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USD $20 Skype Credit for AUD $10


There's nothing quite like a face-to-face chat with an old friend. However if your best mate happens to live in another country, it can be difficult to share a special moment. Breaking down the communication barriers in homes and offices across the world, Skype has revolutionised the way we connect with amazingly affordable and accessible messaging, voice and video technology. Today, it's even cheaper when you get US$20 worth of Skype credit for voice and video calls for just $10. From sharing a cup of tea, to reading a bedtime story or even opening up your Christmas presents, Skype brings people together and strengthens relationships - no matter where you are. Your $20 can be put towards 14 hours of call time to mobiles or landlines around the world or put your credit towards subscriptions for unlimited calls. So get better connected with those that matter most and revel in a little togetherness with today's deal.

Limit 1 per person, up to 2 as gifts • Limit 1 voucher per Skype account may be used • May be used over multiple visits • Broadband connection is required • Cannot be used for emergency calling • A fair usage policy (www.skype.com/go/fairusage) applies and must be agreed to upon redemption • AUD-USD exchange rates are subject to change from day to day. Accordingly, any purchase of Skype credit in USD may have a different AUD value from one day to the next •

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  • good deal! but,
    "Today, it's even cheaper when you get US$20 worth of Skype credit for voice and video calls for just $10."
    i didn't know you had to pay for video calls…

  • group video calls, yes.

    Google voice is cheaper, but with 50% off skype wins! Such a shame their iOS app is so shocking…

    • not only iOS, have you seen the windows version? And soon msn messenger will be integrated with skype :(
      P.s. i use mobile voip app on the iphone and poivy as my main voip provider(much cheaper than skype)

      • Just checked out poivy - for the destination where I call most, it's 3.6c against 3c in skype :(

        Shame, I hoped to switch and save… Guess depends on the destination country

        • Keep an eye on flagfalls too - some providers (inc Skype) have them.

        • the company that owns poivy( betamax ?) has a few different voip solutions voipbuster, 12voip, etc, just check the rates for your country and you might find a superdeal(free calls to landlines)

  • +7

    I almost bought it but then noticed that the promotional value expires on 31 January 2013, so you have to use these $20 within 2 months. Might suit those people who do a lot of international calling via Skype…

    As for me, my previous Skype credit of $10 lasted for almost half a year, so does not make sense buying it :(

    • +3

      I called them and Living Social lady thinks that is the redemption date. Checking on it.
      Makes more sense that it is the redemption date.

      • I am sure you're right there.

    • Normal Skype validity is 6 months on a rolling basis. e.g. if you purchased $20 of credit on 01 Jun 2012, and made a call today, your remaining credit would expire 28 May 2013. So unless this is a special type of credit, normal validity should apply.

      Clause: 9.2 Inactive Skype Credit. If you do not use your Skype Credit for a period of 180 days, (including Skype Credit that has been allocated to you by a Skype Manager administrator) Skype will place your Skype Credit on inactive status. You can reactivate the Skype Credit by following the reactivation link in My Account at https://secure.skype.com/account/credit-reactivate. Reactivated Skype Credit is not refundable.

      • +1

        Reactivating Skype credit is easy.. I've done it. So effectively it never expires (I think).

        • correct, they just suspend it then you can reactivate again

        • Yep just re-activated my suspended credit.

  • Do we know how this is delivered? e.g. is it a code you put into Skype and then your credit goes up $20? Or do you provide your Skype account name?

  • +1

    Google+ hangouts works pretty good.

  • +1

    Had $5 credit in my LivingSocial account so I got this for a grand total of $5. Definitely a bargain.

  • +1

    Nice deal, it is well worthwhile having some money in your skype account when you need to ring a landline or mobile urgently.

  • Can someone with an existing LivingSocial account please confirm whether you can refer a friend? There's no sign of it if you're not logged in but I know it used to exist. Thanks!

    • I just registered to buy this deal, and it was giving me a link to refer friends. If you refer 3 friends and they buy this skype credit, the deal is free.

      • Thanks brezzo, I bought the Skype deal too and see this offer. I was querying a signup bonus where you and the referrer get credit - there used to be one earlier this year but it seems to be dead now.

  • Is there a way to apply credit more than once? It says that you cannot, but is it technically possible?

  • I dont like the fact that the credit expires. i think ill stick to my betamax clones where credit never expires and the rates are much better

    • +1

      As long as you make a call once every 6 months it won't expire.

      • i thought u need to recharge to keep it valid?

        • +1

          Nope. See my comment higher up in this thread. If you have credit on the link in that clause and have unexpired credit it also says "Your balance remains active for 180 days after your last call to a landline or mobile phone; or last text message sent from Skype." on the same page.

  • between my family, we have 3 skype accounts - so it should be possible to get $10 credit if getting 3 if buying tomorrow - http://www.ozbargain.com.au/node/86147

    however, there's some conditions when redeeming the $10.

  • Good deal, cheers op!

  • Thanks op

  • remember join starthere is free and if you purchase on living social u get rebate 5.5% so double your profit

  • Sold Out!

  • +1

    Got one yesterday. Received the redeem voucher this morning.
    AUD$10 become USD$18.55…

    Used it immediately to buy a 12 months 60 mins HK call subscription for $17.88.

    Practically get 50% off and don't need to care about credit expiry.

    Very happy. Thank you OP.

  • Got mine just then, redeemed and I've got my credit. Looks just like normal credit, so any worried about it expiring, it will expire just like other credit (ie. every 6 months). It must just be the voucher that must be redeemed by Jan. 31.

  • 1/2 price I suppose isn't very hard to do when you are starting from 3c per-min to an AU landline and 40c per first 1minute to mobiles. Ah that monopoly money would have to add up quickly though.

  • +1

    just a tip,
    it is better you convert your AUD base currency to USD currency, please compare the rate per minute between AUD and USD

  • Damnit sold out!!
    How does this kinda thing sell out? It's not a physical product =( I guess they had some kinda quantity limitation.

    • expired on 29/ 11

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