Citizen Promaster Yacht Timer Titanium Sapphire JR4065-09E $449 + Others in EOFY Sale ($20 Off w/ Signup) Del'd @ Watch Depot


Edit: Citizen AT2530-85X Eco-Drive Titanium is cheaper at Watch Direct $361.25 with EOFY24

Some Seiko Speedies on sale as well but I cbf checking if the prices are good. I think the Sumo GMT may be atl.

The G-Shock GG-B100-1A seems cheap as well but not sure.

Full sale:

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  • +1

    Hmm.. pretty good price.

    Shame Shiels don't have this for a competitive price ($699). Makes it hard to use the VIP vouchers when it would still be $100 more than watch depot after $150 off 😂.

    • +1

      Shiels put the Seiko 5 GMTs back up. Only ones worth getting with the $150 voucher to make them $350

      • Yeah I noticed that, glad I got one the day I did!

      • +1
        • That's pretty good, paid $740 for my Noosa SE.
          I think those vouchers expire pretty soon..

        • The new Speedtimer colourways come down to $730 with the voucher.

          • @Astronaut Joe: The panda for $575 was a lot better deal for the same watch, but yeah some of them look nice. The Seiko 5 Field GMT was good with the voucher!

  • -8

    That's one damn ugly chronometer.

    • +1

      You need to learn the definition of "chronometer"

      • -4

        You need to "lighten up".

        • ok thx

        • No, he doesn't

          You need to learn the term before using it.

          • -4

            @SpeedRunnerLink: It's a synonym for watch, deal with it.

            • +3

              @Bdawg: It's a term used to indicate that a mechanical watch has passed a series of strict tests and is extremely accurate.

              This watch is neither mechanical nor has it been subjected to the strict testing required for the title. It may be accurate but most ecodrives are.

              You will never buy a chronometer certified watch for $450 either.

              • -3

                @Muzeeb: It's a word from 1714… It may generally have a specific use today, that doesn't mean the archaic usage is invalidated.


                Sorry pedants, you're wrong.

                • +2

                  @Bdawg: That's not the definition. This is the definition

                  You are using a synonym from a thesaurus.

                • +1

                  @Bdawg: You're using a Thesaurus instead of a dictionary to find out a meaning of a word !!

                  How can you not even Google the meaning properly !! LOL

                  Oh geez you would have struggled in the ages of physical encyclopedias and dictionaries

              • +2

                @Muzeeb: Yes and most people call them chronometers when they are actually chronographs without knowing the difference.

                • +4

                  @G-rig: And to use that in a sentence…..

                  @Jimothy Wongingtons loves his new chronograph. He wishes he had enough money to buy a chronometer.

                  • +2

                    @Muzeeb: Damn you guys are soo nerdy about watches. Just strap on your Skmei, have a beer & chill.

                    • +1

                      @WatchNerd: mate, I strap on a MVMT or DW watch ok !

                    • @WatchNerd: Helps to know the correct terminology if you are trolling people, I must admit I didn't realise the difference for a while either not long ago.

                      Anyway almost that time 🍻.

                  • +1

                    @Muzeeb: me with apple watch on today: idk watch is watch.

    • +1

      Pretty sure it's not chronometer spec for that price, haha.

      I think it looks fine, citizen are good at those busy looking watches.

  • +1

    It's a really busy looking watch.

    I really don't see the benefit of having this type of watch for your average Joe.

  • +2

    The GG-B100 was $315 last Amazon Prime day, if you wanted to chance your arm and wait a couple of weeks it might hit a similar level.

    Citizen AT2386-55E @ $225 is definitely an ATL I believe, $205 with signup. If you can't be arsed setting up another burner email to get the signup bonus, using the $60 voucher at Shiels brings from $275 to $215.

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