i hope they consider improving their website.

    Anyway, the flight timings sucks, probably i will be spending more on accommodation. I still regret missing out on jetstar sales fare, they were too good

  • +2

    Looking at Virgin discount prices they look to be on the same days at REX and the special is for the exact same period.
    Gawd what a cynical play by Virgin.

    Screenshot of prices from Perth to Adelaide in August. It isn't available in September, just like REX

    • -2

      It's actually called predatory pricing in Australia. Someone should show Bain Capital how that works out for them.

      • +2

        It's called competition, this is exactly how that works and what the ACCC likes to see.
        This is quite different to predatory pricing if you look at the definition on the ACCC website :)
        Airlines and retailers have been doing this for decades, it's nothing new.
        By your logic Bunnings, Officeworks and JB Hi-Fi would have been fined multiple times over, as they do it weekly.
        Rex and Virgin have been doing this since Rex started flying between major capital cities and John Sharp, the CEO of Rex, would have been up in arms as he is never afraid to speak his mind.
        The ACCC would be we'll aware of this pricing strategy with all the major brands.

      • +2

        Predatory pricing would be say;
        Rex $97 AUD
        Virgin $57 AUD, only for the same timed flights and the same dates as Rex's sale fares.

  • +1

    Great as free travel for infants with virgin, booked, thank you 😊

    • +1

      infants are travelling free with rex too.

      • Good to know for next time, one difference I see is you must pay for seat selection and virgin is cheaper with no luggage

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