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Microsoft 365 Family Office 6 Users 1 Year $89 + $16.50 Delivery + Surcharge @ SaveOnIT


Microsoft 365 Family Box set 6 Users
Received email from Save on IT
EOFY Sale $89 + delivery ($16:50 for single box ) for Box set ( doesn’t appear to be any discount for email version )
Cheapest I’ve seen for some time.

Surcharges: 1% card payment, 2.6% PayPal payment.

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    Add for 1 year on title please

  • Put the shipping rate

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      Thanks for your help. Hope I’ve updated appropriately. 🤞 I ordered 3 sets as stackable so postage ended up less than $6 per box.

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        The maximum is 2 per order

      • How did you manage to order 3 when the max is 2?

        • Maybe he/she has two SaveOnIt accounts?

          • @edfoo: But that would mean two lots of shipping costs as well.

  • Contrary to what it states on the website (max of 2 per order), I can only seem to add one to the cart.

    EDIT: Disregard - can now add 2 to the cart.

    • Mine seemed to go through OK , hopefully they all arrive 🤞

  • So what’s the go with this, just keep buying years as you go and add onto your account?

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      If you have got cheaper offer then you can stack up . I still have 3 more years left, still waiting the best offer to beat microsoft's price

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    laughs in Office Professional 2021 for $49

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      laughs in "mas github"

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        Just did this on my machine. Mind blown.

    • Hi. Were can I get the Office Professional 2021 for $49 from Australin company. Just single user here for home use please. TIA.

  • what's in the box?

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      A love letter from Bill Gates himself.

      • With the footnote: 640KB ought to be enough for everyone.

  • My IT guy said I couldnt use this for work.

    Is this true and how will Microsoft know?

    • how will Microsoft know?

      email IDs of users.

    • You probably won't be able to use a corporate/work email address to sign in.

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      Work can fork out for an it guy and it procedures… but not office?

    • MS removes the custom domain email address feature.

  • Thanks my subscription is about to expire on 1/7/2024.

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    Shipping cost kills it. I wish they allowed email option for the key.

    • Yep. They could quite literally take a box off the shelf, open the box themselves and email you the code.

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    Not bad, my current auto-renew subscription cost is AU$97.30, but no delivery fee…

    • I’m seeing $139.00. How did you get it down?

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      Mine is also $97.30….so im guessing this is no deal for us with the postage costs…

  • Why don't people just use the free version of office?

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      Because it's online only and has lots of limitations and does not include 6TB of storage……

  • Isn’t cheaper with the permanent keys?

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      No 6TB of online storage with the permanent keys.

  • I purchased my Microsoft Office 365 Family subscription from AU Product Keys for $87.90. I received the activation key via email within minutes, which I used to renew my existing subscription.

  • People with access to iOS devices: https://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/755738

  • Does anyone know if you are able to share one drive between all 6 family members?

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      Each member gets their own 1TB onedrive, you can share folders with each other…

  • Cloud Storage aside, why don't people just use Google Docs?
    I get Office with a work account but can't for the life of me imagine paying for it myself.

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      why don't people just use Google Docs?

      Have you never used Google Docs? Once you go Office, you never go <insert word that rhymes with Office>.

      • Yeah I have. Does the job for me. Also use Google sheets to calculate Capital Gains and other financial stuff, loaded with my formulas and it works a treat.

        • Also use Google sheets

          Nowhere near as good as Excel….

          Try writing a macro in Google sheets… or advanced Data Analysis, Visualisation….

          • @jv: Fair enough, not my use case.
            Maybe it's also my aversion to the never ending list of subscriptions especially when I have something free that does the job.

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              the never ending list of subscriptions

              One of the better value ones if you are using all 6 licences… Especially taking into account 6TB of cloud storage.

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                @jv: Point taken, for the meantime its just me who would get any use out of it.

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                  just me who would get any use out of it.

                  Time to expand your family…

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                    @jv: Take it easy mate, our first just turned 3 months old!
                    Need to give wifey a bit of a break before I turn her into a proper ant queen.

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                @jv: You may be aware, but for other people reading, can also kinda link all the subscriptions into one accounts’ folder hierarchy so it’s easier to use that 6TB from one account.


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            @jv: And to that, pivot tables and charts… Couldn't find a way to do these with Sheets.

    • why don't people just use Google Docs?

      Because the apps are crap

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    Is there a MS Office option without subs for single user home use only please. TIA.

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      Theres a perpetual license version called Microsoft Office Home and Student 2021

      I believe it’s lacking Outlook among other things and only licenses a single device as opposed to the subscription model which licenses per user (often for 5 devices)

      Best do your own research as the subscription model offers much better value in most cases even for a single user.

      • Many thanks.

    • Office 2003.

  • Shipping is $19.80 to WA, just for shipping an empty box that I'll chuck in the bin. It's ridiculous.

    I'd buy 4 if I could to make the shipping worth it, but the stupid site makes it difficult to even buy 2, their cart page is dodgy as all hell.

  • Guess the deal has expired. Comes up as $119.79 for the box set and $107- for email.

  • Has anyone received their codes yet?

    • The post usually takes a bit longer than that - unless you're in the same state as SaveOnIt.

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