expired Xbox 360 Slim 4GB for $168 at Harvey Norman


Title pretty much speaks for itself…
I might get one for my sister who keeps stealing my 360 to play Gears of War 3…

This seems to be a good deal too at $194 you get MW3 game and MW3 skin

Harvey Norman

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    Nice one, it was $150 last dec. Is the new xbox coming soon? If it is$150 ,I will jump on it.

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    You'd think with it being at this price people would sell them cheaper on eBay or Gumtree, they dont -_-

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      then they wonder why they cant sell it

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      haha was just looking at that.

      older version, and a few old games for $400!


      Last week I sold an ebay auction for the Rugby 2011 4Gb bundle unopened and it went for $220 inc post. Crazy when they are $199 in store. It all comes down to what people will pay. I started the price at $99.


        Nice, so you bought it for $99 from DJ I'm guessing - with the intention to sell for profit?


          Nope. I had intended on keeping it. In the end I already have 3 xboxs at home, so couldn't justify hanging onto it. Selling was not the intention when buying it, that's for sure.

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        You did not cover eBay fees/Paypal ;)

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        When HN did the buy one get one free cameras last year I got JB to price match the Canon Ixus 220 at $249 for two.

        Chucked the other one on ebay after the parents didn't want a new camera and it sold at $202.50, making my camera cost 50 odd bucks before you count eBay/PayPal fees. At the same time, Dick Smith was selling them for $187.

        A lot of people just assume that one place is the cheapest and so don't do any research. eBay is a typical example. JB HiFi is great at this, they have a good reputation as being cheap so people often don't shop around. As former Dick Smith employee I noticed that on a lot of things we were cheaper, but the fact that the perception was that we were more expensive is all that mattered.


    Nice. On Monday EB Games had the same price $168 plus Rugby 2011. They evaporated.

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    • for op's sister who like play war games

    What's the cheapest HDD upgrade for this?

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      Trade in for a PlayStation 3 or Wii U that actually allows you to upgrade your hard drive. I think Microsoft makes a killing charging for every extra. They make the batteries easy to lose, Kinect is extra, online is extra, etc.

      I think you might be able to get a WD Blue hard drive and mod it to work using a hack? I think I remember seeing something like that

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      Can't upgrade the HDD on the 360 :(


    they were selling these at DJ's for $99 when they had the equivalent click frenzy. Instore only.


    Thanks Got one for my brother.


    Would this be enough to download Foxtel or NBA Game Time for streaming?


    I actually noticed this deal last monday as I bought a 320GB console for $299 from EB on the previous friday.

    Kmart also has the 320GB HDD's going for $99 as a clearance.


    $163 now using WELCOME5 credit