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Free Mini USB OTG Cable - USBOnTheGo.com.au


We are giving away a '50' of these Mini USB OTG Cables.

  • Select Mini OTG
  • Checkout
  • Use Coupon (ozbargain)

Max. 1 Per Household.

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    thanks ;)

  • +1

    Was about to, but c'mon, no WA?

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      • I had the same issue but all good now. Thanks.

  • thanks

  • is the code placed in paypal checkout?

  • -2

    Attaboy, that's a brodeal. Thanks mate.

    • No, this account is stupid.

      Is Ozbargain seriously getting novelty accounts?

  • +2

    You have to go here to place the coupon after adding to cart :)

    Nice to see another Opencart store around.

  • were do u add the code?? found it , thank u to above poster <3

  • Expired?

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  • "Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit!"

    Obviously fairly limited quantity. + anyway due to good price (free).

  • -1

    Warning: Coupon is either invalid, expired or reached it's usage limit! ??????? why?

    • Guessing they are only a small company and it was limited to 25-50 due to their loss margins on each item not being able to support large giveaways, not completely sure though.

  • +3

    Good work guys, You just smashed 50 free orders.

    Will have some more freebies coming soon :)

    • -4

      it was more like 5 tbf.

      • After 100+ clicks, 5 orders? Give him a break.

        • +4

          Lol ok.

          Put it this way, the rep that posted the deal has contributed much more to this community than you ever will, including free products and a large number of bargain posts. I'm happy to take his word that there were 50 uses of the coupon available any day over your pathetic speculation.

        • It was free, but meh.

  • +3

    would have been good if you stated that there was only 50 avail

    • -1

      He did say there were only a handful to give away.

  • +2

    is a deal still a deal if there is only like 5-10 of them ?

    • depends on whether I get it or not

  • +4

    Well that was quick… expired while I was working out how on earth to check out..

    • +2

      Same lol

  • +4

    same…… I wonder if this is kinda like spam in a way. At least it gives me the idea that if someone puts it as free and only gives very little out it can attract a fair amount of people that might buy things… I guess if they do it every now and then its ok :D

  • Thanks for the freebie! You might like to change the "note" text in the description for your cables to something such as this:

    You may need to "root" your device to allow you to use this OTG cable for certain purposes.

    • +14

      I don't see how this is spam? We are offering an item for $0.00 including postage. Sent from Sydney. Snooze you loose? 2:00am ;)

      • not saying it is but thinking how its possible for a company to do this and only give away tiny amounts every time,say like 5 or so just to attract buyers :D I think you have had many good deals in the past …? i always see ur picture pop up :)

        • .

    • +17

      Then stop smoking.

      One cigarette could have got you one mini-OTG on eBay ;)

  • Sort of fighting on the rep's side here, you guys do know that there were atleast 1,000 users online on the site at the time of posting, right?

    A large amount of those users would probably be viewing the freebies page and/or the deals page, if 25%, that is 250 people+

    The rep posted a deal with 50 usees, after 15 minutes it had over 100 clicks (Not including anyone who passed the code onto their friends/ordered for separate addresses)

    He has done nothing wrong here, the guidelines specifically mention anything below 10 as not enough, and he was well above this.

    Read: http://www.ozbargain.com.au/wiki/help:deal_posting_guideline...

      • +4

        Defends the rep and doesn't share your opinion, so he must be associated with them? Yes, because that makes a perfect sense.

        • +1

          In what fashion?

        • Oh, defending myself for being labeled an "idiot" gains association now too does it?

        • +2

          You're the one saying 'hes done more than just "defend the rep"' - either you can back up that statement, or you can't… which is it?

        • I did read it, but I have yet to see an ounce of evidence that points to shaw being associated with USBOnTheGo. Do enlighten me.

        • Oh, I see now, it is the fact that I recognized the software used for his website and simply gave fellow OZBers some more info on where to enter the coupon (Which even meant I missed out on one, but I'm not complaining).

        • +4

          lardlad, it's time for bed champ. Off you go. Hopefully you don't wake up with the twist your panties are in at present.

  • +2

    Funny, I was just looking for a mini USB card reader the other day.
    And I see you've updated your site since last time; it looks good, though I noticed you've omitted a Contact and 'About Us' page?

  • He said handful, therefore 5 cables not 50.

    end of.


    • Do you take everything literally?

    • And one could not fit a box of 50 in ones hand?

      • -1


      • -3

        Do you take everything literally?

        • +5

          That's not a reason, that's an assertion; one requires reasons to validate an assertion. Do you even possess the capability for logical thinking?

  • +17

    Geez, a (recognised) user comes on here and offers 50 freebies, and instead of being thanked a few random keyboard warriors with nothing better to do at 2:30am (or whatever time it is in your corner of the world) give him grief for it? Wow. Any prospective posters who may consider doing the same thing in the future would be reading over this thread and thinking 'why bother?'. Good form, select few.

    • +19

      50 Units at 2:00am is reasonable I think. What I'm am offering definitely isn't a cargo container full of products, exactly why I posted so early in the morning. These are freebies for a reason. I am a long time member here. I know exactly what OzB can do especially when you mention 'Free'. I had taken this all into prospective and I'm glad I did, imagine the up rawr at peak hour on a Saturday morning! I apologies for all that had missed out; all feedback (checkout difficulties) etc will be dealt with before another bargain is submitted.

      This was a good test for us with the new website(as other members pointed out). The site is about 45% Finished but this was just to clean out old stock and design. Thanks everyone, and to the lucky people that got in fast. Enjoy!

      • +1

        Moots, you offered a FREE USEFUL item! You should be applauded!

      • +6

        Why are you justifying a freebie Moots ?, I don't see what the argument is about… ? lol
        as I said in another post, some Apes never Evolve…

  • +5

    Moots obviously isn't running a big business, so it is not reasonable to expect him to have given out more FREE cables.

    • +3

      Thats a fair point. Perhaps he could put the quantity in the title.
      As someone said up above he is a regular on here so is entitled to some leeway though.

  • Free? What? What's free?

    Been busy picking lint from my navel …

    50 is enough to justify a posting imo.

    • I'd like to take this opportunity to neg the person who negged me.

  • This was run at 12.30 am? Still a deal nevertheless…

  • I think 'lardlad' is just jealous because he didn't get one :)

  • +6

    Thats it!!
    Im setting my alarm for 2am to go on Ozbargain!
    Missed the free pillow the other night and now this…..

    • +1

      But you are lucky you missed the now infamous slate.

  • Just bought one for $5 recently anyway.

    I don't suppose you have a cable to go from mini USB to micro USB? I want a short cable to go from my phone to a ps3 controller.

    • why ?

  • +1

    Thanks Moots, I got one the other night but couldn't upvote or say thanks til now coz I've been in the PB for reminding some whiny idiot that they were in fact a whiny idiot…it seems that my 'reminding' skills could well have been put to good use here as well though! :p

  • Got mine today. Thanks.

  • Received mine today. Thanks. :)

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