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HumbleTHQ Bundle - Pay What You Want for Darksiders, Metro 2033, Red Faction Armageddon, COH


Hey Guys,
Awesome deal. pay what you want for company of heroes + expansions, darksiders, red faction Armageddon and Metro 2033.
Some really great games in there and to top it off beat the average and you get saints row three. (currently $5.33)


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  • +12

    Unsurprisingly…. I already have them all. Also unsurprisngly, I've played about 20mins of Saints Row the Third, and none of the others. lol

    • +4

      I've played a LOT of Saints Row the Third. It's so much fun.

      But I'm in the same boat, I own them all.

    • +1

      What language do you speak ?

      • I think he was trying for Ebonics.

    • +1

      what the hell? o_O

  • +1

    Fantastic deal, thanks mate.

  • +14

    Too many games to play and not enough time. Think I might have gone overboard buying games these holidays!

    • +1

      We're all gaming guy/gals livin' in a gaming world…

    • Hahaha Steam winter sale isn't too far away!

      • -2

        Many others like GOG, Steam are a rip off. 2 examples off this;

        In Paris, Steam auto-detects the country, I get charged Euros and get the European deals. Out of interest I would always log into my home computer (Australia based) and check the price on my other Steam account only to find the Euro price cheaper, sometimes as much as 50% cheaper than the Aussie price. I should also mention that the specials were on the same game, just different prices in different countries.
        Steam has just had a heap of specials, so I bought Torchlight II at 25% off. 2 days later when I log on with another account hoping the special is still active I find the special had changed to 50% off. Makes a person feel used, deceived, and that's a disgusting way to do business.
        I asked Steam to credit my other account $5 (the difference) since most stores I buy from would do this, the response I received was
        "Thank you for contacting Steam Support.
        Unfortunately, Steam does not offer price matching."

        • You should only get a game early in a steam sale if it's the daily special or a flash deal. otherwise, you should wait until the last day to get it as the base discount stays the same throughout the sale. Steam sales 101.

        • +2

          Regional pricing? That's nothing new, and is hardly confined to the market of digital game distribution. Virtually everyone does it. Sure, it's a nuisance, but it's hardly a disaster of catastrophic proportions. Besides, if you want to get around this, use a VPN. It's not hard if you actually look into it and do some research.

          You're complaining because you are a 'noob' at Steam sales and jumped the gun on a sale? Sorry buddy, but that's your own fault. No one forced you to buy that game, and pretty much any person on this board would've told you to wait. If having a couple of (seemingly entitled) people feel used, deceived and disgusted is the cost of refreshing daily deals, then I accept that. I think it's a great way to work sales, but regardless, saying it's 'a disgusting way to do business' is a hyperbole.

          If 'if's and buts' were candy and nuts, then sure, you'd get a refund. But that's just not how the world (specifically the digital distribution world) works. You'd get the same response from Amazon, Origin or any other content provider. Massive companies like that just don't work that way, and nor are they obliged to (any company that does provide this sort of price protection is doing it more out of goodwill than policy). The fact of the matter is, the onus was on you for buying it at that price, and you're just looking for people to blame for it. With their model for staggered sale releases, can you imagine the amount of people requesting refunds for games they bought too early? The number would be enormous, and the task ridiculous.

        • +1

          For the record, there is no need to 'log into my home computer' you can use "?cc=au" or just any of the sites that index the regional pricing information for this LONG known problem.

          PS: The regional prices are set by the publisher NOT steam. GOG (who you meantion, but don't say why) has in fact undercut itself to set at the same price everywhere despite the orders from the publisher.

  • +7

    I just bought 5 of these -.- There goes $30. My friends will be happy.

  • +11

    Thanks. Purchased and sent to my little brother. Not that he will appreciate it of course, but still.

    • +6

      Then send it to someone who would instead.

      • +4

        Yeah I know but he is my little brother even if he is an asshat. But yes, also sent to another friend who I know would love, and appreciate this.

  • Bought despite owning most, great gift.

      "Steam will not provide extra giftable copies of games you already own."


      I might be wrong, but it may just be a matter of wording. Once you create the key, maybe you can simply copy/paste it to a friend, let them use it?

      • That's my intention, I will not activate on my account since I own all but one and that one is crap, or so I've been told.

        I get Saints Row 3, I use that for me, then give the rest away losing Red Faction which I don't care about. I get a game at a fairly low cost plus I get to give a pretty awesome gift.

        I've done this with Humble Bundle before, bought it several times over, gave the keys to friends who don't use the Humble Bundle.

  • +13

    if u listened to russell peters and saved your two 50 cents, you would have one dowwlaaa! then u take ur dowla to THQ dowla shop, and u buy something else!

    • -10

      Sorry sir, we don't speak jive.

    • +2

      lol i seen that its good

  • +5

    Nice! Good to see some major studios looking into the PWYW system!

    • +3

      Agreed, excellent for those who want it, however, it's no coincidence COH 2 and Metro Last Light aren't far away.

      Not complaining at all, just saying.

      • +4

        no its because THQ are going broke and just selling all their older stock trying to get some money
        i doubt THQ want to do this but they have to

        • +3

          Older stock? You make it sounds like they are selling old machines or physical discs they have lying around.

        • In some ways it's accurate given that people are generally less likely to buy older versions of games if the newer version is available.

      • +2


        If every studio did this when they were releasing sequels… I'd be a very happy man! :P

  • +3

    These are some incredible games, average should be way above $5.35!

  • what is beat the average game mean?

    • +1

      The average price paid. The site will have a price on it, pay higher than that price to get SR3. The price generally rises over time as more people buy SR3.

      • so if we paid $1, we don't get SR3?

        • +1

          no..unless the average was less than $1 at the time.

        • +2

          Correct. There will also most likely be other games that are added to the bundle over time. Once they're active you'll need to beat the average to unlock those too, although usually they give them to all people who've already ordered the bundle (regardless of whether they paid more than the average).

        • what do u mean?

          So we pay for this bundle now, we can get more games free later on?

        • The average price atm is ~$5.50. If you pay $5.51, then you get Saints Row the Third. If you pay the average (ie $5.50 or less) then you don't. No future games are included, just those currently listed.

        • +2

          If they decide to add extra games, all previous purchasers will get them. The only one you will miss out on at the moment is SR3 if you don't beat the average.

    • +4

      Where does it even say that?

      "Pay over the average of $*.** to unlock!"
      "And if you pay over the average price you’ll also receive the extraordinary Saints Row: The Third!"
      "beat the average price to get a Steam key for Saints Row: The Third"

      It's mentioned 3 times, on the one page. What's not to understand?!

  • +3

    And to think I paid $18 for saints row less than a month ago!

    • Was it at least the complete pack? :P

  • I was hoping for Mac compatibility. Sad Face

    • +4

      I have constant sad face for game deals as a mac owner

      • +1

        Why don't you just run Mac OS and Windows on the same computer/laptop? Mac OS even comes with bootdrive (or bootcamp or something similar) to make it easy to switch between the two.

        That way you can play all the latest games on your Windows OS then switch back to Mac OS whenever you want.

        • Windows performance on a Mac isn't that great with Intel graphics GPU unless you're lucky enough (ie paid lots of money) for a Mac with a discrete GPU.

        • I used to have a windows partition but it was taking up too much HDD space. Id use it like once a month so I deleted it.

      • +12

        Kids like you give everyone-else a constant sad face.

        We don't need your complaints about your choice in toys. If you want to be different, and pay too much for a shiny turd, then go-for-it. But don't bore everyone with complaints it's just a shiny turd.

        • Every other 'humble bundle' has been Mac compatible and I was hoping this was too. I dont understand why people get so worked up about the mac vs pc thing. You just look petty and stupid.

        • The reason being mac!= gaming.

          I'm happily rocking a macbook pro for portability. I have a linux notebook that is an "always-on" server… and I have a gaming rig (with a DCU II 670).

          That said, kinda sad how any comment with mac and gaming gets us down this path. /facepalm

    • +4

      Get over yourself, it is your fault for purchasing garbage.

      • Wow someone needs a hug! Seriously its just a laptop, get over yourself sheesh

        • +2

          Wait.. You're a mac owner and you actually refer to your macbook as 'just a laptop' and not a 'superior macbook'? That's a first.

        • Nice work twisting my words around.. -_______-

          Im not going to bother with a witty reply

  • steam games? can i register them on steam?

    • +20

      no you cant

      steam games dont register on steam EVER

      • +4

        sorry yeah, went on the site: was about to edit… didnt think it would be so easy to find…

        All the games in this bundle
        are ready to rock for Windows
        through Steam (required).

        • -6

          I don't understand what you mean register?

          how do we download the games?

        • +2

          You need:
          Windows PC (probably XP or later)
          Steam (the program)
          A free Steam account

          Login to your account using the Steam program
          At the top, there are several tabs - click Games, then 'Add Game to Library' (or something to that effect)
          You follow the prompts, pasting the purchased Steam key(s) in when asked.

          Steam will ask if you want to install the games, which you can decline. You can have any number of games linked to your Steam account, and install them on any PC (and for many games, as many times as you want).

        • -1

          So can I multiplay on 2 different pcs, using the same steam account?

        • No.
          I believe you can't be logged into the same Steam account on two PCs at the same time.

        • Yes, as long as you arent logged on to your steam account on those two pcs at the same time.

        • +7

          Have you even looked?!

          Please leave the internet.

        • -1

          Im sorry numbnuts, i'll close the door on my way out…
          I agree should have checked before i asked the question… asked, checked, went back to edit… too late…

    • -1

      argh, no i meant, are they steam games? not "steam games"?

  • +3

    Don't forget to buy a key as a gift for a friend, Christmas is coming!

    EDIT: NOTE: If you pay over the average you will get two keys, one will unlock Darksiders, Metro and CoH and one will unlock Saints Row 3, so if you already own SR3 you can give that away as a gift.

  • Does anyone want to trade a Saints Row 3 steam cd key for another steam game (make an offer, i have quite a large Steam collection :P)?

    I bought it 6 months ago and dont need another…

  • +2

    THQ Needs your donation, they are going bankrupt


    • maybe that's why they are doing this

      U Draw

      Weren't hits, which killed them

      • +1

        didnt mind homefront too much, but there wanst really anything "new" per say in it… battlefield did it all and already had the audience…

    • +1

      You don't think it's more to do with promoting games with upcoming sequels.

      The plus side is at the end they get to advertise how much they raised for charity without loosing a cent And make a bit of extra scratch.

      Win, win, win…

    • Well that's awkward I gave all money to charity.

  • +4

    Games are worthless these days with near freebie deals like this.
    It's incredible, but I'm too old to get excited over this and have played most of them already.
    If only they had freebie AAA titles when I was 12yrs old when it took me a whole month to save up to just to buy one crappy game from EB, only to be let down when my workhorse 233mhz CPU bonked out trying to load it up.

    • +4

      maybe you shouldn't have shopped at EB

    • +3

      Games rarely dipped below $100 each when I was growing up.

      Where were the AAA titles going for $5 or less when I was a broke teenager with time to actually play them all?!?

      Music, movies and books need to hurry up and adopt the Steam/HumbleBundle business model. Clueless dinosaurs driving themselves out of business…

      • +1

        However THQ going out of business is the reason for this deal.

        • +1

          Sort of… this particular deal is them getting a clue and trying something new.

          True, they probably did it because they are in a tight spot, but that's mainly because they made some bad decisions.

      • +1

        I spent my entire university period playing Nintendo games on an emulator on my trusty Pentium 133mhz. I would go down the computer labs and download the roms to a 3.5" floppy and then run back up to my room.

        As far as I was concerned, being able to play Ninty games for free was as close to heaven as a man could get.

        • I friend recently gave me every NES game ever on a CD and every SNES game ever on a DVD simply because it was awesome.

        • +1

          If he'd zipped them one CD would have done it.

        • The saying "less is more" definitely applies here.

          I remember back in the late 90s when saving up to buy a new game was a big ordeal for a 13yr old and I would absolutely cherish and even obsess over each precious game that came into my possession. Would play it over and over and discover every nook and cranny there was to offer.
          Now it's like "meh, another game to finish".

          I wonder how much of this is shaped by lack of interest, time poor and changing priorities or by the transformation in how we consume media in this digital age.

        • +1

          True that. I remember playing the original Mario Kart about six hours a day for the entire Christmas holidays. That and NBA Jam, and Street Fighter 2.

          How stoked I was that I could actually play Street Fighter 2 on a home console. Street Fighter 2! I used to pay 40c a pop to play, now I can play for free!!

      • Huh? I remember getting most of my games for $60-80 when growing up (1980's). I'm pretty sure that most games that were over 3-4 years old, even back then, were down to $40.

        Sure, they didn't discount them as quickly and as much as they do these days, but there is much more supply (as well as demand) now.

        • Good chance you are older than mgowen. I'm thinking xbox/ps3/360 (at once point they reached 120 RRP).

  • Great deal.

    Saints Row 3 is a hell of a lot of fun and the Company of Heroes series is good too.

    Darksiders blows but hey why not…

    • +1

      i really enjoyed the original darksiders. it reminded me of god of war and zelda's love child…

      • I thought it was a poor mismatch of stolen ideas.

        The Portal level really took the cake. No pun intended.

  • i don't even play these kinds of games (more indie/casual/platform/puzzle)…but what the hell!

  • +1

    Can't refuse….I will at least listen to the soundtracks.

    • Just bought this too, you know, "for the soundtrack". ;)

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