Tokyo, Japan from Sydney $582 Return, Melbourne $653 Return, Perth $586 Return [AirAsia/Scoot/Cebu] @ Beat That Flight


In a price war of the low cost carriers, we're seeing some fantastic short term prices (Jul-Oct). All fares include 7-10kg of carry on luggage.

Sydney to Tokyo from $582 Return
Melbourne to Tokyo from $653 Return
Perth to Tokyo from $586 Return

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If you're after a more premium experience, including from other Aus cities, see the Cathay Pacific deal.

Sydney to Tokyo

Melbourne to Tokyo

Perth to Tokyo

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  • +16

    31 hours + trip either way ??? from Melbourne. Saving a few hundred $$ but take 3 times longer to get there.

    • Yep the airlines are a joke now and theres never any from Brisbane qld or its a milk run flight like these.

  • How does Cebu Pacific compare to Philippine Airlines?

    I remember many people hated on PAL and wonder if Cebu Pacific will be better?

    • +3

      Cebu pacific is 1 grand times worse than PAL bro. Never even think of getting close.

      • Ahh! I shall keep away from the Filipino airlines for now.

    • Depends if you can tolerate Jetstar domestic seating for a long flight.

      The all-economy A330s used on the Australian routes are some of the world's most cramped aircraft.

    • I heard a lot of horrible reviews with Cebu but I flew with them 6 times and so far so good.

      Mel to Mnl
      mnl to puerto princesa
      puerto princesa to mnl
      mnl to sgn
      sgn to mnl
      mnl to mel

      All on time (~20 minutes delayed depart)

    • Shocking seat layouts and generally long airport layovers. Check the comments on past Ozbargain Cebu Pacific deals.

  • -1

    “Tokyo, Japan”

  • Regarding AirAsia it's important to remember that their bankruptcy protection period was granted extension. This allows them to operate as normal without paying back creditors, including customers and covers both cash and credit refunds. They can take your money, cancel the flight, give you absolutely nothing and it's all legal and above board.

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