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Signature Noodle Bowl $10 + Delivery/Service Fee (Free for Pick up) @ 1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle via DoorDash


Saw this on my doordash homepage.

Surprised to see that the code allows pick up! Which means if you are near one, you can just pick up for $10 without any delivery/service fee.

Grab a $10 signature noodle bowl with 1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle. Use code: 1919TEN. Valid only at eligible stores until 23/6/24 or till supplies last. Valid only with eligible items in cart. 1 per customer. Subject to availability. Fees apply.

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  • +2

    Yes did pick up no problem from my local.

    • +2

      Do they seperate the noodles n soup in the box?

      • +4

        Yes there is a separate compartment on top of the soup for the noodles.

    • +1

      Yeah, I was surprised since previous $10 pad thai was delivery only, but this $10 meal allows it.

  • +7

    I bet everyone is checking where their closest 1919 Lanzhou Beef Noodle store is- crashed the www.1919lanzhoubeefnoodle.com.au server.

    I thought I read Master Lanzhou, well was hoping it was Master Lanzhou

  • This or pho?

    • +15

      If you're asking this question, the answer is Bún Bò Huế

    • +5

      lanzhou pulled noodles have better texture; phos tend to have tasier soup. your personal preference may vary

    • +12

      Pho Queue

      (it's a name of a restaurant near me, how did it get past business name registrar?)

      • +12

        wait till the release a second store

        Pho Queue two

      • +1


    • +1

      This. IMO.

    • +1

      It's like asking burger or sandwich. completely different dishes

      • Burger. Next question

      • +1

        A burger IS a sandwich!!

    • +1

      They're both f'n great. But I find this is more consistently good, whereas you can get bad pho quite often.

  • They deliver to any area ?

  • +1

    No store nearby, Master Lanzhou tonight then : )

  • +3

    If Google Maps is correct, Sydney Canberra Adelaide Brisbane only.

  • this has to be In store consumed for the best taste in my opinion, not delivered

  • +3

    So there is a 1919 and a 1915 lanzhou? Are they related?

    • +2

      Not related but similar.

      I find 1915 to be much better.

      • I didn't even notice until you two mentioned it

    • Could be 4 years apart siblings

    • +1

      What I only know is that Lanzhou beef noodle was invented in 1915 by Baozi Ma, a Hui Chinese cook in Gansu Province from Qing Dynasty.

    • +7

      Major difference: 1915 is Halal (menu has beef and lamb, and also lamb skewers), 1919 is not (menu has pork, no skewers).

      Minor difference: 1915 combo available for lunch only, 1919 combo available all day and more side dish options.

      Otherwise similar sort of noodles, but one may prefer one over the other.

      • Their lamb skewers are amazing!

    • +7

      1915 is legit. They are a actual chain that operate in the city of Lanzhou. Taste is on par with the big chains you can find there, but not as good as some family-run ones.
      All the other 191x are a bit of meh. More on par with the packaged ones in Asian grocer…
      * Born in Lanzhou and lived there as a small kid. Still have family there. Cousin lives 3 blocks from the flagship 1915 restaurant and verified the authenticity of the Sydney places from the staff. *

      • Yep I am family friends with the owner of the 1915 chain from Lanzhou.
        The rest of 1917, 1919 are all copies of 1915.

      • -1

        Whoever gives cheap ramen is legit. Just noodles, not high tech products. It's just a local food, like hotpot, which every family makes

        • Lanzhou beef noodle isn't hotpot. It's the type of food locals don't usually cook at home, they are professionally made and served at halal restaurants. So authenticity does matter. It's not high tech, but so isn't sushi. Or burgers.

    • +1

      1915 is the authentic one, any other 191x are copycats.

    • 1915 or nothin!

    • In Burwood 1915 has queues to the next store, but I don't get why it gets more business than 1919. Having tried 1915 4 times, the broth is less beefy and the noodle texture is less bouncy/chewy.

      • A lot of shops get hyped up in BW. Drove pass Kariton the other night, I thought Tay Tay was there. :D

  • How well do these deliver?

    • I ordered the dry non soup version just in case

      • very small portion of beef when i got it lost time

    • Pretty good in my experience, noodles and soup separate, minimal leaking

  • Just picked up one. Thanks for posting.

  • There's thinnest, thinner, thin, thick, thicker, prism, wide noodles - what's good here?

    • Personal choice really.
      I usually go for thin for a balanced texture.

    • Wide!

  • +1

    For the regular customers of this noodle shop, what is the soup supposed to taste like?

    Reason I ask is because a branch recently opened at the local Westfield, and there were massive queues for the first 3-4 weeks.

    Waited a week or so after the queues started to die down, but still decently long queues.

    Maybe I'm used to good pho, but the lanzhou noodle soup tasted like cow bath water, barely a hint of beef flavour.

    Had to add condiments to the max to even make it edible.

    Not surprised it's virtually empty whenever I walk past it now.

    Is it supposed to be that way everywhere, or is my local branch just horrendous?

    • If you want to have the best soup from them order one before lunch time as they will keep boiling the soup for the whole day.

      If you still don't like it then this is not for you.

      • +1

        My one trip there was for an after work dinner.

        By that reckoning, shouldn't the soup have the best flavour at dinner timr?

        • Short answer is no as the soup is no longer “clean” after one day use.

    • tried it once, can confirm the soup is lackluster. I think their main selling point is the noodles

    • +3

      The broth and noodle between 1919/1915 franchisesis inconsistent. The original chefs in Lanzhou would have got years of training and I suspect not all franchises brought them over to Australia. Many chefs here I suspect would have got a crash course and the mixture would vary.

      Broth should be clear but have a beefy taste that complements the noodles. Other noodle soups like laksa have the soup as the star and noodles secondary.

      • Cheers for that!

        Probably an outlet that doesn't take pride in the food they are serving.

        Gonna stick with phos!

  • What’s the best noodle thickness for this?

    • Wide! Genuine recommendation but YMMV….

      • Cheers

  • Just ordered and not worth $10

    Don't get the thinnest its way too soft

  • They're not in Vic :(

  • +2

    Borderline tasteless. Not even subtle flavour. The chilli oil cant help the tasteless broth.

    Stick to 1915.

  • How do u find these places. Tried one, was good. Tried another, was so strong in spice or whatever, just made me feel thirsty and kinda off.

  • Doordash has limited dasher in Sydney South, my orders frequently got delayed or cancelled in the recent months.

  • Unfortunately, this promotion is not currently available

    Don't know if OOS or store is not valid. Will give it another try tomorrow.

  • +1

    Expired earlier!

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