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Free 2-Hour Delivery for Addresses within 10km of a Store (Was $14.95, No Minimum Spend Required) @ Officeworks


Do you need a $0.98 pack of three pens but don't want to drive to a store and waste 30 minutes just to get it? Get it delivered for free in 2 hours instead.

Orders must be placed at least 3 hours before stores close. Address must be within 10 km of a store.

Items must be of standard parcel size and under 22kg in total.

Other things you should know:

  • We can’t deliver gift cards, Optus SIM Plans or devices, Print + Create Orders or Special Order items.
  • Not available to some business customers using certain versions of our Officeworks B2B platform.
  • Your maximum cart value is $3,000, excluding delivery fees
  • The store fulfilling your order must have items in stock
  • We automatically pick the closest available store to fulfil your 2-hour delivery order

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  • Wow this is so helpful

  • +8

    Doordash drivers are about to get very busy

    • Are they still paid reasonably for this? No idea if they're paid reasonably usually TBH.

      • I used to doordash but they have drastically lowered the rates for orders, used to make $40 an hour comfortably on friday/sat nights as there would be massive promos since it was busy. Fast forward 2 years to now and the market is so oversaturated with drivers that doordash just offers low paying jobs, can be as bad as $5 for a 5km trip. And since there will be desperate people taking them, the prices never get much higher (since imo they increase when more and more drivers decline the order)

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        Mate, you know the answer.

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    Ha. Brilliant. $8.28 for a slab of water, delivered.

    • +2

      Enjoy your water 😂

    • +51

      Nothing worse than running out of water at home. I've spent ages looking in the back of the fridge, inside every cupboard, shelf, even under the kitchen sink, and found no way to quench my thirst without a run to the shops

      • +41

        Yeah this is an awesome deal, 2 hr delivery is like having water on tap.

      • +5

        Your dentists name is crentist?

      • +12

        Have you tried above the kitchen sink? there is a tap ususally

  • +3

    How is anybody making money in this?

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      They're not. It's a loss leader. OW is hoping you like the service and pay $15 per delivery next time.

      • +5

        Or stress-test their systems before they ramp up availability 🤷‍♂️

    • -3

      Nobody making money on this BUT tax is taking your money to someone else so take any some back is profit

    • -1

      The doordash driver picking up the order is probably volunteering their time to do it too

  • -2

    2 hours? Why so long?

    • +26

      You prefer to get the item just before you press enter instead?

    • Its only take 10 mins for doordasher to my door

    • +3

      Just buy it 2 hours earlier.

  • +1

    Anything worth buying?

    • Anything not worth your time to go in store but you may use in the future that less value than normal free delivery

  • Neat!

  • +1

    This is convenient. Needed more printer paper and forgot my daughter had a family tree project due.

  • Eraser time.
    Anybody remembers the part number?

  • +21

    Please don't abuse this, it's so wasteful ordering things you are never going to use just because you can.

    • +3

      You have to pay for the items you buy and its not on special I dont think OZbargainer will unless its free

    • +2

      Leave that to Amazon

      • Yeah screw Jeff Bezos

        • +1

          Interesting Fact: Do you know Jeff Bezos worth 300bn AUD. If he spend 1mil a month it will take him 25,000 years to finish his fortune. Now you know.

          • +11

            @Kosmo-Kramer: It will take him 2 marriages to finish his fortune :)

          • @Kosmo-Kramer: 3 or 30 Gerrys?

          • @Kosmo-Kramer: Why did you use 1 mill a month as a measure? That's only 33k a day… Do you think Mr bezos is a peasant with only 33k daily budget? Come on now.

            • -1

              @umoddbro: Cuz it's terrible fun "fact" that has no real basis in reality. With his net worth, he could leverage it to make more money a month than a measly $1m, so the "fact" is just really something u'd hear some random writer on a tabloid say to bait an easy click, since if it wasn't for him burning thru his money on space exploration, then unless some major reform/incident happens that directly affects his wealth (his shares), then that net worth is only likely to continue increasing even "spending $1m a month".

    • +5

      Move over Uber Eats, Monster and cherry ripe delivery is now free.

      Officeworks delivery driver go brrrrrr

      • +1

        Lmao…. Might prank me mates with a few dinnertime pencil deliveries

      • +1

        In Dr. Seuss world if you order 100 of these, you will see 100 vans line up in your street delivering each pencil.

    • It's ok, you can return them ;)

    • Who cares, it's creating jobs… Plus the only loser is officeworks aka wesfarmers.

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      There's nothing "OzBargain" specific about this post. It's displayed on Officeworks' home page.

    • +3
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    This has been available at Officeworks for ages, I got a laptop maybe 6 months ago on the same thing.

    • Delivery within 2 hours for free? Because my recent orders most certainly weren’t the same.

      There have been similar recent deals but all only lasted a few days to a week…

      • My 10 clipboards took 4 days and 1600km delivery. But free on 10, not free on 11 of them.

  • +2

    This is great, thanks OP.

  • +1

    Thanks OP, had to buy some fabric paint and Officeworks has the cheapest ones too.

  • Any recommendations for a pen in which the ink doesn’t freeze due to this cold?

    I have a couple of ball-point ones that stopped working :|

    • Sharpie s gel black is okay for me. Got it price beat against Coles.

  • muwhahahaah

  • OW trialing drone delivery?!

  • +1

    If you are buying more than 1 pack, Remember to order them separately, 2 hours apart :D

  • 10km is very generous

  • -1

    Free 2 hour click and collect, free delivery for orders over $55.

  • +2

    Thanks, just ordered one whiteout tape.

  • +1

    No print and create :(

  • +1

    Last time I ordered a $4 whiteboard, was about an hour late (3hrs), but still pretty cool.

  • Is the site down for anyone else?

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