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Bellini BPI2100 2100W 30cm Induction Cooker $49 + Delivery ($0 C&C/in-Store/OnePass) @ Bunnings


Good price on this induction cooktop that seems to be matching Aldi's special for a tad cheaper with a tad more power. Plus it has a 2 year warranty versus Aldi's 1 year warranty. According to PriceHipster it hasn't been in this cheap since 2022.

Features include a 60-240°C temperature range, 8 temperature settings, 7 preset programs, timer/lock function, LED display, soft sensor touch controls and. The manual here has full details.

Check here for stock levels

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  • +1

    Been using this daily for two years with no complaints. Plastic base around edge of top plate has warped slightly near fan outlets but not so much it worries me or affects use.

    • is it loud? I’ve got one different brand but super loud , I think it’s the fan

      • Yes, fan runs when gets hot and for a little while after switching off. It’s not overly loud i don’t think.

    • Is the '30cm' in reference to the diameter of the induction circle?

      • +4

        Fo for those wondering, per the manual: Steel, cast iron, enameled iron, stainless steel, flat-bottom pans/pots with bottom diameter from 12cm to 26cm.

      • No. The induction circle in these portable cookers is tiny - usually around 15cm or so

      • +1

        The circle is 20cm, does the job with all the pot and fry pan sizes we have though.

      • Only 12cm AFAIK. Circle drawn on the plate is for decoration only.

    • +9

      Can this be put on the lowest heat setting, and does it run continuously? Or does it function like some of the other cheaper ones where they cycle on/off at low temp settings?

      • +3

        Thanks for bringing this up. I bought a cheapy I think from IKEA and it didn't simmer. It was either all on or all off no matter what setting. It was NOT what I wanted. Induction great idea but they must be able to sit at a temp continuously. Sale folk don't seem to know much about these "finer" details. Hard to get info from manufacturers' websites as well. I asked a guy selling that super dooper one at an Ag show and had to press him on how fine the temp management was and he finally admitted it didn't simmer well!

        • +1

          If you’re after ones that stays on at lower temps, check out Tokit Induction Cookers. They have a normal and pro version. The site seems to be out of stock with their normal version so I ended up getting the pro version (I really don’t need the pro version but really wanted one that can run at low settings).
          It’s good and it’s surprisingly thin! I’m happy with mine.

          Edit: the difference between normal and their smart/pro version is that the smart/pro version you can connect via app and I believe you can set it via your phone (which I never use) and it also has a temp sensor on the cooker which might be handy for deep frying (keeping your oil at a certain temp) but I’ve never used that feature either 😆 … see why I say I don’t need the smart/pro version

          • @YeboMate: Cheers Yebo. I shall look that brand up. I really wish the retail lads knew about these details. I suspect few people cook.

            • +1

              @Maccadoodle: Only thing I’d say about the Tokit is that the induction diameter/surface area may not be as big.

  • -1

    Tempting… But my electricity costs have pretty much already doubled since COVID hit, even though there is minimal change in power usage between then and now…

    • +38

      Induction is more energy efficient compared to all other cooking methods because the container heats up directly, not another coil first or the air. The general quoted efficiency rating is 10% more energy efficient vs resistive element/ceramic cooktops and 3x as energy efficient as gas. Your power bills will reduce if you don't change what you cook or the frequency. But IRL you may start to cook more because it is also significantly faster to heat up vs other electric stovetops.

      • Been cooking with gas, but if induction is as effective as you say I might give electricity cooking a whirl.

        • +3

          Yes I had the similar experience; always thought gas was better since resistive electric is awful in my experience, but I was blown away by induction at my friends' place. Incredibly quick

          • +2

            @Che0063: Also induction has low level control that is amazing compared to gas. Though these portable cookers aren't as good in that department

            • +6

              @askvictor: I have been using two Aldi ones for the last five months during a major reno and entirely new kitchen (with a big induction cooktop natch). These portables don’t really do low heat very well.

        • +4

          Induction is great. Be aware that cookware needs to be compatible to use it. Anything that a magnet can stick to will work. Aluminium pans that don’t have a steel base won’t.

        • -2

          i think gas is cheaper, but it induction is cheaper, but only a little bit cheaper.

          Induction stoves are about 10% more efficient than electric stoves.

          the only advantage to this one really is that you can cook on your dining table our outside near an outlet if you cook stinky fish or other foods.

        • +2

          I have both gas and induction cooking at home. Induction cooking can boil a small pot of water in less than 3 minutes.

        • Gas is quicker if you have one of those Chinese wok-like gas stove tops where it’s like a jet engine 😆
          I’ve been using portable induction like these for years because my rental had cheap coil ones. Then moved to a place with gas thinking, finally! Because I thought the same… gas is better and more efficient but was I wrong. Gas is better than the coils but no way as fast as induction.

          Only benefit of gas is being able to get nice low temps and ability to control temp quickly. But this is comparing to cheap induction cookers. If you get good induction cookers (which I recently got, like the Tokit Induction Cooker) you can get really low heat too.

          A comparison, when I boil water for pasta (enough to cook 500g of pasta) with induction the water boils in about 4-5 mins. With gas… I tried once with the lid on too, I swear it was like 10+min. I use kettle to boil water now if my induction is occupied 😆

      • +1

        Not sure these portable ones are all that efficient though.

        • +3

          Where would the inefficiency be?

          • @askvictor: In their smallness? Make it make sense

          • @askvictor: Temp control, I expect they use more power than a proper induction cooktop. A trade off for portability.

            • @entropysbane: Isn't this a bit like saying that a portable gas stove is less efficient than a built-in gas stove?

            • +1

              @entropysbane: Inefficiency is identical to creating unwanted heat (in a thermodynamic sense). For heat-producing appliances, you can't really be inefficient, except if that heat is going to places you don't want it to go. So a gas stove is inefficient as a lot of heat goes around the side of the pot. But even a small portable induction won't really do that (to any significant degree)

      • +1

        It's relatively efficient yes. Compared to all other cooking methods? No.
        Container heats up directly? I don't think so. It is heating via alternative ac current, through magnetic field and generate current in the other part to heat up. I'm sure through magnetic field can not be classified as direct, and in the process of current->magnetic->current, the efficiency is not that perfect or better than anything else.

        For example, those electric frypan has the heating element built integrated with the pan bottom, the generated heat is transfered super efficiently. I've used induction cooking my whole life. And also used electric frypan. I can say both are fast, and I feel the electric frypan is faster. It is similar to your electric kettle. The fact that all kettles are heating like that not induction means that way could be better in efficiency than induction I guess.

        • Thanks for this. Makes sense. I have far too many electric frypan skillet grill things so I'll just use those

    • +4

      do u have solar? I find these useful during day time and use gas to cook at night. Just put on a chopping board and place on gas stove if u have a power outlet nearby. Easy to clean.

      • +5

        I wish. I'm renting and the landlord said no.

        • How are they going to know?

        • +1

          If you pay for the solar panels, i'm sure the landlord is not going to complain about free capital improvements to his property.

    • +5

      Yeah i don't bother heating anything up now. Just eat it everything cold, no issues for me. Saved a ton of money and have now bought my 3rd 1998 camry.

      • +4

        Investment 1998 Camrys? Bloody carlords

  • +1

    IKEA one better?

    • No

    • +3

      Hard to say without any data.

      I own the Ikea and wish I had bought it several years earlier when I was living in place that had ceramic cooktops. It would of paid for itself with electricity bills, having little wait to heat up any item, and saved a lot of time cooking. The portability is so handy from moving it out of the way on the kitchen top and a mate takes his camping. Cleaning is a breeze.

      Negatives are the on/off nature of this induction cook top at lower temperatures and, though specified in the specifications, the smallest of pots I own do not have a wide enough base to be detected on the cook top.

      I have probably used the Ikea version everyday for more than a year and it has not skipped a beat.

      I cannot speak of this Bellini model but it has a lot more features than the Ikea. Both have a two year warranty, though it is listed as replacement for Bunnings and on the Bellini website it is three years. I have used Bellini oven and stovetops and they are functional - nothing special, does the job without all the mod cons of every other brand.

      The similar priced Aldi version only has a one year warranty. Other brands e.g. Tefal, Westinghouse, Philips, Breville, etc are a lot more expensive. Many of Ikea's larger electrical whitegoods are made by Electrolux or Whirlpool but their portable cooktop comes from this company: https://fsaiting.en.alibaba.com/productgrouplist-50413933/Si…

      • The lower temp on/off is dependent on the induction cooker. Not all are like that. I thought this too until I read in Ozbargain comment about Tokit Induction Cooker being able to go as low as 100W without toggling between on/off. I bought myself one recently and it’s true… no more buying cheaper induction cookers for me. I’d rather spend a bit more to get one that can go low in temp, makes all the difference.

        • The Tokit one looks great - how is it holding up?

          • @Droz: I’ve had it for about a month and so far it’s great! No issues with it and I use it pretty much everyday.

            I also checked the app that you can use with it (available on the Smart/Pro version) and it seems like you can set it to a certain temperature and it will do its best to keep it at that temp (it’s got a temperature sensor on the base). I am assuming that will be handy for deep frying if you need the temp steady but I’ve never used this feature.

    • I've used the IKEA one daily for 2 years. Had one die about a month in and they replaced it easily. Only other small issue is the fan sometimes doesn't turn off itself but I just turn it off at the switch after it cools down anyway.

  • Thanks, last minute eofy snap. I've been hunting for a few weeks, almost settled on the ikea one.

  • Has anyone seen research that compares cost of cooking say a packet of pasta using induction vs gas?

  • +11

    I never understand why all the steam, stir fry, hot pot etc functions on induction cookers. They should be just power/temperature levels and that's it. That's why I prefer Ikea's induction cooker.

    • +1

      Good thing you can adjust the temperature and power on this one too 😜

  • +5

    Like using induction cooker in some occasions but sometimes feels the surface is too slippery
    so bought a silicon mat and it works pretty well (just cost a few dollars in aliexpress)

    • I wondered about these to prevent scratches. Do they increase inefficiency by moving the pot further away?

      • I was thinking the same!
        I think that an easy test would be to place 1L of water in a pot and see how long it takes to boil with and without the mat. To increase accuracy, make sure water and pot start at the same temperature!!

        • FWIW I just threw on a random silicon cooking mat and the water boiled just as quick. Non scientific of course.

  • Not available in WA? No stock anywhere and no delivery

    • It seems that you can add to cart and make payment and get it delivered or Click and Collect from Armadale.

  • +1

    I was looking at this but the reviews has been mixed so I ended up buying one from Catch at the same price with more positive review.

    • +3

      Which one did you buyyy?

      • +1

        Healthy Choice Induction Cooker

        • yes, I got that one a couple of months ago….seems really good. I have built in induction cooktop, but one side doesn't really work anymore, and the other side can play up sometimes, so I have two like this to tide me over until we do a full kitchen reno in another 18 months or so (our kitchen appliances are around 18 years old, so can't complain too much…..costs too much to fix this, much cheaper with these single type ones for now)

  • +1

    Any good for hot pots? Reviews seem to say its too hot even on lowest settings?

    • Yeah that's what i was thinking as well…

  • How does this compare with Tefal Express Induction Hob, IH7208 ?

    Price is almost double but wonder if that does anything any better. I'm assuming you can't get proper temp controlled ones at this price range.

    • Says 12-24cm so a bit smaller.

    • Bellini normal price is 80. So Tefal works out cheaper if you have smaller pots.

    • +2

      Being using Tefal for over 6 months now. A lot quieter than the cheapie ones from Amazon. It's also on sale now for $89, normally $98. Bought it for around $100.
      Tefal's whole surface is ceramic, including control area, so no warped plastic issue when using big pots/pans or exposed to sun light. Boiling mode has 10 mins timer, perfect for boiling potatoes or eggs.

  • +1

    I’ve been eyeing the kmart induction cooker for $55. But now not sure if this is supposed to be much better.

    • +2

      I have the anko Kmart induction cooker. This is my second one. My first one died out of warranty. When it died it would trip my power switch when I started the coil.

      The replacement is much improved. Longer cord, less fan noise and more power. I'm very happy with it so long as it doesn't fail the same way as the first.

    • I would pay a bit more and get Tefal Express Induction Hob, IH7208 (amzn.asia) https://amzn.asia/d/0hrlk9tC
      Edit: Same at Myer. Amazon must have price matched Myer

  • Do you need a magnetic pan for any of these portable ones?

    • +1

      Your pans need to work with induction, so, yes.

      Stainless steel, cast iron, carbon steel, or something that has a core that does the same thing.

  • +1

    The review has been kind of mixed aye… :S Any real users here for some good feedbacks? :)

    • +5

      I mean, Bellini is dirt cheap bottom of the barrel stuff so you get what you pay for. I for one hated using their products as all the landlords seem to use Bellini for their rentals as they're cheap. Having said that $49 is cheap if the unit works.

    • +1

      Yes, i used it and would recommend if you use it often, but something else. I bought online, however found that the buttons on the bottom that you see is kind of keyboard buttons which will bulge out and its plastic. If your pot gets hot, then buttons will become flimsy. Not great if you do cook a few times a week with this. I bought it and immediately regret it after cooking. Couldn't take it back as i used it and it looked pretty much used with one usage.

      I reccommend buy something with either touch buttons or solid buttons

    • try the Healthy Choice brand ones. Has great reviews and price is good when on special. I got one for a few dollars more than this a few months ago on Catch and think it works very well

  • I've been looking to pick one of these up. Thanks Clear.

  • Thanks grabbed one. Our gas stove is trash but we don't want to spend the money on a full replacement induction cooktop right now.
    Finally we can boil water on the stove.

  • +3

    I have one of these. Before buying this, please be aware of certain things. Its buttons are fully covered with plastic material. You have to use pot that fits the round. if it goes outside, then the plastic material around the buttons will become flimsy. I used a 28 cm pot as described, but it also affects the buttons. Its cheap, but comes with some issues

  • Hey guys, I currently have a ceramic cooktop which has one higher power halogen burner. I find it pretty paltry power wise when stir frying. meat tends to stew before browning, etc.

    I'm wondering if anyone uses one of these to stir fry and if you get quick browning of meat, etc?
    I assume if it's dumping 2100W directly into the cooking surface it would be better but I don't want to waste $60 as a trial..

    Thank you brains trust..

    • +2

      I've got an induction cooker but haven't ever tried to stir fry in it as we don't have a suitable cooking vessel (regular woks aren't shaped properly to get heat from across the induction coil)

      Using suitable cookware, it would definitely get hot enough to quickly brown meat. The problem would be that induction struggles to heat up the sides of a container that's wider than the coil so you'll get a very hot pan at the bottom and cold spots as you go up it. Cooking with gas, a lot of heat escapes around the sides of a wok which conveniently heats them up.

      Considering all this, for proper stir fry, induction is probably a weak option (although better than your current ceramic/halogen setup). It may be best for you to get a BBQ with one of those phat burners on the side instead, or a portable burner like this one from Bunnings if stir fry is important/your specific reason for buying

      • Thanks for the input SK, I've got a bbq with a wok burner already but I don't tend to head outside to cook in winter.
        I do have a wok with about a 20cm wide base which might be ok, currently I use a heavy bottom frypan which can maintain the rage a little longer when cooking.
        Its a conundrum…

  • thanks OP, bought one. will be returning the Aldi one as this one has double warranty and can specify the power wattage to use

    • Isn't the wattage a direct correlation to the temp? I just got this one btw

      • it is but still nice to see the numbers 😀

  • How do you order these online if surrounding suburbs are out of stock? When I put my delivery address in, it says out of stock - same with all surrounding suburbs. But if I try to 'change store' it doesn't let me punch in a suburb or postcode, or search interstate. It's like it's locked into only allowing delivery from surrounding suburbs?

  • One left in Chatswood as at 1.30pm.

  • +2

    I just bought one and immediately burnt my finger on a pan that had been on it for 5 seconds…..so its super efficient

  • I've always wondered why one of these is only 50 bucks, yet stick 4 of them together and companies want to sell them for 1000. Recently you can get cheap ones from Aldi and ebay for around the 300 mark but anything with a brand name is still exe

    • +1

      They have larger coils that can output more power

    • You missed the powerboard which might probably on fire.

  • Grabbed one from Minchinbury. Thanks OP.

  • https://www.catch.com.au/product/healthy-choice-induction-co…

    anyone else interested in another one….this one has great reviews and the same price, and free shipping with onepass. I can also vouch that it is a great little unit.

  • -2

    Received mine yesterday, poor quality, showing E1 error something when turn on, returning today

    • Presumably you're using something that works with induction cookers?

      E1 Without cookware or Incompatible
      cookware used

      When showing error signal E1, E2
      and E7, please check whether the
      cookware is not suitable, or switch
      on the appliance again after it is
      cooled down naturally

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